Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thrifted! I love surprise thrifting!

Really! Who doesn't?

So last Friday on our way to my official B-Day dinner, I stopped at my usual thrift joint...

I was happy that the bag check lady was not at her post...the locals were calm and smooth....

And I found these gems!

                                               oooooohhhhhh! Amazing blowmold action!

                                              Who knew Santa had blue eyes??? Not me!

Le Creuset escargot dishes. I see quite a lot of scratched and used
Le Creuset but usually  escargot dishes are spotless because let's face it
people don't serve snails that often.
and finally a Pyrex 2 cups glass measuring cup. I had a Fireking one that
cracked and died not so long ago, so cool buy for a buck.
I hope to post again soon about my B-Day supper....
Culinary heaven. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

B-Day Loot

Yes it is my B-Day today. My official age doesn't match how I feel AT ALL!

I had a great day overall and was surprised by my co-workers with a musical card playing Celebration by Kool & The Gang. This is kinda of my theme song at work making me remember that I should celebrate each day and even each crappy case.

Dan surprised me with a great SWATCH watch this morning

                                                    Sorry the pic is a bit fuzzy
                                         I LOVE watches, I have a lot and went through an ebay phase not long ago
                              and I bought a lot of cheap watches to match my outfits!

                                                   I also got a car phone charger with 2 ports and this

A Pyrex Xmas bowl full of goodies I love!
Last week I was going through the kitchen cabinets and Dan asked what I was doing...
and I said: I'm looking for some gummy bears, do we have gummy bears, gummy bears would be so good right now!!!
 I didn't find any as we don't have a lot of sugar in the house as a rule... but now I have gummies....
And I got a cupcake, a glorious cupcake with lemon icing.
I think it sang in my mouth!
Well I still need to get up and go to work tomorrow!
There will be thrifting!  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Returning to work after 2 weeks of bliss was a major pain!

First day I had 100 emails....hugh

Second day all the crap started falling back on my desk and the dead bodies kept floating back up!

(I.E dead bodies: cases you had trouble with, were glad to get rid off and they won't stay dead!)

Over the weekend I was seriously reconsidering this career move. Okay it's is not a career, I'm not the ambitious type, I just strive to do my job well.

Tuesday and today were amazingly peaceful days, like I finally understood and made sense of my cases. It flowed. Good times, celebrate , come on!

I'm praying for the same tomorrow.

                        Here's a bouquet of coneflowers I made for last saturday's family BBQ.

It is a great way to use this glass jar that doesn't really get any use otherwise. It is missing its seal so forget about storing crackers in it!

So that's it for tonight, sleep tight

(I hope I don't sweat too much ;my AC crapped out today; it lived a long and full life but after 14 years of service; it gave up.)

Saturday, August 10, 2013


So my staycation is nearly over...and it was a fabulous one!

Next year a staycation it will be, but 3 weeks of gardenning,laughter,car rides,naps and restaurants.

I got a thrifting surprise yesterday as we were early for a restaurant reservation and Dan said : I'll drop you off at Renaissance....Thrifting? Yes sir!

                               Here's my loot.
                               A 7UP Uncola glass (I always like those) A Rosti melamine utensil holder, if
                              you ask me it would make a rad vase!
                             A salt pig, these are all the rage on the cooking shows and I wanted to try one for a while so I figured 1.50$ was better than 20$. If I don't like it it will go to the church basement in a jiffy. And last but not least a cute Fireking cereal bowl....I will keep it for myself!

                             Oh I forgot! I also found a tackylicious Xmas decoration for my cubicle!

                            Well the break is over! We are prepping for a BBQ family gathering later this afternoon, I gotta keep cooking and must chill some drinks!

                            Have a sunny saturday!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

More taste of vacation

So yesterday we had a big day downtown and wanted to enjoy some foodtruck grub.

Now Dan has never tried food from a food truc and was really eager for the experience

We were there by 11:13 am. At around 11:25 they told people that they would be opening by 12:00 pm. Not Nice, if they say they will be there by 11:00 am I expect food soon after!

By 11:45 am we got news that they were waiting for a delivery and when they got it the pork would'nt be available for quite a while.....We had some appointment so off we went...

To Mr. Steer on Ste-Catherine st.

                                            This is definitely a Montreal classic.

                                            no 2 medium suzy ( a Steerburger cooked medium with suzie q fries)

                                             Of course you can get it with other stuff on it, like bacon, cheese,beans)
                                             My fave is just as is. An added bonus they renovated the place!
                                             After 30 years....for my taste it lacked personality....

                                             Oh well ! It  is what it is! Be well :)