Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Monday morning the sun was shining (quite an event!) and we decided to go west...to Ontario! But farther than usual...to Morrisburg, which is about 25-30 min west from Cornwall.

During a pit stop at Tim Horton's I remembered that it was a Civic Holiday (Bummer! everything was going to be closed!)

Morrisburg is lovely. It has beautiful houses by the water, it must have been a very prosperous town at one point.

The thrifting gods were smilling upon us because we saw quite a few garage sales. It didn't feel right to take pics of people things on their lawns and I was too excited to think of it!

I found a paper back, a vintage cooking mag (better homes and gardens) and a nice pair of S&P shakers. I got confirmaton that Dan is a Vintage Lamp Addict (VLA) as explained in the Thrift Shop Romantic blog...First thing I knew we had not one but 2 lamps in the car, one is a small mid century table lamp and the other a brass floor lamp (both for 11$). In that garage sale it was plain to see that the seller was a Vintage Lamp Addict as well...that garage contained more than 30 lamps easy!!! LOL

We were able to hit 2 flea markets as well. Both are on the heritage highway.

That is where we saw that DYN-O-MITE red vintage lamp with the horse...too expensive for us but delicious nevertheless!
I saw a couple of Pyrex pieces but I already had them.....Well these things happen!
By the way I love all glassware and anything vintage so I was real happy there!
The afternoon was capped with a nice DQ cone and a dip in the pool...You can get any better than this! I love thrifting in Ontario :)


Toronto Yardsaler said...

Love the horse lamp!
Glad you had fun in "the other province."

Vonlipi said...

I love "the other province" lol! And since I live about 20 min from the border...It's always the logical choice when we feel like a car ride! :)