Friday, August 28, 2009


Supper was delicious last night!

The marinated tofu (soy sauce,garlic,fresh ginger,thyme,sesame oil and some water-you want color not over saltiness) is one of my faves!

It is sitting pretty in a Laurel Pyrex platter. The side dish was delicious as well. I took the recipe from a Flickr friend, it uses the overflow of one's garden. The only thing was that it made a lot of water. I'll have to figure how to fix that!

Here's the link:

It was made even more delicious by Pyrex charcoal snowflake Space saver! LOL! just like a Pyrex advertisement!

While I was running errands yesterday I saw this product and I bursted laughing!

ANTI MONKEY BUTT??? It is supposed to prevent and treat chaffing in the you guessed it butt area. But this product was placed in the foot care section. How funny is that?

Gotta run! I have to finish cleaning the house. We leave at dawn tomorrow....Old Orchard Beach here I come!


The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

About the monkey butt funny. I actually bought that for my niece who was going away to college. she does lots of 4 years ago and forgot to give it to her and just found it 2 days ago. And im debating using it.

lol... and im thinking, do i really want to?

and where? where oh where?

Vonlipi said...

Too funny!

I might have to buy some...since I ride my bike a lot I have some chaffing in the nether regions....