Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here it is!

So Sunday was the big ' let's put the meat in the casing' day. I didn't take pictures because this is a family blog after all and it is kind of messy and I didn't want to muck up my camera!
And it was soooooo long, much longer than I remembered! Next time I will use the Kitchenaid with the attachement instead of doing it 'old school'.
We made around forty big sausages that we know what's in them. As Sunday supper they we delicious! I froze the rest.
Now going to the Salvation Army 2 business days in a row is not a good idea. I had bought all the good stuff on Friday....But I was in Montreal yesterday with time to spare, so why not!
There wasn't anything as suspected...But I saw this little guy that has yet to be adopted.
The sad Sunkist juicer. Now don't get me wrong, I want one, but this one has been glued with that 70's glue that turned a yellowish brown. I'm sure you know the one, I sure do it was my mom's favorite....It is 99 cents so if you're in the neighbohrood (Notre Dame street), it definitely needs some love!
I was really tired and laidback after the chiropractor treatment, so nothing struck my fancy. I got some books, but got impatient at the cash and left them there.
I didn't know it but I just lost my camera. A very nice and honest girl came running after me to give it back. I couldn't thank her enough!!!
I finished season one of Nip/Tuck. Those are messed up people! My life is so uncomplicated compared to theirs....But really! LOL
Have a nice day! :)

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