Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Winter Blues

So Monday morning after a weekend of fever,coughing and everything being sick means.....Dan decided to take me to see a doctor; after all I have ashtma and I don't want complications. I know I've been there.

We stopped for some breakfast on the way and our friendly waitress asked if we were ready for the upcoming weather the next What weather? Snow was on the way....

The border near the street.

Our medical services might be free but the system is definitely lacking....Now I have ashtma,pain in my lungs when I cough, pain in my sinuses,a fever...And I waited 9 hours to see a doctor. They called in a kid that hurt his arm at school, tummy aches, garden variety aches and pain all before me....I was too sick to be pissed off!

The shade garden

And the doctor was some piece of work too! Yes Dr Tange from the Valleyfield hospital I'm writing about you! You have no bed side manners. She told me that I wasn't sick enough, I should've waited a couple more days. And not to worry about complications, it was all in my head. A couple of years ago I was hospitalised because the cold had changed into a full blown bronchitiis that I was too weak to fight.
But after 9 hours I just didn't care...just give me some pills that I can go home and crash. Well she didn't want to give me antibiotics for the sinusitis she said I didn't have. Thank god she finally produced a prescrition! She told me to wait a couple of days to take it. Hell no! I was going to start taking it with my supper! which i did and I'm glad because I feel better already! Alive and kicking and well enough to thrift! WOOHOO!

Do you remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine has a rash and she's trying to see a doctor for it and nobody will see her because one doctor wrote in her file she was difficult?  Well I don't think I'll be welcomed for quite a while there....hihihi

The side border

Now about the garden...Seeing the snow fall was like a dream. So strange looking! I'm glad to report that the flowers still look glorious! It's definitely one of my best spring flower year.

So with the snow falling and I was still a bit tired from my hospital ordeal from Monday....I went upstairs for a nap....Here's what I saw....

One word on the vintage pillow cases. I got them all for 75 cents at my fave church basement. I'm in love!

Have a great day and keep smiling!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Retro Tuesday: Entertaining with Salads

Today on Retro Tuesday I wanted something summery...because it is snowing in my neck of the woods....BRRR!
 So our lovely (it's up to you to decide) pictures are courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens Salad Book 1958.

This one is a 'Buffet Bowl'. Love the tomatoes,olives,green peppers, assorted veggies....EWWWW! Anchovies, they so remind me of salty eyebrows. I only use anchovy paste, it's so much more civilised.And EWWW! too on the luncheon meat. Leftover meat parts (you know which ones) thrown in the grinder and molded in a meaty goodness brick. PASS!

 The Supper Salad Wheel. the presentation really appealed to me on this one. Look Tracy it's aqua!
This is a vegeterian's delight and a retro lover's as well. Those dishes are to die for! I so want that beverage serving set...What puzzles me is the entire cauliflower in the center...I would like to see my guests faces if I served this...How to attack the big white brain in the middle....

Pink Pears for luncheon. I so see little old blue haired ladies in tea rooms enjoying this one. Visually it's a girly girl's dream, all pink,frilly and look at that plate (I want plates like that!). However 2 canned pear halves with cream cheese on a pretty plate don't seem to satisfy my midday craving.....

Now be a dear and walk,skip or jump over at Tracy's retro extravaganza Crazy Suburban Mom for more delicious vintage goodies!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Things I've made

Well it's one of those days, where I want to post but don't really know what about. I had a post all ready about eBay sellers and shipping...quite abrasive I must say.

In short : eBay and Etsy sellers, when a buyer (me) asks for FIRST CLASS SHIPPING  we mean First Class shipping. And I'm no idiot, I know what a Pyrex bowl weighs and I know that Canada is in group 1 and I can understand the USPS web site quite well! So don't quote me 30.00$ shipping for a 16 oz bowl ok??? Even if you wrap it with rocks, it will be around 10.00!!!
I know I sell stuff on eBay and on Etsy, don't try to fool me!!!

WOW! that feels good! So next I want to welcome my newest follower: Missouri Michael from Cul-De-Sac Shack . A delightful retro blog, Michael. Thanks for stopping by.

Next I feel I must also thank Sandy (AKA Doris he Great) from Aging Disgracefully for blogging about these sweet,sweet solar LAMPS. Today I took the bus and bought 6; if I like the effect at night I will go and buy some more 2morrow. They are adorable and for 2.49$ each quite a steal (and you can buy them in CANADA!!!)

Ok now things I've made:

Tofu: That was a lot of work for nothing....but it tasted quite good! All that boiling and steeping and mashing when you can buy a brick of tofu anywhere for 1.99$

Sausage: I love these and even if they are time consuming; I know what's in them....No cow poo or listeria...You've seen the insides of my water bottles....I'm still freaking out about this!
I make a mean Italian sausage and a meaner breakfast patty.

Beer: I loved my homemade beer except that the fart factor was humongous. This was time consuming but worth it as well. I stopped making beer because I couldn't control the temperature in my old drafty under insulated house.

Assorted cordials and liquors: I love making these, but nobody ever drinks them...except once in a blue moon....The Limoncello was horrible you could remove paint from old furniture with this....

Jewelry: I went cuckoo for jewelry a couple of years ago and took some courses. I probably don't have any talent because I can't sell most of my creations. But I still make some necklaces and earring for myself and my friends.

Bread: This is fun, but I never quite obtained the results I want....I tried the no knead variety but I had to warm my oven so high I thought my house would burn down....

The quilt: well I've been working on this one for....5 years??? I work on it a couple hours then I forget about it for months! When I lost my job it was on my to do list....2 years ago. So this is still a work in progress! 

Home Canning: It took me quite a while to master, but now I can make some blackberry jam (from my garden) without spazzing out! I discovered canning in 1997; I lost my job then too and I discovered that I suffered from an advanced case of squirrelitis ( must build humomgous stocks of food). The joke was that if the cats didn't move I would try to can them.....

Well that's it for now...I didn't really have pick from my projects (the were lost in the big computer burnout of 2009) so I inserted cat pics. The small grey one in the tent (my avatar) is Yoda she's all grown now (she was named by my SD who is a Star Wars nut) and the beautiful boy in the hostas is Boubou.

Have a great weekend! I hope I get to thrift...I'm definitely an addict! I itch all over.....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Good afternoon everyone!

 I am sick with some kind of cold for the third time in 3 weeks...That sucks big time! I haven't seen this week at all, I've slept most of the days....I did'nt have the energy to participate in Thrusday Vintage Thingy over at Colorado Lady but that doesn't mean I won't visit since I feel a bit better!

About Earth Day...Here @ Vonlipi's house everyday is Earth Day! We recycle,compost,buy local,grow some of our veggies,use public transport or the bikes,bring our own bags when we go shopping (I hate that one but I still do it) and use re-usable drinking bottles.

Yes, just like these....I love these bottles! They look cool and they keep water cold a long time!

So the other day Dan asks if I've looked inside my reusable bottle. And I say no,why. Well take a flashlight Miss V.and take a peek inside...And I did.

And I nearly threw up!!! OH YEAH BIG TIME PUKARONI!

What the??? I don't understand! I wash mine 3 or 4 times a week! What the hell??? And I look in Dan's and it is WORSE! EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!
And Dan says I wash mine at work all the time! So I soak them and brush scrub them twice and the little buggers are there smiling at me! And I bring out the big guns (javel) and pour some in with hot water and wait and scrub with the brush and now they're waving at me....!"/$%?&!"/$%?!!! (That's me cursing a blue streak) So finally I just tossed our beloved bottles in the recycling bin!
So be sure to take a gander inside your reusable bottle if it isn't see through!
This might be why I'm sick all the time....  

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Retro Tuesday: More of the World's Tackiest Postcards

Happy Retro Tuesday to all! My first offering is not only tacky it's in BAD taste, but I just couldn't resist! Just what is life without bad taste? We need bad taste so we know what tasteful is like!

Lautenberg Laboratories is the leader in controlled environment Beta testing for the personnal hygiene and pharmaceutical industry. Providing clinical,laboratory and random field testing for both consumer as well as idustrial products. Ask your rep for details. FDA approved.

You know I didn't make that up! I'm looking for a job but not this one!LOL

On to more tacky and less bad taste...

Why pay more? When you can have that rich look of wallpaper,without the cost! DecorWall goes on easy. It's fun and economical too!
It seems that you put ink or pait in the thingamagig and roll it on the wall. I would so use it! 'coz wallpaper is making a comeback... Here in Canada we have this reality home decor show called Colin & Justin Homeheist . Those guys are particularly fond of wallpaper, and not the discreet stuff...The BIG PATTERN wallpaper. So click on the link and check out a couple of videos. It seems us canadians are totally in love with them....I like their designs however I find them a bit much for the regular folks. They come in like 2 tornados and redo 3 rooms...what about the rest of the house??? You're stuck with your old stuff and 3 hyper stylish rooms with wallpaper....I tell you not for everybody....

And last but not least and neither tacky nor tasteless is this little gem

A lovely weekend Bar-be-que. Now this is how a picture a saturday at the Casablanca Hotel & Resort. Hot dogs and iced tea then a nice movie at the drive-in! Heaven I tell you!

For more interesting,retro and sometimes tasteless fun be sure to hop to Crazy Suburban Mom and say hi to my friend Tracy!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun,Fun,Fun and Weight Loss

Boy oh boy what a great weekend we had! I'm still laughing! Saturday we attended a benefit for the Canadian Cancer Society in a country dance bar called the Honky Tonk. Money was raised by selling raffle tickets, entrance fee including a spaghetti dinner and you could pay a sherriff to send someone in jail for 2 minutes. That was really fun! Of course you would try to be covert so the future jailee was unaware....So a lot of hijinxs followed!

One of the raffles was a bird house similar to this....I'm glad I didn't win it.... 

Our dance teacher was really proud that half the money raised from the jail came from her students (we were around 15). Of course between jail sentences we would dance our feet off!

Yesterday SD came to visit. We took her to our dance class-it was really hard to dance with her watching but I kept reminding myself that I danced in front of 150-200 people the night before so....And we went for good old french fries..Do you realize how long it was since I had french fries???

Speaking of which: On January 18th  embarked on a journey to get rid of the bulge. It's been a parade of low fat, low carb, high protein foods....So far I've lost more than 4 of these:

Or you could say I've lost more than one of these....

Let's not talk about Peanut's weight....ok?

It's basically the half way point. Now I'm starting the transition to the GI diet which will give me more options. I was really excited to read I would be able to eat beans and carrots. OMG! I was so giddy when I read that!!!  And the recipes look SOOOOO good! I can't wait to dig in!

Have a great week!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Let's all go to the Casablanca! 'Coz there's a giveaway!!!

Let's all go to the Casablanca Hotel & Resort! My friend Mick's (the host with the most) is having a giveaway with a super cool prize package! Hurry up and leave a comment! What are you waiting for??? Just click HERE

Be sure to read as many posts as you can because they're so fun! Have a great weekend! :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

VTT: First Toaster

This is the first toaster I remember seeing in my mother's kitchen. I always found it a pain to have to turn the toast by hand. But the plus side was that you could fit any size bread you wanted, as my dad demonstrated every morning. We were not a Wonder bread kind of family; we were a rye, pumpernickel, chalah,bagel and other exotic bread kind of people. In the 70's you didn't have specialty toasters for thick cut bread on the market.....You had this one.
This toaster was first made by Toastess Canada around 1948.The doors have a diamond quilted design and are flanked by black plastic handles. I remember the special smell this toaster made. I found it last week in my basement when I was looking for my miniatures for VTT. I plugged it in and there was the smell.


When I moved out of my mother's house (not a minute too soon) in 1986 she gave me a brand new one in a box. And it is this one that I'm showing today I used it in my appartment until it drove me mad....I would always wonder if I had unplugged it...Sometimes I would leave home, make it to the bus stop, then run back home to check to see if the toaster was unplugged. Yes, I was pretty OCD back then and terrified of fire ! Oh well! Craziness will happen! I'm keeping this one for sure, it's so cute!
 If you love vintage toasters, THIS is a great site for you.And be a dear and drop by Colorado Lady for some more vintage fun!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vegan Handbag

If you'd told me 10 years ago that I would be falling for a 'plastic' handbag, I would've replied: Yeah sure! Whatever!

Well I did! I bought my last handbag 2 years ago shortly after I lost my job. I purchased something sensible,sporty and let's face it perfect for our Brimfield trip....If you don't know what Brimfield is just follow this LINK ...So that bag went thrifting,dancing and on a lot of car trips. And I dropped countless cups of coffee on it and water and if I could spill it it went on the bag. It's still good mind you but not as nice.

It's a bit shabby...and frayed. So over the weekend we went window licking and browsing around and I see a store display. A nice,cool Matt&Nat vegan handbag....sigh

And Dan says: A girl needs a nice handbag for her job interviews....And bought it for me1 I swear I nearly cried in the store...

Here it is....I go weak in the knees everytime I see it!

Left is the older faithful companion. It's not retiring just yet...It still has a couple of miles left in it. I will be using the new one for interviews and dates for the time being....

Look Tracy! The lining is aqua! And made with 21 used water bottles....How cool is that? A eco-friendly vegan handbag!

Have a great wednesday folks! I'm jumping on my bike and going exploring in my fave church basement! I hope I find good stuff!
And stop by my friend Jade's new blog Out Thrifting for a visit!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Retro Tuesday: Crochet Hats and a Girdle

Today's Retro Tuesday is brought to you by Woman's Day  october 1963. While leafing through it my attention was grabbed by these...

I don't know how to crochet...and by looking at these I'm glad I don't!

The Fluffy Pouf an explosion of wool....the Fringed Pillbox...bangs of wool or the very scary Gamin Cap...

I'm also glad my mom wasn't a crochet gal until later....I'm sure I would've ended up with some of these beauties...

I shudder at the thought!

In the Vivid Turban..I don't think crochet is involved....Good news for all of us crochet challenged girls! Ditto for the Cuffed Toque. But get your crochet hooks ready for the Flirty Fedora....more shuddering....

I wonder if Betty Draper would wear one of those lovelies....It would be reason enough for Don to come home....

I'm sure Betty wears a girdle....I'll bet a Pyrex on it! In the 60's all women wore girdles....They were trashed with women's lib. Was it a good thing? I don't know....Our clothes would fit us so much better without the tummy and behind (not to mention the fat rolls in between) sticking out. And I'm pretty sure that the girdle played an active role in portion control...You couldn't stuff yourself to death wearing one of those....No way jose! Now they're back, but they're called Spanx!
 I invited you to visit my pal, the lovely Tracy @ Crazy Suburban Mom for more Retro Tuesday fun! That is if she's not too busy modeling the beautiful duds she bought yesterday....

Have fun and keep thrifting! 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pyrexlicious Weekend!

Saturday was the perfect day to go to Chinatown and enjoy a nice dim sum with Dad, Josée,Nathalie,Dan and of course Henry! Josée and Nathalie are my cousins. We always have fun when we meet! It was Henry's first time at a dim sum....
Here he is enjoying some HarGow (shrimp dumplings).
After a bit of grocery shopping (seaweeds,soya sauce,hoisin sauce,jasmin tea) we headed back to my Dad's place where he surprised me with the gift of Pyrex....

From left to right: Woodlands 401 and 403, Autumn Harvest 402 and a green Primary 403.
Here's a closer look at the green bowl....

On the left is my mom's green 403 and on the right the one dad gave me. Notice the color difference. The right one is much older that the left one. It is also thicker. The bottom markings don't include the bowl size, a sure sing of it's age. Primary bowls were introduced in 1947, so this one is probably from that period!

On Sunday after our dance lesson  we headed to Ste-Genevieve (near Pierrefonds) on the island of Montreal to the flea market. It is a small flea opened only on Sundays. It consists of an old house and further down in the parking lot a big 'barn' with more vendors in. The inside of the house is a big jumble bordering on an episode of Hoarders. In the big 'barn' different vendors sell everything from dishes,dolls,furniture,comic books...You want it they probably have it. My favorite booth (and always the last one I visit) is the Appaloosa Antiques & Collectables. At last someone selling my kind of stuff! And reasonnable too!Fireking,Pyrex,Glasbake,Federal...Casseroles,glasses,dishes,barware etc....And I'm sure I missed half the wonderful wares because I was hypnotized by this:

Yes it is...The 2qt Turquoise Snowflake Space Saver Casserole with metal lid! Originaly sold in a set : A 2qt with metal lid and a 1 1/4qt with a glass lid. The nmetal lid was designed to go in the freezer and you could put another casserole dish on top! Totally Fab! I had been looking for one for quite a while...Even the eBay Gods were frowning on me! I bet on more of those than I care to remember and they were always toooo expensive.

You are now looking at one happy camper!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Tidbits

Good morning and welcome to my newest follower Sweet European Dreams ! I love your blog!

I have a couple of things on my mind this morning....And I'll probably end up inserting my foot in my mouth yet again!!!

First off I've been watching DWTS...Do I need to remind you this is a DANCE competition? Please stop voting for Kate Gosselin! She's so painful to watch...I moan all through her performance! It's like Tony's dancing with a roll up carpet with bad attitude! She looks like she's suffering, so please put her out of her misery and let her go back to her kids and her tv show.
And what's up with all the drama? It must be something the producers are trying to make 'good' television. I don't need to be so stressed out. I watched  it because it was fun and enjoyable, now I'm not so sure.....

Secondly I'm suffering from Fea Market fever! And not any ol' flea markets....Maine flea markets! The only known cure is....You got it! Driving down to Maine and hit the fleas.....I'm already drooling! I'll have to arrange that!

Last but not least, I have to share this commercial that annoys me soooo much! Every time I see it not only I cringe but I think of the bill pile this guy had when he signed up for this because no one in their right mind would agree to play in this except if they were completely broke!

Here goes...

Ok now I feel better! LOL

Have a great day and a wonderful evening!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

VTT: Miniature World

Whoa!!! Holy déjà vu Batman! 51 followers! I’d like to welcome Jade and a mystery follower; I hope you will enjoy your visits.

As I was digging in my brain for a good topic for VTT (Vintage Thingy Thursday) I remembered one of my childhood passions…A dollhouse with all the furnishings. My mom gave me her doll house but it had seen better days and had been fixed with duct tape painted over. The walls were made of arborite and you couldn’t nail anything to it…Needless to say I was pretty bummed out and dreamed of a HUGE dollhouse. I also remember some plastic furniture from the 50’s or 60’s, chocolate brown and blah in my little girl eyes.

In 1976 (my first seaside vacation in Maine) I discovered the amazing world of miniatures. OMG! I was fascinated, totally! You could get everything miniature! Books, place settings, chandeliers, food…I was totally hooked!

I talked to my Dad about those today and he reminded me that I could stay in a certain miniature store in Ogunquit for hours just staring at all the little things. My faves? Little house wares! Are you surprised??? I’m not.

I remember waiting in line with my parents in the basement of Filene’s on a Saturday morning for the doors to open. It felt like the gold rush…literally! Women fighting with each other, changing in the middle of the place…I saw a lot of stranger’s girdles that summer! I got the sink with the pump and the china cabinet seen in this post. Also I got a full bathroom and a bed. I didn’t take pics of those ‘coz they are in bad shape…

My favorites piece didn’t come from a store, my dad gave it to me. It’s the leather chaise lounge. It is very old. My Dad says he saw it all through his childhood. It was made by my grandmother’s uncle Georges. It is beautifully crafted and is as nice as the day it was finished probably more than 80 years ago. We don’t know if it had been made as a practice piece, a sample or a toy and we don’t know much about uncle Georges either. He was an upholsterer. He worked in NYC and later for the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway). He never married, lived with his mom, then his sister. He killed himself. He probably was depressed. It seems to be a trend on both sides of the family. Back then mental illness was not well seen and there wasn’t a lot of options; that’s my opinion.
Oh yes the books have real pages! I'm sorry that one is a bit fuzzy.

So today I made little vignettes for you since the house is long gone. Maybe one day I will get a new one.

I hope you will enjoy them!

Did you notice the duck on the china cabinet? And the pewter plates?

I made the vase with some clay more than 30 years ago....Yesterday I spent a good couple of hours cleaning and fixing all my miniatures. I had negelcted them over the years. I put them in a new box with tissue paper and bubble wrap. No way it's going back to the basement....

Now you scout over to Suzanne's @ Colorado Lady
for some super thrusday FUN!!! Go on, I know you want to! :) 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thrifting Across the River

Well it seems that I did Retro Tuesday all by my lonesome….LOL! It happens….

Thanks to everybody who visited and left comments! You always put sunshine in my day!

Do you remember the Barbe-cutie plates I wrote about HERE?

Well some of you commented that they would’ve bought the plates….and it got me thinking, and thinking and thinking some more until I barely slept last night! I was dreaming of the plates and how I had to go get them, I had FULL BLOWN plateitis!

So I woke up at 5 am this morning, made sure Dan had everything ready to go to work….washed, fixed myself some breakfast, snacks and ran out the door to take the last bus across the river. I arrived pretty early, and needed to make a pit stop…THANK GOD FOR MCDONALD’S. I was able to have a coffee (and a bathroom) so I could wait for the thrift store to open.

I didn’t see anything new, that’s a bummer…Are the plates still there??? Yes they are! Oh but WAIT! Wait just a minute!!! Not only they all have different designs that are not as nice as the one I remembered and they are all cracked! WOA, what a disappointment….

So instead I got this for the store….

I must confess that I’m a sucker for tacky souvenir trays….And this one is extra special! A New York State Souvenir tray! Great for servimg cocktails....

After getting out of there….believe it or not I needed another bathroom PRONTO! Sorry if it’s too much info, but it does set the tone of the day…I ended up going….wait for it….in the Regional Psychiatric Clinic! Nice clean bathroom! And the receptionist didn’t even bat an eye…She couldn’t spot the advanced signs of Thriftionic Pyrexia….Good for me! So near the clinic is another thrift store where I found this...

Thank you Boubou for modeling near the mini iroing board!

I’ve been wanting one for some time, but you can’t simply find those anymore. Pulling out my big ironing board is always a chore and quite traumatic for the cats….

After I crossed the bridge where a teenager found it quite amusing to see a middle aged woman caring an ironing board under her arm!

I was so tired when I arrived home (I walked more than 2 hours) that I could barely muster the energy to have lunch…
I want to welcome my 49th follower .Go check out his very funny blog. Don't miss the Peeps video...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Retro Tueday: World's Tackiest Postcards

Today's Retro Tuesday is brought to you by a weird book I bought AGES ago: The World's Tackiest Postcards. Published in 1987 by Klutz Press. It's a 80's Novelty book, you know the kind...

.I don't remember exactly where I bought it, but it was surely from a second hand book store. We had a great one in Montreal on St-Antoine av. near Old Montreal, it was called the Book Nook. It was a great od place, with squeaky wood floors and lots of dust and books and chairs. You could litterally spend a sunday afternoon just hanging out. It closed a couple of years ago.
 So this is a book of postcards that you can remove and mail your friends and family....Some are TOO much....

Does not look good to me....That one is from the Mariner's Restaurant Fishboil near Fort Bay Ohio. Their slogan? You will surely say, it is the BEST in Fort Bay! Well, Fort Bay people I feel for you! It looks so boiled!


What about this one? It's for Marathon's DINE/OUT cartons....It looks more like a TV diner to me...Oh Well!

This is one of my favorites! Poor guy he loks so not there! He is stuck in the ugly motel dimension....UGH!
Actually it is a post card for the Del-Ray Motel 2 miles wet of Indianapolis on Route 40. Bathrooms feature 'SaniKleen Protection'. Friendly People.

Night or Day-Stay Del-Ray!
Such a catchy tune!

Have a great Retro Tuesday! And be sure to visit my funny and retro friend Tracy @ Crazy Suburban Mom  

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Kid on The Block!!!

I love my Food Network Canada. But I have to admit I find some of the shows pretty lame….Cooking for real…Boring! Throw down with Bobby Flay…after a couple of episodes, it gets kinda stale….I won’t even comment on Brian Boitano…What about Dinner Impossible (boring), 5 ingredient fix (boring) and I’m not able to sit through another Food Network competition where the contestants have to build something out of cereal….I know, I know we don’t have the same shows as in the U.S, but Paula Deen seems stale to me and I don’t like Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee.

So I was pretty excited when I read in the newspaper (the Gazette) about a new show starting Thursday night….Bitchin’ Kitchen with Nadia G!!!

Nadia G. hails from St-Léonard a Montreal neighbourhood known for its Italian cuisine. Go girl!

The show is fresh, the recipes are easy and the girl is funny!

And tacky, over the top, did I mention she’s funny and she’s surrounded by a cast of characters…

I wish her a long life on Food Network and loads of success. She is so much more interesting than Ricardo… (Ricardo and friends)

Here’s a taste…

Thursday, April 1, 2010

VTT: Thrifting with Henry

First I'd like to welcome my 48th follower Ally from Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. I visited her blog and it was a BLAST! From the past, I remember a lot of the same things she does!

Now today for VTT it's thrifting with Henry. After the sugarshack we had to do something to digest that mountain of fat and sugar! What better activity than thrifting? I had to check out a new thrift store in the town accross the river (Vaudreuil-Dorion). I was really impressed by the size of the place and it's cleanliness! How ever the volunteers pricing the furniture were way off. It is a thrift shop after all! So no more 30$ plastic lawn chair, ok???
The housewares were very reasonnable. Henry loves to pose near candlesticks.


As a matter of fact as soon as I had my head turned he would run all over the place. People are not used to see an elf ,except at Christmas,and usually not thrifting!

Oh there he is! Posing near some really neat BBQ plates!

 Or Barbecutie plates! I regret leaving those behind...Having my cupboards filled to the ri with Pyrex.....It was better to leave them for someone else!

Here's what I brought back. A lovely lemony Pyrex carafe from the 60's complete with lid. A delicious snack serving set with 4 different bowls: Potato chips,pretzels,snacks and nuts. Also from the 60's it's been barely  used and still bright and shiny! And last but not least a vintage glass Xmas tree top, mint in box as they say. The box still has the original price sticker and back then it was 39 cents!
 After all that fun, even if the fat and sugar was pilling on my hips, I could breathe again!!! See thrifting is therapeutic!!!

For more vintage fun be sure to do your Thrusday Social starting with Suzanne @ Colorado Lady ! Have a great VTT everyone!