Monday, August 17, 2009

Heavenly weekend

For close to 10 days we have been having a whopper of a heat wave...So this means...wait for it....NO RAIN!!!
Isn't that fantastic?
Well it depends...the summer so far has been sooo crappy that I'm not adjusted to the heat at all! I'm just like a big puddle of water. Everything makes me sweat, including brushing my teeth! The AC is doing his best...but you know!

The garden is growing like crazy. You blink and everything is bigger.
I'm really excited about the first pic! It's an ancho chile (at least I hope it is...). Remember when the names on the markers had disappeared? If it's an ancho, it's so cool 'coz I've been trying to make some grow without succes for 3 years (They wouldn't even sprout)
Second pic is a pepperoncino, I'm sure because I grew some last year. Those are really tasty peppers, tons of flavor no heat, and last but certainly not least the butternut squash. How I love thee! If all goes well, I should have between 5 and 10. It is difficult to tell because the squashes have taken over! I can't walk between the raised beds, I might squash a squash!
I'm so witty I kill myself. Ok now to the heavenly part....We had no plans, no social,no visit and no thrifting (Yes too hot to thrift!), so we just vegged out, read, and floated in the pool. I felt totally rejuvanated this morning!
For my readers in a heat wave keep cool! For those who have minivans with diapers (you know who you are!) stay dry....

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