Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WTF? Tuesday! Old Crusty Jam

This is a good one. I took the pictures in the Gannanoque Flea market in Gannanoque Ontario in June 2011. It was still there when I went back for canadian Thanksgiving. I swear it was there in December 2010 or even before....

Yes it is! An old jam, tea and soggy candies basket. Who would sell food at a flea market?

Tell me who!

By the way the wrapping is greasy and dusty.

For more strange and creepy (sometimes hair raising) fun be sure to visit

Night night my thrifty friends!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

More signs that 'this the season!

Sorry about the lack of posts. We had a weird week full of surprises most of them not so good.

I was really glad that we had our first snow which wrecked havock on the roads....I lost my temporary crown and had to go back to the dentist. On the same day the train going home was 1 hour late....AAAAAGGGHHHH! And they never bother telling us anything.

We had to go to the vet, another urinary track infection (it's the food it seems) and had to emergengy gift shop.

But today we just stayed home and fiddled with stuff...Xmas lights...This year it's only old fashionned lights and blowmolds.  No pics yet.

Later this afternoon I made meat pies; one of my big Christmas traditions. I never remembered to buy little aluminum pie plats so of course I ran out!

Pyrex to the rescue!

In Pixie casseroles! How fab is that? I'm letting them cool as I write so I can wrap them in foil and freeze them for later!

Soooooo cute!

We have some for supper and it was delish as usual.

Xmas lights? Check!
Meat pies? Check!

Things are going smoothly!

The Ogilvy xmas window is up and running!

My parents would bring me and I would stare and point for what seems like forever.

This year it's called The Mill in the Forest. All the animals are Steiffel. My dad remembers it from when he was young.

The fogs are my favories. The image is fuzzy because they move.

I also have a soft spot for these baby deers.

I cannot help smile when I see people passing by and stopping to look at this beautiful window which has been part of Montreal's Xmas charm for more than 70 years.

Have a great night.

Gotta go wrap those meat pies.....

Monday, November 21, 2011

Vintage finds and deliciousness!

Well, I finally have something to post on the Pyrex front!

There I was last thursday minding my own business at Renaissance thrift store....Really I was really on the hunt for some trashy tacky stuff for WTF? Tuesday! And I saw this...

Now I know I've said it before...this is not my fave pattern, but this little guy looked lonely and at .59 cents I didn't think twice.

Here it is with my other thrifty find...

 A scorpio mug from Federal Glass.

I ran back to the car like a maniac! Imagine a Pyrex I don't have....the fever is trechterous...I start yearning for patterns I didn't really care for!

Now at Vonlipi's house of Pyrex (lol) we have been checking off things from the to do list (and trust me the list is L-O-N-G!

I finally make the list of parts to buy to install the dining room lamp. We bought said parts and with some help (mainely on the mental side) I was able to install this:

Ok I admit it doesn't look like much in daylight and I had to get used to it...

But at night YAOWZAA!


It looks much better in person and makes a real groovy motif on the ceiling.

It is just the kind of light we were looking for!

Financial breakdown

Rattan lampshade (thrifted) 3$
Lamp hanging kit 15$
Lamp hanging experience priceless

Total 18$ plus the pesky tax

I'll say it's  a great thrifty deal!

Have a great night

Who do you think will be winning DWTS?

Personnaly it's a toss between Rob and J.R (sorry Ricki)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Xmas Joy!

I don't get to go to my super fine church basement every week because of work ans when I can well it's dark. I must admit I'm kinda of afraid of the dark i.e: walking alone at night....mind you it's only 7 pm but I'm still scaredy.

Last weekend I decide I would go on my trusty bike.  That freaked me out too, I'm actually afraid of being struck by a car....I woke up in sweats last night because of this.

This morning I just couldn't believe I was so scared, I decided it was high time I kicked myself in the butt and hop on the bike.

 Well I did and when I got there the good lady (not the pink lady...this one is called Joan and she sells vintage Tupperware; I've had the pleasure to help her out quite a bit at the Postal Counter OF UNJOY!) greeted me with: Oh good you're here we're just setting up our Xmas table!

Well, well that was mighty nice of them!

I couldn't resist and brought this home...

How cute is that? and for a dollar! I love you church basement!

Thank you Joan!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WTF? Tuesday!

How time flies! Between work, chores and life I don't always have time to blog as much as I want to!

Anyways I'm back for a bit of WTF? Tuesday!. As I said before all is a matter of taste but somethings just rub me the wrong way!

Words can't describe how I felt when I saw this.....I actually blocked it out of my mind!

I'm sorry for the quality of the pictures....It's hard to dodge evil-eyed do-gooder employees....

What is this really? It's a big shaker. About 5 inches high.

Full of holes in the top...shaker holes for scary stuff...maybe salt...that's a lot of holes for salt! This is not a low sodium shaker.

Ok the scary part is that this thing has no face!

I spotted this at the Renaissance shop in Verdun.

Is this dawn of the dead shaker?

I was about to write that I'm joining Sir Thrift-a-lot Blog for more WTF? Tuesday action, but I'm not sure he's into it this week.

Anyways be sure to visit his blog, it's so much fun!

See you soon thriftabulous friends!

Monday, November 7, 2011

It's beginning to look at lot.....

Like Christmas!

I'm beginning to see signs that the Holidays are just around the corner!

I spied this beautiful swag on Mountain street last week.

And this secret window....

I can't wait to see what this window is hiding!

On the food front, I'm beginning to see some really kick ass sales on Holiday essentials....Like lean ground pork for .99 cents a pound! I bought about 12 pounds and packaged it all in one pound bags and froze them.

Now I can make meat pie (tourtiere) and meat ball stew (ragout de boulettes) and even meat stuffed salad rolls (petits pains fourr├ęs a la viande).

Now I need to work on some cookie doughs....Ginger bread cookies, pfeffernusse, sandies.....

And I'm happy to say my shopping is well under way!

Have a great evening y'all! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Fun!

I really wanted to post this picture yesterday but I was just tooo tired. The weather is changing and fall colds are running around the office.....

But here it is the Vonlipi's vampire bat in all its glory!

Yes siree bob, this is yours truly in a DIY bat costume standing in our cardboard Transylvanian castle. Any good castle needs at least a bat or two, no?

We had a lot of fun but now Halloween is over; we will be able to channel all our energy towards Christmas! I've already started my shopping and I'm busy listing in the store....

But always I swear I'm on the lookout for Pyrex!

I want to thank my 2 new followers, bringing the total to 201! WOOHOO!

Be good, thrifty and crafty :)