Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pyrex Lovelies

Today was surely one of the most amazing days of the year! Let me explain.

We were full of energy, we were in a cleaning/fixing mood. We were up bright and early and got tons of things done!

Before I get to the details, I want to welcome my new followers! Welcome! If you love thrifting, vintage, Pyrex, glassware,lamps, Christmas, roadtrip,cats,gardening,eating local and food in general; well you're at the right place!

Sit back, relax, grab a snack or a pint.

Now I decided to change the Pyrex displays so I had the opportunity to take pictures to share with you.

Let's start with Snowflake, i.e: Turquoise, White and Charcoal

                                 White Snowflakes on Turquoise and Turquoise Snowflakes on white

043 in White, Turquoise and Charcoal.

Open bakers! I LOVE,LOVE these!
Why? Because they are not divided that's why!
Here they are in White, Turquoise and Charcoal.
I was also able to capture the Pink Daisy bunch hanging out.
Here they are!
Now the really important piece here is the 045, it belonged to my paternal grandmother Gran-Mimi.
 My Dad actually remembers it from the diner table!
It might have contained sheperd's pie or oven baked pasta.
Also smilig for the camera is the 043, the space saver (large) and the open baker.
Missing from shot ans quite shy is the smaller space saver.
I hope to charm it into posing tomorrow.
Now on a whim I decided to clean the bottom shelf of one of the akward corner cabinets....
It should house a lazy susan, but instead it's baking central!
Square Utility dishes in Lime and Horizon
Lasagna pan in Lime
and a smaller version I had no idea existed in Flamingo.
Pie plates in Lime and Flamingo and round cake pan
in Lime,Flamingo and Pink Desert Dawn (top one)
Now I have a theory...
I think that Canadian Pyrex wasn't made with as much care as the one
made in good ol' U.S.A....
Why? Well most of my Canadian made pieces have a funky weird flaw inside, like it was in the mold....It looks like a wave and is not glazed so everything stains it.
And they are harder to clean.
I'll try to capture it for you tomorrow.
Well that's it for today because I am soooo tired and I heard Dan and
Bandito snoring to the sofa!
'Night night!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hostess with the mostest!

Time flies when you're having fun/try to fix the house/work full time/try to fix healthy balanced meals/want to blog/need to thrift and love tv!

I even managed to throw my back. I couldn't put socks on! LOL

Fall is definitely upon us and the temperatures are dipping. I don't want to be pessimisstic but I don't think I will break my record of taking a dip in the pool on Thanksgiving.

I'm also trying to list all I can in the shop before October, so I'm ahead of the Xmas rush....

Xmas! How I love thee. We are moving at work and they are cramping us all up so believe it or not there won't be anymore place for the Xmas decorations! CRAZY!

So they were giving it all away. I had fun rummaging through the bins and picked up a few goodies.

Now about the title...I haven't forgoten about my goal to show my Pyrex collection

So here are the Hostess casseroles....

Now I don't have a bracket...and I'm missing some like the black one....!

I would LOVE to find one

Maybe one day,

Maybe on a big roadtrip that is planned soon....

Have a great evening!

It's bedtime in Vonlipi land!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A tale of 2 lamps....

Last saturday we hopped in the car and headed west for an end of vacation roadtrip.

Now it's no surprise that we were heading to Kingston, Ontario.
 We made all the usual stops including one at the Brockville Salvation Army to donate a big box of paperbacks and dvds (we like to spread the wealth).

The lady behind the counter was so happy we were donating stuff, so kept thanking us and running all over the place.

Of course we stopped for lunch in Gananoque; The Pig Iron (of course) for some to die for brisket. Connected to the restaurant is a coffee shop and to it a clothing store and to it a vintage furniture and lighting store.

We decided to start with the furniture store....I took a lot of pictures but the lighting was dim and you can't see anything.

Anyways we found a fantastic lucite hanging lamp at a reasonnable price. It is more than we would pay but in Montreal and the net they are usually priced more.

So for $55.00 we bought this sweet lamp

We were real happy with it and took it to the Pig Iron for lunch.
The place was packed! It's not hard when the restaurant has about 12 indoor seats and
it's raining buckets outside. That is too bad because the terrace is really charming.
After lunch our next tradition is to work off a couple calories walking at the Gananoque Flea.
It's is a small but entretaining flea.
I tell you if I lived there I would have a booth!
Just beside the entrance what do we see?
Yes you guessed it!
Another lucite lamp!
This one was considerably less.
Okay it was $12.
Yep 12 bucks!
Now Dan asks me what should we do? BUY IT OF COURSE!
If push comes to shove I'll just sell it in the store and that's it.
Dan didn't want to go back and return the first one for ethical reasons and I agreed.
And I also think that Dan bonded with the shop owner; they had a loooonnnngggg discussion
on mid-century teak furniture....I tried to stay interested but not a lot can keep me from my brisket sandwhich with horseradish sauce!!!
We need to support funky independed stores. Otherwaise we'll soon be swallowed by
The Gap, Homesense, Target and what not.
Now don't misunderstand: as much as I looooove Target it should not rule the world
althought it might do a better job than our goverments!
So now we have 2 lucite lamps! Really what are the odds, in a 2 horse town...
The yellow green one works but I have no idea if the orange one is functional. I will find out over the weekend.
And I will keep you posted of course 
Going back to work after a week's vacation has been a challenge.
I'm happy to go back, my job is enjoyable, not that stressful
but my energy level is REAL LOW!
I'm taking my vitamins but I feel I have no energy and have too much stuff
to do at home!
I'm sure I will get back into the swing of things real soon.
Now sleep tight and don't think of our lamp dilema, LOL
Next time I'll share a new spot we found for sweet,sweet mid-century decor.
Night night

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baking with Pyrex & Finds

I'm on vacation this week and it's a staycation or should I say paintcation?

When we painted the living room last year we never finished the second floor mezzanine. Since it's all connected it needs to flow no?

So we 're donating a lot of VHS tapes and CDs from the 90's. Does anyone remember Columbia House? How about Soundgarden? Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians

I also decided to get rid of all my Stephen King paperbacks (I'm sorry Stephen, you're still my fave author, I kept all the hardcovers, hugs Miss V :) )

And Dan got rid of all the Agatha Christie books...

My cocooning fall genes also kicked in big time!
I'm saving seeds, preserving foods and yearning of baked goods....
Speaking of baked goods; I really wanted a pumpkin bread and since there's big time calorie counting at Vonlipi' House of Pyrex....that is for another post, I turned to the internet for a recipe.
I got my recipe from Splenda's web site.
Now there are rumours on the blogosphere that I have every Pyrex known to men....That is simply not true! LOL

These are the only loaf pans I own; for now! I would very much love a Spring Flower Green one...sigh.

making the batter...
Just out of the oven....Pipin' hot
It was okay tasting....but I can't really judge the recipe because I just realized I made a major mistake!
I switched baking soda for baking powder!
So I can taste the soda!
I'll have to retry the recipe to give it a real chance....
Here's the link just in case...
Now for some thrifting....
Now, now don't gasp!
I didn't find Pyrex casseroles.
I found cradles!
A small and a medium one (50 cents and 99 cents respectively).
They fit those utility dishes just fine but I'm wondering if they're really meant for each other....
Any ideas?
Let me know! Have a great night!

I hope I don't dream of paint, gutters and mactack!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

This week in thrifting

This has been quite a surprising week in thrifting!

On wednesday in the my fave church basement I found a rocking vintage stainless steel french canister set! I've been wanting one for quite a while!

It has a couple of scratches but other wise in pretty good shape
and the price was right!
Today was a big yard sale day here and we were in the car bright and early.
We found this
A brand new unopened collapsible cooler set -2$
We used those a lot, to go dancing,thrifting,shopping....
We almost always carry water and snacks everywhere we go and the ones we have are pretty
sad now.
I bought this book with Dan in mind and I'm sure it will be consulted often because it's a DIY
book on 60's furniture!
 Here's a closeup
A vintage Tupperware and 4 micro brewery glasses.
2 Stella Artois glasses for my fave sister in law
who reads the blog.
I hope these are like the one you broke.
A sweet carnival butter dish
A vintage aluminum lunch box with.....
2 View Masters with a lot of slides
A green refrigerator dish, vaseline glass maybe?
I love that lid!
It was in the middle of children's games and clothes!
Dan also got a shoe rack but it's still in the car.
No Pyrex sighting, but you never know what I'll find tomorrow!
Be well my thrifty friends,
I'm off to start supper!