Friday, August 14, 2009

The Bike

My bike is now officially vintage! It's a 1989 model that I got second hand in 1995. When we moved to the island.
I found the basket in the trash a long time ago and it has proved really useful.
Last year after I was laid off, I declared that I would bike everyday, life was beautiful blablablablabla!
It ran real bad, I took my bike out 3 times last year and it took all my energy to pedal...even if I put air in the tires! I even got into an accident- I nearly got run over by a distracted mom in her minivan. I remember her daughter screaming at her to stop! That was close!
Dan's didn't run any better, some part was stuck and it made a real squiky noise. I don't know nothing about that was it for the bikes....

This spring I had the stroke of genius to ask my neighbor if he could perform tune-ups on them. Not the same neighbor that coplains about my blackberry bush... He's retired and an avid cyclist. And of course we would pay him!
The bikes run better then ever now and he never wanted to take a cent! Now that is a great neighbor or what?
I now like to take by bike out nearly everyday and pick up veggies at the farm stand! You do need to balance the weight well in the basket....
Tomorrow we're supposed to go swimsuit and underwear shopping- That's always fun....
Have a great one!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Oh the bike sounds great! the swimsuit and underwear shopping sounds horrifying! but maybe thats just me!

mub said...

My new bike's headlight is in a place that I can actually have a basket now! I'm so psyched. You should get a set of panniers, you can get so much crap in those things!

Vonlipi said...

The bathing suit shopping was HILARIOUS! I didn't buy anything, I'll have to wear the ones I have now.

As for underwear, I always buy the same thing so no

Baskets are the best! I hope to find some inexpensive paniers.

Mom Walds Place said...
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Mom Walds Place said...

Bravo for the bikes!!!

I've learned my lesson. Read the comments before posting your own. I'm the cancelled one. I said I'd pray for the shopping. Duh, you're done.

Anyways glad all went well. Like those veggies in your basket!