Saturday, November 28, 2009

Campbell recipe update

Last Tuesday I blogged about this ad from 1962....I made the celery chicken last night and it was DELICIOUS! I used fat free cream of celery and chicken drumsticks ('coz they were on sale, of course). That recipe was an instant classic!
I'm glad I found a new way with chicken!
Gotta go! I have to repair a hole with my new BFF ciment! LOL

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Le Creuset cuties

I came across these cuties a couple of weeks ago while helping my Dad de-clutter....
Yes, Dad is going through his own declutter fest 2009. I'm really happy that I inspired him to get rid of some stuff....
The individual casseroles were used by my grandma (Gran-Mimi) to cook chicken pot pies when my Dad was a kid. How fancy was that! Individual chicken pot pies....Living large!
So that means that those dishes date back to the 30's or 40's. Wow!
They came in a set of 4. The 2 green ones are gone. But these are in great shape! I actually made a small ding in the lid of one! 5 minutes after my Dad gave them to me!

I couldn't wait to make chicken pot pies! I discovered a Kraft recipe, that I tweeked (of course). I already posted the link here...but here it comes again!
I don't put the cheese in (What's up with Kraft and all that cheese?), I use fat free cream of chicken and reduced fat sour cream. Oh and I add freah chopped parsley in the biscuit mix. It's is delicious and Dan says it's the best chicken pot pie in the WORLD! LOL some people are not objective!
I cannot tell for sure if they're Le Creuset, they don't have a stamp but they are soooo old and if Dad says it's Le Creuset then it's good enough for me!
They mean a lot to me because they belonged to Gran-Mimi a great lady I didn't get to know as much as I wanted to.
In case you're wondering...Yes in the last picture, it's a Pyrex casserole. It was a special edition in collaboration with Heinz, you bought Heinz products and you had a casserole! Cool
Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and readers!
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A month left!

Already November 25th! Wow time sure flies!
I'm so very greatful that I'm still able to bike around to run my errands!
Normaly at this time of year it's much colder and we have snow on the ground....well not yet!
I will miss my long bike rides very,very much. As much as I enjoy walking, the post office and the grocery store are just too far away.
Also since the weather is nice I'm still working around the house...I emptied the gutters Monday, I pretended to be Paul Bunyon and tried to chop a tree down-that didn't go so well! Needless to say I had to be dipped in BenGuay! I promised I would be nice and proper today so after the bike ride I decided it was time to make the plum puddings! I started making them because my Dad loves them and I must admit so do I! Buying them already made is simply too expensive! Between 15 and 25 dollars for one is just too much! First pic: The fruits having soaked in rhum for a couple of weeks are draining...YUM!

Second pic: I'm putting everything togheter and giving it a good stir....The smell is AMAZING!
Oh by the way did you notice my super fab Pyrex Xmas bowl?
Last pic: evryone in the hot tub (as Rachael Ray would say) but this time it's true!
I made 6, 2 or 3 servings size plus 4 single servings. The recipe book says to steam them for 6 hours yeas you read that right....But with experience I can declare that 2 hours is plenty.
They will cool and I will put them some place safe like big tin boxes so if there is a mouse lurking she will not stuff her face with the fruits of my labour...They will be doused in rhum every week until Xmas.
Have a great afternoon kids! See you tomorrow for VTT!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Retro Tuesday! More vintage ads

Today on Retro Tuesday...More vintage ads!

I'm still leafing through my 1962 Family Circle. I can't recall where I bought that magazine....But it's loads of fun!

First ad: Miracle whip. A product I don't use anymore (too sweet). I would slather some everywhere when I was a kid and it was my mom's mayonnaise, didn't have any other stuff. Can you believe it has a blend of 20 ground spices to create that unmistakeable taste? 20? Are you kidding me? And Jell-o salad eeeewwww! That is such a weird thing: sandwich spread with fruit,nuts and gelatin (OMG I feel a gag coming on). I know,I know it's a matter of taste!

My mom's family had one of those at every occasion and I knew better than whine about it. I was going to eat it even if it killed me! I'm sure some of you have been there- Back then there was no pussyfooting about food. You cleaned your plate and you shut up! No 'Don't worry dear, I'm gonna fix you something else'. It sure tought me to eat everything!

Campbell's soup still a staple in most of our kitchens.Funny how some products stand the test of time so well. I use it most for recipes. I do Cream of Mush pork chops and Cream of chicken pot pie and sometimes pork chops in tomato soup.

However this ad being 47 years old inspired me to try other recipes with Campbell's....I like chicken breasts but not a whole piece in my plate. I find it too dry. So I'm glad they are using a whole chicken in those recipes, and it's cheaper too! So I'm definitely keeping my eyes opened for a chicken sale!

What can I say...I'd rather save on groceries so I can splurge on Pyrex!

Ok this one floors me!

First of all she doesn't even look fat. Second, I think every women would sweat in a girdle...

And nobody will catch me sprinkling this stuff on a sanitary napkin...I feel an itch coming on!

This product doesn't exist anymore...What will a plump girl do? What will I do? Should I refrain from going out because I might stink?

I take a shower, this is what I do!

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Canadian Pyrex...Delphite

Delphite..the name alone makes Pyrex collectors swoon!
I know I get weak in the knees whenever I see some....
Not a lot is know about these pieces made in Canada. I believe there was a plant in Ontario established in 1945.
They manufactured the complete pie crust dish set. A bowl set, a refrigerator set. Of the refrigerator set I have only seen the small and the medium ones. Never seen the large one-does it exist?
The pieces don't have the same feel, thickness. I must admit that even if I use all my pieces I'm a bit more scared to drop them than the other Pyrex...I don't know why
In the first pic you can see the vegetable bowl, 4 salad bowls, the casserole and the square bottom bowl.
Here's a close up of the elusive square bottom bowl...I have seen it at really crazy prices on ebay. I got a real good deal on it from a Pyrex acquaintance...
Even if the pieces are more plentiful than in the U.S. they are quite rare nonetheless....and cheap rare still!
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Busy, busy!

So I started my Xmas cooking monday. After my bike ride I made
some good ol' tourtières (meat pies). This is the first batch, I ususaly make another one in December. I was able to squeeze out eight individual ones. They are kinda big for one and we usually split one for supper, and they're perfect for Dad (half for supper,half for his lunch the next day). This is so cute! My Dad still brown bags it!
With the leftover dough I made Pets de soeurs (nun's farts). LOL ok the translation is real funny! This is really an old time dessert. You roll out the dough, spread some butter,sprinkle some brown sugar, roll the dough in little logs and cut in slices. You cram them up in a pie plate (in this case Pyrex) and bake until golden. Garanteed to add junk in your trunk!
Yesterday I stuffed a batch of italian sausages in their casing (all y my lonesome), loaded up the dehydrator with ground cherries,Gala apples and pineapple slices. And one must not forget the big batch of candied ginger I made. It's a classic for the holidays and has health benefits as well. It will help your digestion and is amazing if you have a cold.
Especially in this messed up cold season. I'm still debating if i'll get the shot or not....
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Retro Tuesday: Vintage ads

I finally found a vintage magazine! It was hiding in my house (amongst other thing...) It's a 1962 Family Circle! YaY!

Do you thik Betty Draper ever served Chef Boyardi's meatball stew? I don't know...maybe to the kids?

The last time I ate canned meatball stew I nearly threw up..It felt like cat food.UGH!

Did you notice that the casserole is really big yet the recipe calls for only one can of stew?

I want a lettuce hat!!! It's the hot accessory this season! Probably not in the north with the would have a wilted hat!
How funny is that?
Yes I want a big bowl of greens drenched in chemicals! But that is not important. The important thing is the entertainment value of this ad and it's amazing!
Today's ads are never this cool!
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Later thrifters!

Monday, November 16, 2009

7 things you don't know about me

I took up One Gal's Trash invitation to divulge 7 things about me....

1) I could kill for some good italian cold cuts

2) My first collections were seashells and lady bugs

3) I'm an only child

4) Sweet or savory? BOTH!

5) I make jewelry

6) I never double dip

7) I'm really allergic to cats (I have 4 and take pills everyday coz I can't live without my babies)

Well that settles that! LOL. It was harder than I tought because I blab so much in this blog....

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thrifty Xmas finds

Mid-November already! The Xmas race is on!

I found some interesting thingies at my beloved church basement!

As you can see in the first pic: 3 little cocktail napkins-I think they came from the dollar store, an hot water bottle with a seasonal sweater and a doubleglo angel tree topper.

The hot water bottle was sold by Avon in 2004.

Unfortunately my pictures are not always spot on.

So I'm providing a picture of just the angel...Look at that face! I don't know if I should be enchanted or terrified!

That is certainly a conversation starter!

Since I didn't have a hot water bottle, I will be keeping it as well as the napkins (to wrap small gifts) but I will definitely be listing the tree topper in my etsy shop...

Later I will be attending my weekly country line dancing class...I'm not a country music all, but this is so much fun, I'm having the time of my life every sunday afternoon! We won't be learning any new dance today, the entire time will be dedicated to practicing all the dances we learned...we wouldn't want to make fools of ourselves at the dance school Xmas party, now
would we? LOL

I find myself dancing in my kitchen, in parking lots whereever the fancy strikes! I even watch CMT (country music television) when I clean my kitchen....

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's here,it's here!

My Canada post package delivery man rang my doorbell this week...with a big he knew what was in the box!
I knew when I saw the return address! It was the turquoise snowflake casserole that Erin (Toronto Yardsale Snoop) had found at the value village! Yiiiiiipppppeeee!
I used to HATE styrofoam peanuts until I opened my etsy shop....I was real glad so see those!
Look at that cutie! It was one of my turquoise missing pieces....I'm still missing the divided dish, but I don't really like divided dishes (they don't stack up well!)
OMG,OMG,OMG! I'm so lucky!
First thing I knew it was soaking in a sinkfull of soapy dishwater. Next would be a gentle scrub with some Barkeeper's friend. It removes utensil marks beautifully!

Look at that cool card! Is this Old McDonald? LOL
Love the tractor!
Yes Erin you are right, it's my baby!
Thank you for the casserole, I will treasure it always. I hope you will enjoy the pink one I sent over as well.
You certainly made my day (week)
I will keep thrifting till I die!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Salt Box

A lot of things I have in my house I know nothing the salt box.
I had to call my Dad who has an amazing memory and an eternal love for thrifting. He bought it in a sale, probably a church sale in the 60's.
It date from 1890-1900 and was supposed to be hung next to wood oven. Salt was used to flvour foods and extinguish cooking fires.
Right now more than a hundred years later, it hangs on a cupboard covered in beadboard and is used to hold all the keys. You can't find the keys for your bicycle? in the salt box! The garden shed keys? ditto!
I will never part with it, it is one of my favorite pieces. Now I'm glad I know more about it. Thanks Dad! :)
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Retro Tuesday on a Wednesday....I was just plain LAZY!!!

Yesterday I was really, really lazy! I managed to do a couple of chores but had to kick my butt every step of the way!
We had a very full evening on Monday, we went to the vet and found a stray dog on the way back....I just went to sleep very late!
I found these postcards in a thrift shop for 10 cents a piece a couple of months ago....Of course I didn't need those postcards but I found them really funny.
I love the one with the little old lady who's obviously very proud of her house. All these dolls....folowing me with their little beady doll eyes! SCARY! well not really but I'm not a big fan od decorationg with dolls....It's just me.

Aaaaahhhh! the ripening of the cheese!
I would love to see this once in my life. Since these are all Holland postcards the cheese is probably Gouda or Edam (ooooh! better both!)
But the really big question they really dress this way?
With my super vintage detecting power, I'm guessing that they're from the 70's...

Am I right? There is something about the colors....
And look at that big vat of milk.....Future cheese! YUM!
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's beginning to look like....

A wall of Ferrero rochers! Sugar overload.....I do love rochers....I hope I get some in my stocking!
Seen at my local Shopper's Drug Mart.
A minute on the lips....a pound on the hips!
Today we will be continuing the cement on the basement stairs and moving a GIANT zebra grass that is obstructing the view from the river...
Have a great day folks!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Retro Tuesday on a friday....THE cookbook!

I decided to participate in Retro Tuesday to encourage my bloggy friend Tracy the Crazy Suburban Mom who's hosting a Retro Tuesday week. Check it out!

When I was growing up this book was a MUST in every household. It was THE bible of all things happening in the kitchen and more.

I think that every question in life could be answered by that book. Of course that was way before Douglas Adams informed us that the answer to every question in the universe was 42*, but I digress....

Jehanne Benoit was Quebec's Martha Stewart!

This however is not my mom's copy. My mom's copy was so tatered that my dad had it re-binded and repaired by nuns.

I don't know where this one came ( a thrift shop?) but my mom gave it to me when I flew the coop. That was nearly 24 years ago.

Oh sorry about the crookedness of the pics....I'm still a junior scanner!
I have tried a couple of recipes from that book with mixed results...really mixed!LOL

However 2 of my favorite mains come from that book! One is stuffed peppers and the other is deviled pork chops.....HUM pork chops!

It had been a while since I leafed through it and when i did last night (trying to find something good for Retro Tuesday) I was really surprised to find Corning ware and Pyrex!

The big casserole with the hearts is called Golden Hearts and was a promotional item issued in 1958.This book was published in 1963. Sorry but I don't know anything about Corning ware! Cornflower blue, that's it!lol

I remember seeing some Flameware as well (the transparent ones with a bluish tone) but couldn't find it. This is one of my projects today....Busy girl!

It was such a shame that none of the pics are in color!

The last pic is probably one of my favorites...Assorted appetizers...YUM!

Now that the holidays are fast approaching...I will look up the recipes for sure (or cheat and buy some president's choice frozen appetizers!)

Have a fantastic weekend my faithful readers! Have fun!

* I'm referring to Douglas Adams book: The Hitchiker's guide to the Galaxy

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday: Sewing Basket

My first sewing basket I found in the trash when I was living in Verdun on 2nd ave (1992-1995). It was a diminutive version of the one in the picture.

And with time it became super cramped...I sew, I craft...I kept asking for a new one at Xmas....But my family didn't seem to think it was a good idea for a gift....

This one was my mother in law's. It probably dates from the 60's. When I first saw it, I was amazed by the size....It is a small piece of furniture! Some time later she offered it to me, I said yes but life being what it is....I didn't get it. First thing I knew she was placed in a long term care facility because the lights were on, but Elvis had left the building....Alzheimer is such a sad disease (don't get me wrong all diseases are sad one way or the other), you loose yourself, you change personality,you don't care about anything, SCARY!

When my mother in law had to change floor to get better supervision, her children and spouses pitched in to move her. And there it was...the big sewing basket! It was obvious she wasn't going to use it anymore so I asked if anyone was going to used it and can I take it please, I need one!

I took it home and cleaned it. One knob was missing...Hum! What to do?

I removed the other one and glued vintage wood spools....Nice!

And what better reminder of that sweet lady. Every time I use it I remember all the good times and the laughter! I love you R

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cement Basement Stairs

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the stairs leading to the basement were in rough shape....I 'discovered' a hole filled with insulation and wood. That's an opened invitation for assorted critters!

So Saturday we went to Home Depot ( I can't believe they sell the bags 5 cents! I know,I know it's for the enviroment, but all that bag managing is driving me nuts! Really! Ok nuttier than before!) and I picked up a bucket of instant cement, gloves and some tools.

Don't get me wrong, I had never smeared cement on anything....But I didn't want my basement wet and full of unwanted critters. It seemed the only thing to do!

So yesterday afternoon, after racking some leaves and putting them in HUGE paper bags (don't get me started on the whole eco leave disposal! My town won't remove the leaves unless they are in brown paper bags- and only 3 times each fall- and I must keep the bags dry in a garage I don't have, so the bags are outside and it rained last night! ?%$/"!?&*()?%$/"!

I should clarify the basement stairs thing. I can't go in the basement from inside the house, it's an horror movie stairway...outside,dark, with a cover that you have to lift to access the stairs....You know the kind!

So I prepped the area, vaccumed the stairs (shop vac) and proceeded to mix the cement with water. I wanted to make a small batch so I could experiment. I felt so much like procrastinating! I actually heard a small voice in my head that said: Now,now girl! Do the cement now before it snows and the temperature drops too much.

So I started spreading and smearing....It was going ok. And then out of the blue I remembered hearing in a renovation show that doing cement was like frosting a cake! Well that changes everything! It well really well after that! LOL! I did half the job and will continue tomorrow!

I am sooooo proud of myself! WOOOHOOO! The darker area is where the big hole was, not a professional job, but a good do it yourself one

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Church basement letdown

Last thrusday I was really excited to go to the St-Georges annual Xmas sale. 2 years in a row I found snowflake Pyrex there at reasonnable prices. I had no idea how big a shock I was in for....

Not only there was NO pyrex, but the prices were really crazy! The price of the plum pudding doubled! A dollar for a piece of fudge...what the?????

I went downstairs to hunt some more and I witnessed the same scenario there....4 little green bowls at 2 dollars EACH! They were worth 2$ for the 4 not more! I saw a glass electric insulator for 15$ That was it! I had to get out of there...FAST!

To apease my frayed nerves, I had lunch at McDonald's. I had been fantasizing about chicken nuggets for a while (more than a year actually). Another mistake! Those were tasteless, the sauce too vinaigry....eurk!

On to the Salvation Army....I hope I would have more luck there....The thrifting gods answered my prayers....I turned a corner and time stopped, a lady was holding....a liquor caddy! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!

She put it back on the shelf....and as fast as wind I grabbed it!

I found some adorable stackable cups as well. I just love those!

And last but not least .....a FireKing Gay Fad square baking dish....

All these fab items and more are in my etsy shop, so son't be shy and drop by! I love convos!

Also I add some cool new stuff nearly everyday....'coz Xmas is coming!

See you!