Monday, October 1, 2018


last 2 weeks f August flew by....and so did September.

The temps are cooler, praise the Lord!

All I did this summer was sweat....I swear!

 This is my kitchen wall, the only one without cabinets.
My Dad had knife magnets installed, more than 20 years ago.
For some reason, I always have been skittish about using theThis m....
but after 3 years, I guess i am used to them...

This mug made me crack up...
I wish I pooped glitter!

 One of the last things I sold makes room in the yard and fattened a bit the vacate fund.

 Bob Ross has a game named after him!
Who knew the guy was such an icon???

 On my way back to work from a doctor's appointment
I snapped this beautiful and intriguing fountain.
that sight really made my day!

                                Cleaning the carport, I opened a box and spotted these Pyrex treasures....
                                I am not ashamed to proclaim that I brought them back inside!
                                They appeared at my one and only garage sale in 2016.....
                                 They did not sell.....

So far the water feature is closed, the front steps have been repainted and I removed the weeds from the front of the house....

Next weekend it is Canadian Thanksgiving...and we plan to close both fountains and plant the perennials I purchased. And slowly closing the flower borders for the winter.

Maybe we feast and give thanks with oysters...or a roast...I have no idea yet

Stay safe,warm and happy my faithful readers

See you soon!