Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's Guy Fieri's fault!

It's Guy Feri's fault that when I think about BBQ, I think of all those fantastic looking pulled pork sandwiches and briskets and melt in your mouth ribs

My idea of BBQ is what I see on triple D. Most Quebecers have no idea what BBQ is. We throw stuff on the grill and that's it.

Now a chain of BBQ restaurants have opened in the Montreal region. Bofinger barbeque smokehouse.

I had the pulled pork with Texas sauce and fries, Dan had the brisket sandwich with Texas sauce and fries.

The pulled pork was dry, OMG DRY!!! And the brisket was all shredded….Obviously the owners do not watch Diners,Drive-ins and Dives!!!

I will toot my own horn and say that my pulled pork is WAY better, juicy ,melt in your mouth and all saucy! I would post my recipe here, but I lost it in the great computer fry up of 2009!

On to the good things! The bread was good, the portions generous and the French fries really good (not frozen). Toothpicks are available (on your table) in huge quantities and you have both a roll of paper towels and moist towelettes.

The price is fair too. For about 8.50 U.S. you get the sandwhich, a side and a beverage. I couldn’t finish my sandwhich nor my fries.

But please, please,please….Bofinger people watch triple D and learn how to make BBQ the proper way!

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