Monday, March 26, 2012

Did you know?

While I was out of work I really explored my Pyrexia and was a total Flickr NUT! I'm even one of the moderator of Pyrex in Action

But since I started working ....not so much. I had times when I didn't even see the point.

In the last few weeks I've experienced a renewal and I go visit nearly every day.

Today I wanted to bask in the glory of Delphite and re-found this....

A beautiful galery in Flickr Mind Hive....sigh, all those pics make my heart all a flutter

Check it Out . And yes I will toot my own horn, a lot of those pics are mine!!!

                                                            Pyrex in the snow

It was quite an adventure! Hauling all the Delphite outside and to be careful not to make marks in the snow. Well it certainly made for beautiful pictures!

 A spot of tea?

 I've said it before and I'll say it again a thousand times : the color really gets to me. How come Corning never reproduced that same shade in the U.S? Well I guess we'll never know (seeing the non-existance of their archives...).

So take 5 and go explore Flickr you'll never know what you'll find!

Now I want to welcome my 2 new followers, 209 WOW! Now as I usually do if I can find who my followers are, I will visit. But The way Blogger is and the way the accounts are set up....some people don't have pictures, some people have the same names....well you get the picture.

Now I was very surprised to be followed by a person that has a 'private blog', you need to be invited to read this blog. Now tell me what kind of secrets do you share in there? Are you afraid of internet nuts, yes they are a plenty and they know who they are.
I'm curious, I want to know. It makes me feel awkward that you can read mine and you won't show me yours.
It's not like I want to see your privates!

Last year a blog I'd been following for ages (3 internet years is even longer than Hollywood years) went 'private' all of a sudden. That really saddened me. Heck that lady shared recipes, why go private?

Was somebody oogling your meatballs, stroking your crockpot? it's a mystery...

Why not just stop blogging at that URL and start another blog?

Well it's time to go beddybye, I wanted to squeeze something about Anthony Bourdain, but i'm afraid it won't make sense, so until next time Tony, I can't wait to hear off-color jokes in another country.

Cover up it will be cold tonight in my neck of the woods...Now where are my footsie pjs?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just what the doctor ordered!

This morning I was sitting at my desk feeling a bit queasy and I said to myself; Miss V you know what you need?
You need a big ol’ bowl of love, a bowl of Pho! So at 11:30am I was on my way to Saigon restaurant on Metcalfe.
I ordered a big bowl of beef pho. I was not disappointed! The broth was rich and tasty with slices of raw beef (they cook quick enough in the broth) and oodles of rice noodles. YUM!

I made everything right in my world! Now I’m ready to attack the workload!

I actually only left some onion, after all I work with people!

I want to welcome my new followers! 10 days ago I had 204, yesterday  205 and surprise! I now have 207! SWEET!

I'm quite excited to go a thrifting tomorrow at Renaissance because I've been lucky in the past few weeks!

Ususally people with no money prefer new brand spanking stuff not the vintage stuff I cherish s that makes for lovely finds!

Some I keep, some I sell

That's the way the cookie crumbles

Sleep tight!

Don't put away your coats and boots quite so soon we might have more snow soon! It is only March 21st afterall! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Third time's a charm!

Well I've been trying to post since last thursday! A recap? Why not!

On thrusday night I wrote a lengthy bitch fest on the thrift store I frequent most (Renaissance) and it's sad looking employees, assholesque assistant manager (with the dirty teeth) and the bat crazy customers.

Blogger wouldn't have anuthing to do with it and even if I saved it multiple times, it vanished. It was late and I gave up.
On friday in my lunch hour I wrote the same (basically) in a Word doc and emailed it home . Guess what? I never got it!
And well you know how it is on the weekend....clean,clean,clean,nap,cook,throw out stuff, watch tv, clean,clean,clean, cook, cook,cook, wash a load or 2 and whamo it's monday morning!

Did I mention that we officially adopted Bandito?

He's a sweetie, has been castrated and we discovered he had previous injuries on the nose and near the scrotum (ooch). He's on the mend now and even if he's using the liter for the solid stuff he still has problems with number one and we cleaned a lot of it on the weekend (when you have animals you must not be materialistic).

Ok so now I'm back on track (let,s make a save just in case....)

What I found on Thrusday night on my weekly stop at Renaissance in Verdun!

I actually go in not expecting anything but still praying and hoping and trying to navigate around the smelly crazies and huge families who shout about a spoon.

Too bad the picture is kinda grainy!
Yes you saw that right! It's a Pyrex pixie in avocado, barely used and a delicious avocado letter holder with an owl!

I knew if I went often enough I would find stuff!

Here's a close up of the owl thingy

I will be listinh the owl letter hold in my Etsy shop shortly.

And good news! I started to list things in my shop again (I guessed I had the post Xmas blues....)

I listed these beauties....

A 70's tree top ornement from Eaton's

A super cute plaid tote

And a portable ironing board


Well have a great evening and I hope to write soon

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baking and Thrifting

Even if I get to thrift on a small scale every's seldom I find something that strikes my fancy.

I was rewarded last thrusday with this delicious carafe!

I've found quite a few Pyrex carafes in my day but this is my first all orange!
It's full of sunshine! I just couldn't leave there, I had to bring it to Vonlipi's House of Pyrex!

Over the weekend I had the deep craving for some cranberry and orange bread. A treat my mother made quite often when I was young. To my dismay I couldn't find the recipe! Rats!
But I remembered that it was a Quaker Oats recipe, so off I was to surf the web.

You can find the recipe HERE

I was delighted to see that they made the recipe healthier. I myself divided the flour as follows 1/2 cup of unbleached flour, 1/2 cup whole wheat and 1/2 cup spelt flour. I alos added the zest of a whole orange.

I baked it in Pyrex, of course.

I prefer to bake 2 smaller loafs.

Off to bed I am, sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite!

Bandito is spending the night at the vet motel and will get de-balled tomorrow.
We choose that vet because they are close and very professional. They mucho get on my nerves because they talk about money all, I mean ALL THE TIME!

When we went for shots about 2 weeks ago, they presented us with a quote for the castration. Tonight after we gave them the cat (OUR cat, yes we decided to adopt it) they asked for a deposit.


Of course I didn't say anything, but I was boilling inside. Dan said: I knew you would flip out, I just knew.
 And of course I know that it's their policy because some yahoos left their cats and ran away without paying. But it still pisses me off! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sometimes I feel like.....

A Manwhich of course! Well I did, but no more. I just had one. On a piece of spelt toast. It's all about the shopping in my own pantry, fridg and freezer.

I purchased said can of Manwhich last time I visited a Target store last September and I saw a shelf full of these....

I don't know what came over me but I had to buy it! It must have been the 'One full serving of vegetables' on the label. Fast, easy and healthy! Sounds like a winning combination to me!

It was not! What I ate would've given a coronary to Anthony Bourdain, not for the fat content but for the what's in this crap content!

It was acid, so I added sugar, flat so I added sriraccha, and just where were those veggies??? I added garlic and green peppers, but nothing helped it. It feels like a liter of lava sloshing in my stomach. Yikkes! I need some Tums STAT!

It's safe to say that the leftovers will be transformed in a chili? Mexican lasagna? Don't know yet....

Truth be told when I bought that can I was fulfilling a childhood food fantasy....Manwhich sauce was created in 1969. My parents watched mostly american television and back then we had american commercials, so I saw the Manwhich spot a lot! I knew better than to ask my mom to buy it while on vacation, she would have none of it.

Now I can declare : Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, had indigestion!  

Next time I eat a sloppy joe, it will be homemade....yes I bet I have all the fixings in that pantry of mine!

P.S: I'm shopping in my closet too!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chillin' out

Bambino is no more

Don't worry the cat is still alive and kicking! We just decided to change his name to Bandito because he stole our hearts!

We're still on the fence about officially adopting him but it's no reason not to take care of his health!

So off to the vet we went. Our cats go nuts in the cage and even worse in the car. Bandito was cool as a cucumber.

Even the vet could not believe it!

I think I'll take a wee nap

Hey this vet thing is not that bad!

He has a clean bill of health. No fleas, mites....Nice eyes, teeth....He's between one and 2 years old.
He had his shots.....and didn't hiss or scratch.

He was he nicest cat! We were so proud of him!
Let's just see how he reacts in 2 weeks when he gets spayed! And not a minute too soon....he sings quite a lot!

Have a wonderful Monday! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I love these guys!

I find these characters sooooo cute, it's hard to believe they could give you bad breath!

I find myself starring everytime I see the spot!

I was happily surprised to see them on my lunch walk.

What are they afraid of ???

Yep, they're afraid of the gum! ByeBye bad breath!


Don't worry Mr. Donut & Mr. Coffee! I love you and won't let gum come between us!
Rest easy.

Mommy is here.

Ok weird! LOL

Sleep tight!