Wednesday, February 24, 2016


When we vacationned in Maine with my Dad he complained about the price of lemons.

They were $1.29 a piece. He flipped out.

OMG the lemons are soooo expensive here, next time we come we will bring lemons from Montreal!

Right Dad! Like we would be able to smuggle a bunch of lemons at customs.....He just spent thousands of dollars for a week by the shore, car rental and meals...Yet those lemons were bugging him.

In the past months Dad stopped buying lemons because he felt they were too expensive...He was buying limes instead!

Today I was grocery shopping in my secret thrifty no frills grocery shop....and I saw this:

Lemons .39 cents each

Just for you Dad, just for you!

This will always crack me up!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Local Vintage Flea

Who knew there was a monthly vintage flea market in a church basement 20 minutes from my house?

I sure didn't! Well we went last Saturday and it was really nice!

I was also able to deliver a Pyrex bowl set to a lady who bought it on Facebook!

 Does anyone remember those candy canisters?

 A great booth always has great vignettes!

 Okay,okay I regret not buying this trivet!
I hope to get it next time!

 A romantic vignette for Valentines

We bought this sunburst wall clock at a really good price.
Last time we saw some they were $250 and up.

Meghan is adjusting just fine...better than we are....

Be well and keep thrifting.

I really appreciated your condolences. 

They made me feel better.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Friend

A week after my Dad's passing, we are still hurting. It is better not much but better.

I am a happy person, I sing , I dance, I laugh....everyday. I find it so hard to be sad and unhappy.

Out of the sadness came a little bundle of fur!

World this is Meghan, Meghan this is the world.

She's really sweet and playful and Boubou played with her.
Tonight she will be meeting Bandito.

Yoda is spending the night at the Vet. She's been feeling blah since my Dad's passing....
It might be urinary.

Dad Loved Meghan very much. We had a health/poop updated every day

Well Dad you will be happy to know that Meaghan is pooping fine everyday.

Sorry about that, LOL

Sleep tight :)