Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The taste of vacation

Well I am on vacation for the next 2 weeks. Actually this week and the next.

Life is sweet. I always take the opportunity to eat food I love but seldom eat like Dairy Queen!

                           Would you believe me if I told you I LOVE THIS SIGN???
                           Of course you would! You know me by now!

Small vanilla cone dipped in chocolate.
A sweet chilled treat
Be well

Monday, July 29, 2013

Surprise Thrifting

On Saturday there wasn't any plans for thrifting. We just went to Dan's daughther's place to measure windows and figure out what we needed to repair a wall and paint.

But I had to stop at Renaissance! Just so you know the weirdos from Thrusday night were all there on Saturday afternoon.

The employees are in the weirdo category as well...There's the lady that runs after you in the store to leave your bag at the cash (Heck the person that steels a $2 dollar shirt really needs it) and the cashiers that don't understand the cash register and the manager from France who knows everything and won't hesitate to correct your french. LOVELY!

                               I found the Butterfly Gold butterdish at Renaissance.
                               the Oxo mug I found somewhere else....

On our way back, Dan saw a giant sign advertizing a garage sale. This sale was amazing! It is the once a year unbelievable sale. It was in a hardware store that closed in the 80's judging by the merchandise.

                               Dead stock Androck utensils made in Canada.

A dead stock orange Thermos
and 2 lovely Federal bowls with green flowers.
 And a tackylicious Mushroom trivet
I still don't know what will stay and what will go in the Etsy store
Of course I still think about stuff I left behind...
There was so much! I could've gone every day for a week and buy stuff everyday.
But it was late in the day and the place is far from home so I got stuff that grabbed me.
Be well and keep thrifting friends! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


To tell the truth...I also collect plants...less than Pyrex mind you....

I have a soft spot for coneflowers

So I thought it was a good idea to share some of mince

                                              White with yellow heart
                                          Classic purple coneflower

I will take a picture of this beauty in another light
because the orange doesn't show at all.
This one is called a Sunset
                                            White with a green heart

                                           The burgundy is not in bloom yet...and I have a double decker too that didn't show well...
                                           I will try to reshot them during the week to share with you

                                           I love coneflowers because they are sturdy,drought resistant and thrive in my crap soil!

Until next time...sleep tight my friends :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Thank you friends for all your good wishes and love.

It was very appreciated.

This morning we packed the car with boxes and bags of donations and headed west to Brockville, Ontario.

Why Brockville? To tell the truth Dan thinks that this Salvation Army store is more deserving than the one in our area and they did sell me a Turquoise Snowflake casserole with lid for .50 I had to give back!

This time I found a barely used, unstinky,unscratched Tupperware for .50 cents. It is the kind you use to store food in the pantry

We had some of Don's Fish and Chips for lunch

                                             Promise of a tasty lunch

                                            The fish is so meaty and cooked to perfection; next time we just might skip the french fries and get more fish!

                                            Besides that no thrifty finds! But like the very wise Dan says...It might be a sign that we should purge the garden shed before we find more treasures....
I agree!
Tomorrow we have a program of getting rid of some invasive plants, relocating echinaceas and floating in the pool.

Life IS sweet! Thank you God for all the riches!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

So sad

I'm sorry I've been M.I.A for the last seven days. This was not intentional.

On July 12th we got news that Dan's mom Rejeanne, passed away.

This made for a lot of mixed feelings even if we knew for quite a while that this was inevitable.

Rejeanne was a joyful, happy woman; she loved cats, she loved food,sugar,reading, crosswords,antiques and bacon!

                                 Here's Rejeanne petting Yoda in 2007.

                                I think this is one of the last pictures of her before the Alzheymer was too severe and she had to go and live in a center.
                                 Be well Rejeanne you are with your husband and your kitties now; be safe; we will be thinking about you and remembering all the good times.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Food truck Wednesday

I wish I could do a regular feature on Wednesday about food trucks but the thing is I never know in advance which one will be near my job.

Today I had 2 and I choose the Phoenix 1 truck, why you might ask?

2 reasons really: They serve sandwhiches on naan bread and they are considered an underdog.

They got less publicity than some of the others, they don't tweet much....

I left late...I was stuck at work with a case I had to finish....I arrived at 11:30 am fearing a line up.

There was none!

Black and pink, cool!
                                         I had the tandoori chicken naanwhich

                                Sorry about the bluriness!
                                It was light yet filling, flavourful with a nice kick
Just what the doctor ordered in this crazy July heat.

My first but not my last!

Last week truck was fantastic but a once a month splurge calory wise, this I could get this every week!

I can't wait until they come near my job again!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Porky deliciousness and off the bucket list

Some you win and some you loose....

On the winning side: The food trucks are back in Montreal after an absence of 66 years. The mayor who had them outlawed was Jean Drapeau and he found them tacky and unhygienic.

In late May 27 licenses were awarded and the trucks will rotate to 9 designated areas.

I have been very excited ever since their coming was advertised because I have been drooling over the Eat Street tv show.

I have been following their schedule because 2 of their stops are near my job....So last thrusday I chose

Camion Pied de Cochon (Pig's foot truck) which is an offspring of the very famous Pied de Cochon restaurant (Anthony Bourdain's favorite ever).

                               I arrived at 11:05 am just to be sure....

                              I had heard rumours of delays and long lines....

                                Oooh the windows are opened!

                               There is a savoury window and a sweet window.

                               The menu is small but decadent.

                               On the savoury side: The savoury donut; yes you read that right! Instead of a bun you have a donut , and it is split in 2 and stuffed with maple brine pork roast, ham and pig's tongue.
                               Add some ballpark mustard and onions and cheese (extra).
                              I never tasted the tongue....but the harmony of this was fantastic!  It tasted a bit of smoked meat or corned beef.
                             I was wise to bring a green salad from home to complete this; otherwise I would have felt stuffed if had the porky lunch box: The savoury donut, a fois gras poutine,a sweet donut and a maple soda.
                            I will be back to taste some of their other fare...
                                  Porky perfection!

                               Now to remove something from the bucket list....

                               I don't have a big bucket list...I'd like to take Dan to Paris and Italy, 2 places I was lucky enough to visit. But mostly I want to have enough money to pay the bills, renovate the house and put some aside.
                              There are something I've never eaten....Like a chili cheese dog
                              In Quebec those are called Michigans with cheese....
                              I had one last night....

Well like my mother used to say....
Nothing to write home about!
The sauce was too acidic, but bun should have been toasted and the dog too.
But the fries were fantastic as usual!
Be well!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Off the wanted thrifting list

I guess we all have our wanted thrifting lists. In fact I have several; one for Pyrex, one for mugs, one for glassware, another for lamps, blowmolds and the lists go on and on...

On June 29th 2013, I was able to tick off one of my wanted in the mug list.

I had been yearning for those for quite a while, but whenever I found them they were too expensive for my taste.

                              So I got 4 Glasbake soup mugs from the Gananoque Flea for $10.

                             Around here I usually see them for $10 each, so I feel good about the buy.

                            I had a pink one, really beat up from the Sally Ann, but as per the house needs to the church basement.

                         From that roadtrip I also  found some pillow cases and some old Mason jars.

                         All in all a good day. I should be able to post pictures for the next post

                        Be well and sleep tight :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Thrifted in Maine

Like i told you before, I didn't find much on my long weekend in Maine...

                                           I found this amazing purple jar that I'm using as a votive holder.

                                           From the sign in the shop, I learned that it was originaly clear glass but a chemical turned it purple over time....Wow, I love the color!

                               I've been eyeing the Camp Snoopy glass collection for a while now but I always find them too expensive, so I was thrilled to find this one for a dollar.
                              My cousin Josee had expressed the desire to get some fridgies, so this one was a great thrifty buy. I also found a glasbake milk glass mug for .99 cents at the Scarborough Goodwill, but for the time being it is missing in action...»oh well!

Sleep tight!