Monday, June 25, 2012


I did find forgotten Pyrex treasures this weekend....But I haven't taken their pictures yet.

Today is very cool, windy and grey. After a morning of wrestling winter linen, the vacuum and space age bags, I am pooped!

Here are the pictures I took last night...

Pyrex 794 platters.
3 Bradford House and one BlueGrass. These are restaurant ware.
I uses these all the time, I find them the perfect size for a sandwich or a dessert.

Also RW

These are shallow bowls that I use for salads or soups like pasta fajole or
pasta cecci. Here a Bluegrass and a Fern green.

Korean style beef ribs served in a Laurel RW 793
Pyrex platter.
Delicious and pretty!

I do have platters but they are stored at the moment if you get my drift!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

T and B

Rest assured Pyrex fans this is not a naughty phrase!

This actually stands for Turquoise and Butterprint. Now these are amongst my fave patterns so I need to keep them handy!

Did I mention that I have Pyrex in the kitchen, the dining room, living room , basement, hall, garden shed,bedrooms and bathroom. This means EVERYWHERE!

So since I'm taking pictures of my Pyrex, it seems a good time to take inventory and rediscover forgotten pieces...

This is the new display in my kitchen.

I love having the Pyrex right there so i can use them all the time!

Butterprint refrigerator set and butter dish

Now I got the fridgie set in Maine in 2007, minus one small one for 10$
It was Dan who spotted it.

The Cinderella set was a gift from Dad (the original Pyrex soldier)
and so was the carafe. The carafe came from a thrift store near my Dad's house
that reeks of cigarettes REAL BAD! I often find things there but I have problems get rid of the smell on me!

Now I was really psyched and inspired by the Pyrex pic challenge!!!

I started cleaning my big wod armoire to `find` some lost Pyrex and some other stuff.
I'm the kind of person who opens a drawer and just stuffs things in it; so I need to clean every couple of months just to find important papers.

By the way Dan is just the same....LOL!

Have a great night

I'll be up bright and early and doing some cool Pyrex inventory!  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pyrex Collecting

I've been collecting Pyrex since 2006 and god knows I don't have every piece despite what Dan says.

I've taken a lot of pictures of it, talked about it, used it but I've decided that over the rest of the year I will regularly post about it and show you some pics.

Because I want to show you all of it!

I've always wanted chips and dips sets, I've found the bowls but never the bracket...Until I found this great shop where they actually sell handmade brackets for your chips and dips! Check out Carpenterdon for brackets and Pyrex galore!

Here's my Golden Grapes chip and dip with bracket goodness.

Since I have 2 shelves.....

Cinderella Space Saver Casserole
with Craddle
This one came with the original box.

Now I really would've wanted more imagination with the promo names!

Night night :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On Blowmolds....

Well everybody in the aware that Xmas in July is nearly upon us.

Here in Quebec ,and I have no idea why it is called Noel des Campeurs (Camper's Xmas). And let me tell you it is a big party if you happen to be in a Québec camping ground!

What is my favorite Xmas decoration besides the tree? Blowmolds of course!

So I wanted to share some pictures....


I want to find another snowman like the one above for my personal collection! It is SSSSOOOOOO

Gotta go!

Hope this pics helped you stay cool in that crazy heat!

Night night :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thrifty Finds

In the beginning of June we went to a super duper church basement sale in St-Zotique ,Québec about 30 minutes west of Ile Perrot.

It was rainy, so rainy but we managed to score a couple of cool finds.

I'm pretty sure I'll be keeping this one. So far every one I see, I put in the store and they always sell pretty fast. I have 2 small santas but this is my first small snowman blowmold.
For 1$ what's not to like?

I also snatched this sweet orange juice serving set for a song. This is already in the store...1961 Good Morning Juice Serving Set by Napcoware...barely used...makes you wonder!

And this...well I should say these because we got 4. One orange, one white and 2 turquoise...

Stackable plastic and metal chairs from the 60's.

From Plastique Provincial who were best know to make the classic plastic motel chair in these parts....

This is the Solair chair in designed in Montreal in 1972.

They sold hundreds of thousands and I would die to put my thrifty hands on some.

They are still in production but these days they would set you back about 100$ each!

We gor ours for 12$ for 4. SWEET!

Which reminds me that I have a really cool turquoise spatter melamine serving plater still in the car trunk!

Have a great night :)  


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

You just never know!

Well last night we were on the way to dance (in the rain ?!?) and I saw a hand written sign in the window BAZAAR.....

And I said hum a bazzar? Say no more sweets , we have plenty of time I'll turn around and you can stop and shop to your heart's content.

I was in for a surprise!

A Colonial Mist casserole!

Believe it or not I just had a 401 bowl in that pattern.

Not only I found this casserole but I was treated to not one but 2 arguments (hillbilly arguments!)
It felt like I was transported in a Michel Tremblay play or even a Fellini movie and I was a bystander.

Now the shop owner was screaming at her boyfriend who was placing stuff on the shelves and at the same time screaming at a nurse on the phone and quoting me a price for the casserole!

A true multitasker!

There was also a female friend (of theirs) on the premises with her toy dog. Both ladies were missing a front tooth, I didn't notice the boyfriend teeth because I was too busy holding the casserole and trying to get a price.

Damage? 2 dollars.

I wish them lotsa of success and less arguments. 

Here's more stuff I found last week

A 70's Pepsi Cola glass (needless to say these never appeared in my parents house)
and a Federal Glass Circus bowl with an orange elephant.

Keeping the glass and selling the bowl ; )

We didn't dance in the rain... a nearby Country dance bar opens its door when it rains.
It was great fun but since we get up at 5:00 am we had to leave earlier :(

Me is pooped, must go to bed....

Thrifting happy I wish yous all

Sunday, June 10, 2012

You asked for it!

Well here it is!

Do you see it?


Introducing the 1969-70 Contempra phone by Northern Electric, a 100%
Canadian company. These little suckers are pretty hard to come by!
It is totally fonctional.

There is however a small problem....
Everytime it rings it is all cats for themselves and we have a giant stampede of scared cats!

So we decided it would be a decor element and you know how it is....
part of the living/dining room is not finished so we don't really know where it will end up!

On the another front, last night was our year end country line dancing party....

And our crafty friends Sharon and Rick brought some delicious (I kidd you not) homemade wine

That's my purple fan in the back

And homemade labels to boot!

It was a nice touch and made the evening even more special!
We laughed and danced till we couldn't dance no more!LOL

Gotta go!

I'm hearing the call of the wild....

The garden is beckoning :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I just remembered I never shared a picture of the finished telephone corner, vintage loveliness!

I know the baseboards are still not

Someone I know made me a promise last night....
We'll see.

Now on another subject....

With all the Fireking mugs I've been buying and selling, I've just realized
something awful, something that will surely anger the Pyrex gods!
I'm not too crazy about Pyrex cups, and neither is Dan!
I was told last week that the Fireking mugs were bigger and more comfortable!
You know what that means?

It means culling the Pyrex cup collection!!!

I'll be keeping one of each pattern of course plus one or two faves.

So far the Butterfly Gold are already in a box for the church basement....

Bye Bye!

Welcome you beautiful Fireking mugs! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fall & Winter 1975

On Saturday we jumped in the car for a day of thrifting which was pretty much ampered by endless buckets of rain, so no garage sales.

We made it nevertheless to Gananoque, Ont home of the Gananoque Flea market.

I scored 2 Eaton's catalogs from 1975 and 1976. Now let's see...I was 10 years old in 1975 and even if I remember some of the UGLY fashions, I had no idea how ugly it all was.

So basically it's an endless source of post topics!

Being a Pyrex maniac, I was of course, eager to find some. There was none.

Instead I found this...

Corning Ware galore!

Now I'm surprised they made so much stuff with the Spice'O' life pattern...A spice
cabinet? A spice rack, a letter holder, a paper towel holder?
I also find some pieces quite expensive for 1975. The 9 cup percolator was $21.95!
And what about the Corelle dish set at the bottom?
A 20 piece set was $37.95.
Ans the minimum wage wasn't that much in 1975 so that was a pretty big hunk of change for some dishes.
The patterns? Butterfly Gold, Spring Blossom Green and Old Town Blue.

That's it for me, sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite!