Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting Ready!

The big timer in the sky is slowly ticking and I'm getting ready for my week by the seaside...
I'm making lists! What to bring (for the condo), what clothes to bring, what to visit, what to buy....
I have a small notebook full of lists....I even have a list of Pyrex I wish to find....Pink fridgie set, anyone??? LOL
I have a list of flea markets to explore, some old standbys as well as new ones.
I have a list of where to eat (we always go to the same places...hehehe)
And one of the big questions is always where to have breakfast on the way down....We would try to find a Friendly's but our lasts experiences were too greasy....We had found one local place but their breakfasts were disgusting...Last year ,well we weren't going to the seaside so we stopped at a totally different place in Saratoga Springs called The Country Corner...Man oh man that was a good breakfast place!
So after a bit of web search I found a place in NH.... I'll have to get back to you on that one!
So to be sure to please the thrifting gods, I changed my Pyrex display in the kitchen. I brought out some of my pink....I hope it works!!!
Aaaaahhhh! A nice week at the beach....a whole week!
Last year we had 3 days in Brimfield, MA (the humongous antique show) and 4 days at the beach. As much as I loved the antiques, 4 days was way too short to enjoy fully the sea breeze and I had a sprained ankle! Ouch!
I must get back to the Flea Market list so I don't miss one! Have a nice day! :)


Leilani said...

yay for pink Pyrex! I hardly ever see it, even at (over)priced antique stores. Have fun on your vacation and I hope you have good thrifting luck!

Vonlipi said...

Thank you! It's still in a couple of weeks but it certainly doesn't hurt to be prepared! LOL