Thursday, August 6, 2009


After weeks and what seems like months waiting (remember the tree guy?) I'm starting to see the first veggies!

That is sooooo cool! The squash is a mystery vegetable: during the winter I just throw my veggie cuttings directly in the garden and I have surprises the next summer! I think it's an acorn.
Even if I start my plants from seed, I always cheat and buy a couple of tomato plants, this is a pink one. I didn't want to buy any this year because I had a lot of tomato seedlings. Unfortunatly I broke 2 when I transplanted them, the stem just snapped (Bummer!).
I'm also starting to haevest ground cherries. I have a secret ground cherry fantasy. I want to have enough so I can make jam...Not going to happen this year!
I am by no means a really serious gardner, I do this for fun and if I can get veggies out of it, then I'm sooo proud of myself. But for now I try to weed a little bit everyday...I can't do it all at one I will go BONKERS!
'til next time....:)


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I didn't plant anything this year and Im so jealous!! Beautiful veggies!! OHHHHHHH!

One year I tried veggies and got no so much...I switched to herbs and did better but still mostly fed the deer :) This year mostly I just bought a basil plant and thats it...

but I should have ...looking at yours!

Vonlipi said...

I bet you'll do great next year! My yard is fenced in so I don't have deers.

There nothing beter than a just picked tomato...with salt YUM!