Wednesday, December 30, 2020

I just lost a filing and other 2020 fun happenings

 So this is Wednesday night...December 30th 2020 (the super year of fun! ) ....and I just realized...I lost a filling! 

Just how fun is that? It is never fun...but in 2020 it is super frightening and death defying! 

Right now it is 10:15 pm and way to late to call any stay tuned for more fun! Weeeeeeee

Monday, December 28, 2020

Let’s focus on the positive!

I will not mince my words.... 2020 was a total shit show.

But through it all I learned a lot of things. I watched some (a lot) of Youtube. i watched a lot of ladies cook, bake, clean and rock some fancy kitchen gadgets! 

With their virtual help, I built a 3 month pantry, started meal planning and tried multiple recipes....

Some were fails , some winners.....

And early next year, I will learn how to use the instant pot! I am stocked about that one! 

So I want to give many thanks to the following channels for keeping me entertained, teaching me valuable 

Tricks and tips and letting me visit in your homes! 

Moss Family TV

A Country Life

Large Family table

Large Family Love

Amy Maryon

Flo Lum

Frugal Fit Mom

Mandy in the making


Seeyou in 2021