Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's an annual thing

Well folks, this is the time of year where...

I have trouble with the pool....My diagnostic? I need to change a gasket in the filter. I am waiting for the opinion of a professionnal....But thanks to the internet, you can now do a lot of things you could not before!

                                           Other thing is the annual cleaning of the garden shed
                                           also known as the Great Pyrex Culling.
 Don't get me wrong, I didn't give all of these away.
 I made a careful selection....Kept some and will
be donating the rest at my fave Sally Ann.
 Along with other things. Things I picked up here and there.
So far I have 3 boxes....
Dan is rather pleased....He's not saying but I see it in his eyes... 
                                           Since I'm thinking of closing the shop...I decided against
                                           trying to sell any of it.
                                           Speaking of my Etsy store, I have a 20% off sale on everything!!!
                                          Click right HERE to shop till you drop!

                                          For me it's tata for now!

                                           Sleep tight and have a nice week

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Oh well

This is the BIG yard sale weekend and much to my disappointment we had to wait for a delivery yesterday and it was pouring rain.....

So this morning bright and early I grabbed $30 from my bank and we headed off for second hand bargains....

What I saw was: scratched Tupperware, kid stuff and puzzles....

I came home with $30 that I put back in my bank.It is true that I was looking for more specific things since the sales are really slow (read dismal) in my Etsy store.

 I came to the realisation that my Etsy store doesn't fill me with joy anymore and I think it is time to hang my Etsy skates and get rid of the inventory...

Even with 20% discount I'm not getting sales; I do blame Canada Post for that; the rates are crazy high for shipping to the US!!!

So what was the delivery we were waiting for?

                                   A conversation set for the patio

                                Well actually for the patio (loveseat and coffee table) and the 2 armchairs
                                  will go in the living room.
                                  the existing living room chairs we had to get rid because of pet induced
                                  So this was the cheapest we found and we like the look of it

                                 When we opened the box, we were quite worried as we didn't find any screws or instructions! YIKES!!!
                                    After rummaging through everything a second and a third time, we found screws and an allen key but NO instructions!
                                     NOTHING in the internet either....except disgruntled buyers comments that the holes don't align, it takes forever to assemble and the cushions get flat super fast!
                                      Something tells me that I should've read the reviews before buying it!
                                      Maybe we are amazing fantastic people...Maybe
                                      It only took us less one hour to assemble the 2 chairs and the coffee table
                                      and surprise! The holes aligned!
                                      No harsh words were uttered, no eyes rolled, our lips didn't part for impatient
                                       And the chairs are really comfortable! I took a nap in one this afternoon!
                                 This is the season for sorrel and I have a big plant in the yard.
                                 Then it is time for sorrel soup.....yum!

                                  I'm happy to say that here in Canada tomorrow is a holiday so we have
                                  a full schedule!
                                   Install the air conditionner, start the pool and assemble the loveseat....
                                   And I was forgetting about the sun umbrella!

                                  Sleep tight faithfull readers

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Vintage Florist Cards

I found these at the same time as the Montreal postcards. I had a feeling they were florist cards but I had to ask Dan.

I said: Do you remember these?

He said: Kind of

I said: What are they?

He said: Wwwhaat? These are cards.

I said: Could they be florist cards?

He said: I dunno

I said: Do you remember seeing these before? These are pre-50's

So I asked my Dad and he doesn't remember, but maybe the pictures will ring a bell...

                                            A cute puppy and a kitten (that is realist!)

                                            A get well card
                                           An adorable cat
                                             An old fashion damsel

                                          A beautiful rose

They are about 2 1/2 inches square, made of mica or some transparent material and have a little card on top with good wishes.

If you have any information on these I would very much appreciate it.

So that's it for me. The Montreal Canadians just won game 3 of the playoff, so the entire province is going CRAZY!

Be well and keep thrifting!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cool Postcards

I came across these vintage postcards while cleaning out the walk-in closet on Easter weekend...

Now I realise I might have posted them when I first started blogging in 2008....but I just was too lazy to go through aaaalllll the blog posts!!!

Here goes:

                                This is the Jacques Cartier bridge between Montreal and Longueuil
                                on the southshore.

                                This is Man and his World (Terre des Hommes-in french)
                                The name brings back tons of magical memories, the postcard not so much.
                                This is where I first tasted Iranian, Bulgarian and Japenese cuisine.
                                 This place changed my life, I didn't know it at the time, my parents were foodies and brought me everywhere so I got infected with the food diversity bug!
                               For me this the Montreal skyline...without the Big O
This is a really, truly Montreal thing. The Metro! This is McGill station. gateway to a lot of underground shopping.
Now I have no idea why I kept these postcards in my important paper bin....
And they were new, unused....
After much talking and thinking....
I remember buying some postcards in the late 80's because I  had a lot
of out of the country friends ....
But obviously I neve sent any!
Be sure to check out the 1970's car!