Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The time Pyrex saved me

  I might as well share

 when I heard that I lost my job...I was alone in the house...and I started to hyperventilate....and God knows what else....I was super scared I was going to have a heart attack...but I managed to calm pacing in my house and opening  the front door...and then openeing the back door and taking DEEP breaths....

And I needed to find a happy place....

And I did! I had to look at my Pyrex hoard.....and I had to dig out some Turquoise Snowflake pieces and make a quick display. 

And that made me feel so much better. 

Have a great evening

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Thursday February 4th 2021

 Normal start of the day...wake up at 6:30 am...drink coffee...have pleasant chitchat with my inner circle....

Go down to the basement at 7:30 am ....start doing the morning reports....8:30 am I get a call from my boss...and I get fired! 

Wham bam fuck you mam! By 10:30 am I did not exist anymore at big company .....

I knew I was on the fence for a while...because my new boss informed me in late November 2020...that I was on Quality review because I had not met quality goals for the last 2 years...and that was the first time I heard about it. 

When big company bought medium company in 2015...they ignored medium company for about 2 years...then they had the idea to offer packages and 80% of medium cie employees left. 

That was when I changed boss...she was nice but basically ignored me. Not to far after that I got a new leader...and she worked extra hard to ignore me. Even after I flagged that I was alone doing 8 people’s jobs...and not very well! 

In 2020 I got my present ex-leader in June....and she never said anything until late November. i did my very best...but obviously I failed.

Now I say good riddance to an awful stressful work stress is now their work stress. Big company now deal with all your gaps and failures! 

I will be on vacation...plotting my comeback !