Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Still Frozen

The weather has been frigid, so much so that I wear or carry thermal long-johns pretty much everyday.

Frozen pipes are epidemic. It seems we haven't had this cold a winter in 20 years....

So I wake up, go to work, come home, fix supper, watch tv and go to bed...And start all over again the next day.

I don't feel like packing things or fixing things because Dan is in full plastering and sanding mode!

 The snow is starting to really pile up...We don't see the pingouins anymore!

 This is the pile of boxes of stuff to keep (so far)....

                                          Bob thinks a nap is the way to go....

                                         And so does Bandito!
                                          But who doesn't love a warm sleepy kitty when the weather is frightful?
                                          I can't wait to do some HEAVY thrifting!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

All Done

Well it is finally over!

Tomorrow we will drop off the balance of the Etsy shop's inventory. As much as I had fun with this little shop as much I am glad that it is over.

In the end the boxes were just suffocating. Too much stuff!

Funny what was my train of thought:

First it was: I will put the shop on haitus

Second: I will only keep the Xmas stuff


Of course I kept my favorite pieces....

Of course I may change my mind along the way....

We never know!

Be well in faith that everything will be all rigth

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Just so you know...

We took a decision on the bread in a can! We will keep it unopened and add it as decoration to the kitchen.

Can you believe the great Dan was unaware of that funky can? Shows he opens the pantry only once in a blue moon

Next time I see one in a grocery store I will get it and eat it with some baked beans!

No word yet on the shelf life...

Monday, February 9, 2015


When I was a little girl, my Dad would take me to Howard Johnson's restaurant for supper in December after Xmas shopping.

I would get the London Bridge (a hot dog from the kids menu ) and peppermint ice cream with chocolate chips.

I think my Dad ordered baked beans that came with a side order of brown round bread. You could buy the bread to take home and it came in a can.

Well on a road trip to the U.S. a looooooonnnnggg time ago I got a can of this wondrous bread. It might have 15 years ago....I don't know for sure.

There is a 1998 copyright on the can which that I couldn't have bought this before ....

The can is not dented. Now tell me would you open it?

I looked up the brand on line and was happy to find out it is manufacture in Portland Maine !
And while I was visiting their web site , I sent them an email for self life....
We will see

On a related subject my Dad told me he found some bouillon cubes in his pantry that were 15 years old...
It runs in the family!!! 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Seen Around

So yesterday we took a car load of treasures to Brockville, Ontario.

I know, I know we have thrifts in Quebec, but for the most part I think volunteers don't know anything about vintage and throw stuff away if it is not new enough. I heard : Throw it out it's junk! more than once in the last few months....

Which might explain why my garage sale didn't go so well....

I had made the promise not to buy stuff unless it was A MUST! A Pyrex I've been looking for or something we need...But I took pictures....

 A beer cap wising well....wat floors me is not that someone drank all that beer....but that person had the vision to keep them all and build an ugly ass wishing well!

 But it was all made from Molson Canadian beer caps! How patriotic!

 As you might know, I have a HUGE vintage astray addiction....And I am a non-smoker (go figure).But
this one gave me the wheelies....It looked like a sci-fi  creature....
 Tis I really liked and nearly dragged home...Miss V take a deep breath and remember the promise....

  I also like tacky travel souvenirs and what better than this tacky tray from the Notre Dame de Lourdes
sanctuary in Rigaud, Quebec....It is near my house!

  That bowl was unmarked but really sad looking....so I will give it its 2 minutes of fame....

 I really like this fondue kit, all bright, orange and vintage....and quite a steal at $4.99! The promise, the PROMISE!
 A sweet Fireking casserole waiting for a home....Now even if I am not a huge fan of Fireking I love this pattern...

I like the look of a vintage globe I find that the $24.99  price tag was ridiculous!

We had great fun and a great day and can't wait to pack more boxes!