Saturday, January 28, 2017

1 year

This is the first anniversary of my Dad's passing.

I apologize for the picture, I got a new printer and I can't seem to figure out how to crop out the picture.

This was taken when he was working for Dralion for Cirque du Soleil. He always had a cap on. He is either drawing or taking notes on the performance.

This is how I remember him, always trying to make the design work, always tweaking costumes.

My Dad, my protector. I always felt protected when I was with him.

Sometimes i feel so alone in the big sea of life....and then I remember that Dan and Vero have always had my back and even if I feel sad they are there to support and love me.

Meghan is thriving, and everyday she's more at ease with the other fur babies

I love you Dad

Always XXX


Thursday, January 26, 2017

I have a secret

I have a secret, it was in fact a secret goal....

I wanted to reach 1000 posts by the end of 2016....and well that did not happen!

It should happen by early February and there will be a giveaway.

I have no idea what I will give away....

On the way home last week, I saw this frame on the sidewalk....

 It appears to be an Amerindian print.
I found it quite lovely.

 I nearly brought it home but we have a lot frames, more than walls actually

I made some homemade perogies stuffed with cheese, potatoes
and caramelized onions

SOOOOOOOO GOOD! Really time consuming but
definitely worth it

Do you remember last years's post about my Dad and lemons?
He would've been over the moon because they were 3 for a dollar!

My Dad lived for cheap lemons!

See you soon!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Year!

Happy New Year to all my readers!

2016 was a very important year for me. It was hard, sad, good, teary,happy and then some!

I am finishing a week's vacation where I mostly slept, cleaned,cooked  and slept some more.

I feel so stoked, so energized. It is a wonderful feeling! The sky's the limit!

This year I made achievable resolutions....

NO MORE credit card debt and less procrastination at work.

I added a new one today....Taking better care of myself; drinking more water, eating less sugar, moisturizing more....moving more....

Those I should be able to achieve not like losing 75 pounds in 3 months and becoming an Olympic athlete.

I am also grocery shopping from my freezers. So far with frozen turkey breast I made turkey tacos and there was enough left over to make turkey ramen with edamame (from the freezer too), lasagna with ground beef , Italian sausage and Portuguese bacon all from the freezer, last but not least was a big freezer container of traditional french Canadian meatball stew (ragout de boulettes) served with boiled potatoes and parsley for supper tonight...with left overs for lunch tomorrow!

I say it is a win-win!

Since the beginning of the year we brought 10 boxes of books and stuff to various thrifts.

 Of course I didn't donate any of my beloved Xmas Pyrex!
Way too precious!

And tonight I am watching the Golden Globes...

And I am wondering what the hell Nicole Kidman was thinking when she
embarked on her plastic surgery journey. She was so beautiful, so natural....
and tonight I only saw the plastic doll face....So sad

And Felicity Hoffman! She is a character actress, playing real women and tonight she
looked like an orange Barbie.

I am thinking there was a BOGO on Botox! A lot of foreheads look ironed!

Just what is wrong with wrinkles, expression lines, and creases ?

On this note...I will sign off and go moisturize!

Sleep tight!