Wednesday, August 31, 2011

At last!

We are here! Oh my! It feels so good!

Our first taste of Green Mountain Coffee! I took Pumpkin Pie Spice, my favorite!

we had breakfast at Denny's, I loooove their crispy!

I spied this in their menu.....It's a cheesy super melt and there's macaroni and cheese layer (the pale one). Does that strike you as too much?

We got lost on our way to Target in Manchester! Thank you Google, you had us taking the wrong exit. We did meet a lot of nice people who tried to help us. Finally we saw the big sign!
Did I ever mention I loooovvvvveeee shopping at Target? We bought pillows and lamps and assorted knick knacks....

By the time we made it to the shore we were famished and a tad cranky. I was really sad to see that our go to restaurant had changed management.....More on that later.

We went to Rye beach and ate at Ray's seafood and lobster pound.

Yep that is yours truly hugging the big blue lobster! How cute is that?

This is what we see from the room....breath taking! Well we are off for our moring constitual!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene you little B.....!

We had quite an afternoon yesterday all courtesy of Irene. We lost power and the telephone also even if we had taken care of plugging in an old fashion plug in the wall phone. We read and hung out in the living room with the kitties. Then I heard and felt a big thump, I knew right away what it was....

The tree behind the house had lost a limb! A big branch.

It fell right in my shade garden.

                                That's the other end

It squashed 2 large hostas.

In case you were wondering , we are still home. Dan wrote the condo place to make sure it was still standing and decided to push the reservation to tomorrow. I didn't quite understand this at first, but after we saw all the damage everywhere it was a super good idea.

Gotta go I'm in the middle of packing!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

More B-Day goodies and a surprise roadtrip

Here at Vonlipi's house birthday celebrations always last more than one day! So last friday I got my B-Day supper at La Perle an asian all-you-can-eat restaurat. It's not a buffet, you order as much as you want, eat like there's no tomorrow and pay a fixed price.

It was delicious! And we laughed so long and loud that we did turn heads a couple of times! And I scored more B-Day goodies!

   I got a beautiful notebook covered with cats so I can write my thoughts or recipes, a super cool skulls and roses tampon carrier (ladies you know you hate it when you pull out a tampon out of your handbag and it's all squished and full of bottom of the handbag crap) , a gift card so I can get some super colorful 100% cotton sheets and last but not least have you seen the Rachel Ray miniature individual Le Creuset casseroles? How cute are they?

I'm seen shepherd's pies, chicken pot pies and maybe creme brulée (wink,wink).

And here's my biggest news! We are heading to the beach! Or at least what's left of it...You remember back in June we couldn't go because the cats were sick? Well Boubou and Yoda are in tiptop shape, my employer okayed a week of vacation , the condo place had vacancy and are honoring our deposit and the house sitter was free. Now if we could just mother nature to cooperate.

We've been watching the U.S. news and we're getting pretty nervous. Is it really as bad or just a big exaggeration? Are the autorities freaking out as we don't want another Kathrina mess on our hands? Well the networks are stressing me out! To be followed!

I remember about 10 years ago we were heading out to New Hampshire and  the highway was closed minutes after we reached Manchester. It was really bad....roofs dripping, tumble weeds, rain,rain and more rain, terrible winds....we were dripping wet for the whole weekend!

Al start your fryers! We are coming for some fried clams and fried oysters, clam chowder and lobster stew!

I'm so excited! Irene GO HOME!

I hope everybody is safe and sound and dry. Be well and safe my faithful readers and friends :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy B-Day to me!

Ok so first things first! I want to thank all my bloggy friends who stopped by to wish me a happy B-Day! You know who you are!

I'm sorry I didn't answer but my internet connection fried right in the telephone pole! A tech came by and fiddled on the roof, in the wall, in the pole and 2 hours later the internet was back on.

I admit it I'M ADDICTED! OMG FOR REAL! I freaked out on monday night after it was better but still kinda weird.

Today I received my B-Day gift from me to me! I was in awe.....and still am....I got brand new vintage Pyrex storage canisters! In Spice O life pattern!

Check it out!

2 were still in their box! OMG! All bright and shiny! They look brand new!

 Here's every body out of the box! I can't believe somebody actually kept them this long without using them!

On another front...The harvest has been spotty as best....but if this keeps up well be up to our necks in butternut squash!

Hello sweety! This is the biggest one, it is about 7 inches long and is only 2 weeks old...I have at least 5 or 7 more growing....I'm crossing my fingers!

Be well my thirfty friends!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Special Day

Well, well another year has gone by oh so fast....Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 46. Where has the time gone by?

I don't regret anything, I just want more time! More time to thrift, cook, weed, can, sew, paint, laugh and please can I find MORE Pyrex?

I asked for a road trip to Kingston, Ont for my B-day. That will happen in late September or early October. Did I mention I don't really like great big humid heat like we've been having for the past 2 months, so that is why we are scheduling the road trip later. I also asked for sheets, a watch and perfume.

As much as I wanted to blog more this week, I was too tired, too busy, too tired and busy, trying to learn Italian, going to the movies and working.

Work is ok, the Italian is going well, and we went to see Cowboys and Aliens (totally entertaining). Sarurday we had a dinner party with friends but Dan was sooooo sick (I was scared) we had to cancel.

    But that didn't stop me from baking some scrumptious cupcakes for my B-Day. They were delicious! I have to admit that I ate like a black hole this weekend....Oh well! It happens once a year!

On another subject....I had time to go through some Pyrex and this is now for trade....

Yep this is a Pyrex children's Circus plate. Quite desirable and collectible!

I'm looking for an Eyes 401, a 2 1/2 quart Charcoal Snowflake casserole, a Butterfly Gold 503. Hey I'm pretty flexible! I traded Pyrex for some rockin' handmade earrings.... As soon as I get them I'll show them to you!

Ok that's it! Be well sleep tight and a big kiss to Ventura .... Sleep tight you beautiful dog, you will be happy with my friend Tracy and don't worry Ginger will learn to love you!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Guess What?

Guess what?

The lamp is going back!!! We took it out of the box, I held it up; I had time for a picture…..and it went back in the box!

Back to the drawing board!

Here’s a pic of said lamp

Bye Bye Lamp!

Now a couple weeks ago we bought a rattan shade that id mid-centuryish for a big fat 3$....Now I’ll be looking for a kit to hang it up.

There were discussions to spray paint it but i was afraid we would regret it....If we don't like that lamp over the dining room table, it will go in a corner of the living room.

Now this is really funny Dan keeps saying we need touches of color! Yeah, yeah I know but in this case it ‘s definitely a case of Rome wasn’t built in a day! Still tired but not as stressed out....

I’m praying to get the ok for a week of unpaid R&R. That would be heavenly!

In the mean time here are some pics of Pyrex in action

Caprese salad lunch

Leftovers! I love leftovers! From left to right:
Smashed new potatoes with green onions in Spring Blossom Green, tzaziki sauce in the small fridgie and cevapcicis in the Butterfly Gold. It was delicious!

Right now I'm off to watch Masterchef and then off to bed.

Sweet dreams faithful readers :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

WOW Pyrex lamps!

As some of you might know we are now on the hunt for a dining room lamp....Doesn't help that the Danmeister changes opinions like people change underwear!

In the last 2 months I've had : We need vintage, new, black, colorful, spaghetti, homemade, homemade spaghetti, colorful homemade spaghetti,  custom made vintage like, flying saucer and I'm sure I missed a couple. Of course price is a criteria as well, so that takes care of custom made vintage like, spaghetti and vintage (can you say CRAZY prices?).

We bought one today...It is colorful, modern yet vintagey looking and the price is ok. However I'm sure I saw something in those big blue eyes that told me nice but no cigars....I said heck we'll bring it home and see, if we don't like we'll take it back. I wanted to take some pictures but both my camera batteries are dead! It always happens that way.

I also wanted to take pictures of some Pyrex in action because we had some company and I made cevapcici one of Serbia's nationnal dish. it is an homemade garlicky sausage served with a yogourt sauce. YUMMY!

Well those darn batteries again!

Instead as a pic I will show you lamps that took my breath away.....Pyrex lamps! I saw those on Etsy and just had to share them with you. Ohhhh you beautiful delicious lamps....

How cool are they? This is recycling at it's finest!
They come as a pair and you can find them at MaggyBeHappy Etsy store.

I'm sure they will fit amazingly well in one of your homes.

I hope to post again tomorrow with pics of the lamp.

Have a peaceful night!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

So Soon?!?

While I was shopping at Shopper's (yep where I worked for a brief time last year) I was really tacken aback when I saw this.....

What the heck???? Halloween candy? It's still August! We are still drowning in Back to School stuff!

In case you didn't see the first pic.....

YESSSSS! Tons of sugary joy....But I was reasonnable, I didn't buy any....


Instead I fixed myself a niiiiicccceee healthy lunch of quinoa tabouleh salad with shrinp and smoked salmon
It was delicious!

I did splurge today and went to Santa Lucia Pizzeria on Stanley street with a friend (yes I made a friend at work more on that later) and ate this....

It is a calzone with italian sausage, green pepper, mushrooms, cheese and sauce. It was freshly made and delicious and so was the salad.

On a garden note.....
For the past 2 years I grew some wonderful pole beans native to my region.
We've been having crazy storms in the past 2 weeks and the tower full of beans fell this week for the second time up rooting all the bean plants.....Oh well what can I do.

I harvested all the pods I could to dry and disposed of the rest.

You can't fight mother nature!

I hope you're having a good harvest so far.

Have a great night :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Money well spent!

Good afternoon faithful readers and friends! So far I'm keeping my promise of blogging more often. Right now I'm blogging and watching The Next Food Network Star. Now Penny and Chris have gone and the gang just moved to New York. Who will go this week?

I swear on Sundays I could stay glued to Food Network ALL DAY! Top Chef Just Desserts, Chopped, Grill it, Next Food Network Star, Food Network Challenge.....

You know I've been shopping for some shoes.....Not Fall shoes but summer shoes, let's face it the deals are too good to pass up!

You remember these.....

30$ at Clark's (originally 90$)

Last week I got these.....

Mock Birkenstocks from Joe Fresh.
Regular 30$ clearance price 10$! Woohoo!!!

And last but not least my super girly sandals....

The heel is a short pink wedge and they are so comfortable!
Regular price 50$ sale price 20$. Another super deal!

I love being thrifty! So for 60$ I got 3 pairs of shoes


Hope you sunday afternoon is sunny and lazy!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thrusday Deliciousness

Last thursday we decided to stay downtown and shop/windowshop and get a bite to eat.

We stopped at a couple of small independant shoe stores. Let me tell you the experience was quite refreshing and thrifty! I found a pair of oh so girly sandals with a big pink flower on top for 20$. These would've sold for 50$ or 60$ at chain stores....I'll do a special post on the shoes soon.

But shopping makes me hungry! So we ahead to one of our faves Chinatown restaurant: Mon Shing on de La Gauchetiere street. This one definitely qualifies as an old fashion dive the decor is ugly, dingy and border line dirty but the food is cheap, tasty and plentiful!

                                               Beef Chow Mein. Just after we started digging in.

Chow Mein? What Chow Mein? LOL It was delicious!

Before we had enjoyed a delicious shrinp wonton soup. The damage with taxes? 13$ for 2. Now that is my kind of meal! They even brought some fortune cookies and orange sections as a refreshing dessert.
 This place is really popular at lunch time. It is packed with office workers. The downside? The service is often indifferent even obnoxious but I feel it's part of the Chinatown experience.

Now at work we used to have a cafeteria....It was very affordable but not that profitable so they closed it down. They opened a Presse Café which is like a cheap Starbucks, the food is ok but for a luch you can't spend less than 9$ which is quite expensive in my book.
Over the last few months I  found a couple of places that have great eats and are easy on my wallet.
The Clafoutis is one. This is a downtown staple that has been opened for at least 20 years. It is soooo popular that if you want to buy lunch there you have to arrive around 10:30 AM, yes siree bob! Other wise you spend most of your lunch break waiting!

This is the sashimi salad. It is like a deconsructed sushi roll and it is FABULOUS. Party in your mouth fabulous! It was generous with tempura,avocado, great salmon
fresh veggies and a wafu vinaigrette to die for! It was the perfect friday lunch :)

I hope to post again tomorrow and show you my new shoes and part of tonight's supper!

Have a great night! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hand Cream Fish and Urban Gardens

Hand Cream Fish and Urban Gardens

Ok so I’ve made a mid-year read Xmas in July resolution: To post more, even if I’m bummed out or have nothing spectacular to write.

First a job update: There’s no BS at work ,Maureen. What happens is that my group was severely under staffed, they decided to post the jobs, I applied but didn’t get it because I don’t have the right kind of degree....So now the positions are filled and since I am a temp I’ll have to go eventually. My boss did promise they would keep me until the end of my contract; i.e November.

So now I’m trying to find another job within the company but so far no luck. Send positive energy my way tomorrow afternoon because I’ll be in another interview! I’m starting to have a lot of experience with these things!

But I’m also starting to wonder if my boss will honor her promise and really keep me until November...

I need to keep my faith that everything will be fine.

I love working in the west part of downtown. There are so many restaurants and I’m always on the lookout to try new cuisines. I love asian foods, I’m totally addicted to Dim Sum, Vietnamese soups (Pho)and sandwiches (Bhan Mi), chow mains and sushi . I tried Korean food and was very surprised that kim chee; one of their national dishes; wasn’t really that spicy. Kim Chee is a Korean pickled cabbage. They eat it morning,noon and night.....

So a couple of weeks ago I’m on the prowl and I spot a Chinese restaurant on McKay street that looks promising so I look at the menu in the window and see this.....

In English the name of the dish is Fish with cream corn sauce but they write it source and they translate it in French to Filet de poisson avec sauce creme de mains (cream of hands filet of fish) which I found totally hilarious! I don’t know where they got there translation but people be careful with web translators; whenever I used them they give me crazy stuff!

Still on McKay street you can find beautiful planters with veggies ! They are part of an effort by a Concordia community group to green up the street!

Sunflowers, onions and ground cherries

Pretty cabbage

Such a sweet sunflower!

ooh grape tomatoes! They look mighty tasty!

Those planters always make my day and I go out of my way to pass by them!

Did I metion that we are learning italian?

It is super fun and a great way to keep our minds nimble!

Still trading the Pyrex and I should post new items soon ;)