Thursday, August 27, 2009

The clock is ticking....

Look at that beautiful face!

Since I love vintage soooo much, I decided to bring my Samsonite orange suitcase on vacation. I got it at a garage sale in December for a dollar. I remember finding so tacky (that was like 10 years ago) but now it is soooo FAB!
It needed to aerate, so Yoda didn't waste a second and took a nap in it!
The little piece of pink you she in her coat is the 'little suit'; it's in fact a harness she wears with a long leash when she goes outside. The yard is all fenced in and I can always tell where she is just by looking for the end of the leash.

At 7 this morning I was tending to the pool to make sure everything was in order. I checked the BBQ as well, and yes there is enough gas! I got to make sure all is in order for when the house sitter comes....

You can imagine that by now I'm knee deep in lists! I am, but so far everything is going smoothly. The grass is cut, the blackberry bush is trimmed, the pool backwashed,the backwash pipe repaired(it had a big gash and was spraying water everywhere!!!)....all good!

I have a list of stuff I must bring back....thick cut peppered bacon (doesn't exist here!), smoked mozzarella (if it exists well I can't find it),Paul Prud'home Louisianna seasonning (i put the stuff everywhere! Super delicious on pork chops ans shrimp) and the list goes on....

One thing I'll be looking for is the sugar dish that goes with this creamer....One of the flea markets I plan to visit has a whole wall of clear glassware...Maybe I'll find one!

BOY OH BOY! This girl is very excited now! Just like Xmas morning!

Gotta run! Must marinated tofu for tonite's supper...YUM!


Dime Store Thrift said...

Isn't it funny how tastes change after 10 short years?! Love that suitcase!

Vonlipi said...

You are very right! Before I was more victorian/laura ashley/country, now I feel I'm more retro/vintagy/country.But I'm obviously a work in progress!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Peppered bacon is love :) Smoked cheese is pretty good too...although I love smoked gouda. so does my dog actually :)