Thursday, August 20, 2009

Do you remember?

Do you remember the tomoto plant I saved from the garbage? Here it is...with 2 beautiful, nearly ripe tomatoes!
I'm so glad I saved it. I can't wait to dig in! With fresh basil and some bocconcini....Lip Smacking!
Second pic is the edamame (soy bean). I feel in love with edamame after eating some at a sushi place.
Last year the seed was sold out. I was lucky to get some this year. I get most of my seeds from
I know it's far from my home (It's in BC!) but it's one of the rare places where they sell organic and unusual veggie seeds and so far so good I haven't had any problems with the seeds.
Soy is strange..The plant doesn't flower! And for the time being the pods are be continued.

Uncle Ben's....That was not a good idea,ok? I got this pouch of Uncle Ben's Bistro Express as a free sample. I love free food...not this one!
Roasted chicken and wild rice...pppppllllleeeaaassseee!
In the entire pouch i had 4 pieces of chicken! it tasted ok.
The rice was overcooked. It's supposed to be a complete meal (with veggies). It had shredded carrot in it. That's it. The taste was nothing to write home about....Am I spoiled?Probably since I cook most everything from scratch, but I would do the same when I was working.
I know it's being marketed for busy people but they could do better, I'm sure! So that is a 2 thumbs down!

Last but not least a pic of the super delicious supper I cooked last night....Grilled Japanese Steak Salad.
If you have a favorite teriyaki sauce by all means use it. I made sauce from scratch following this recipe.
I'm sure it would be amazing on chicken, pork chops,tofu.....And it makes enough that you can keep it in the fridge to use in other recipes
I gotta hop on my super bike (I named her Alice) to do the grocery shopping....I got big plans for the weekend....


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Tomatos look so good and so does that salad but um, yeah the rice? no so much :)

Toronto Yardsaler said...

The Japanese steak salad sounds yummy. Maybe I'll make it for dinner this weekend.
Thanks for the link.

Vonlipi said...

CSM I love your comments.

Erin: It was delicious, but too much lime juice in the dressing in my opinion. I didn't add all the wasabi either...:)

Mom Walds Place said...

Lovely tomatoe! We live in the boondocks and there are fields of soybeans everywhere. Our neighboring town even has a sign "soybean capital of WI". One of my mottos is "You can never have enough basil." Emjoy!