Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday Thrifting

I had to go downtown yesterday (oh no!) for my annual lung doctor appointment.

But I had some free time…free time you say? Why don’t I go to the Salvation Army?

Thrifting is not always about what you find but also what you see…Like this little guy…the kitty cat napkin ring for exemple…I could swear it came from my house! I had a pair and tried to sell them on ebay, didn’t happen…I was sick of looking at them and I gave them to a charity, not the Salvation Army. I think the other charity dumped some stuff to the SA!

What about this one? The Atlantic City wooden salt shaker kitty! I would have bought it but it missed the other shaker.

I found a really cute McCoy planter, a FireKing milkglass fridgie (lid missing), a Better Homes and Garden Meat Cookbook, a Xmas finger tip towel and a small Pyrex carafe.

Speaking of the carafe, I didn’t notice right away but the SA employee who wrote the price on it, wrote it on the metal band and it DOESN’T COME OFF!!!
So I can’t sell it, I have to re-give it, probably to the church basement….

It was soooo hot in Montreal yesterday, I swear I saw a car melt! I hate it when I sweat from the knee caps!

You probably know by now that I do bid on Ebay occasionally…So this is my latest acquisition! The charcoal 043 minty fresh from Alberta…reasonable shipping too!

Also I am totally addicted to Mad Men….Those characters are out of this world! I absolutely love the sets, and costumes. Peggy is something else!


Leilani said...

Mad Men=love. I was late in watching the show so I never got to see it 'live' on TV. I've since bought the first two seasons on DVD and am looking forward to the third season this Sunday!

Vonlipi said...

I don't think it will be the Sunday in Canada. We usually get the series later...we'll see!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Can you get Mr. Clean Magic Erasers? They are the best for getting stuff off of stuff!

Thrifted Treasure said...

Oh stop!!! That has to be the most gorgeous pyrex casserole ever!! I am so on a mission to find black pyrex. LOVE your blog, have become a follower and looking forwar to looking through you previous posts :-)