Monday, February 25, 2019

Sunday Night

Between inspections, visits, service people and working from home ...Whenever I have a moment, I purge and pack.

Funny how I moved here only 3 years ago and I am discovered things I had forgotten about...

The Boo keeps telling me that it is because we have too much stuff! LOL

Today while I was washing Pyrex, I was reminded how much I love Pyrex and how much it brings me joy and I was really happy enjoying that moment in my present hurricane of emotions....

I was also happy to be working from home tomorrow because the weather has been we had rain, freezing rain, hail , snow, wet snow and then all of them again....

Of course I am nervous about the roof, because the house is old and you see tons of stories of roof caving in on the news.....

but a light at the end of the tunnel...I heard water in the roof drains, which means everything is hunky-dory!

Sigh! I can now take a deep breath and enjoy my Sunday night!

Did not watch the Oscars but I saw Billy Porter's dress on the internet and I swear this guy lit the internet ON FIRE!

and that was amazing! Thank you Billy for your HUGE balls and the flair to pull it off!

As usual my pictures did not download, but I figured the problem! I need to open the laptop everyday!

 Instead I am sharing some of my fave
vintage advertisements.
I have never eaten canned wieners and not with sauce!
Have you?

This ad is a winner because of the Charcoal Snowflake Pyrex
Open Baker! oooooh!
And I have never tasted Spam...Even if I bought a can
last year....It is still in my cupboard...

In this one .....The eyes really got me!
I will add sliced olive eyes to ALL my dishes!

Getting back to the Oscars...I saw that Shangela (of RuPaul's Drag race fame)
made a fabulous appearance on the red carpet!
You go girl!

And I started to watch RuPaul's Drag Race last week and I am 
having so much fun!

Stay tuned for more house developments!

Sunday, February 10, 2019


it is in these times that I cannot deny I suffer from mental illness.

Friday I felt like a deer caught in the headlights of life and yesterday I had a panic attack and Dan had to talk me down.

In case you need an October 2018 we visited a duplex in Verdun, fell in love, bought it , and that meant I needed to sell my huge house on Le Plateau mont Royal.
House is on the market, we accepted an offer, inspection is in 3 days and I am freaking out because I fear the buyers might change their minds and be stuck with 2 houses....

Since then we went on a road trip to Ottawa, Ontario, had a great meal, thrifted but I did not find anything...On the plus side my Pyrex eagle eye is as honed in as ever! I can spot a piece of Pyrex a hundred yards away!

 All the following pictures are random, no real theme here.
My cat Yoda is not a cuddle but suddenly there is cuddle action..

 Are there any old time SNL fans here? If so I am sure you will appreciate
these Ambiguously Gay Duo action figures I spotted in one of my neighbor's
window. I love their sense of humor and would sure like to meet them before
I go. 

 My Dad picked up those 2 Italian funeral ornements quite a long
time ago, I remember them from my childhood. They were in his office.

and now I have them. the beading work is amazing but this is a kind of craft not everybody
is confortable with....

 I have seen this Empire dresser most of my life. It is a thing of amazing beauty
and I was oh so very happy that my BFF Jean-Francois wanted to give it
a good home.
It is now living on the north shore of Montreal.

On a newer note, i spotted these Vintage inspired Pyrex pieces
at the dollar store. I know, I know the quality is iffy but I like the design...
Okay I got one!

And by the I feel so much better, so in control. 
so Que Sera, Sera...what ever will be will be
the future's not ours to see Que Sera, Sera!

so my friends, my faithful readers...if you feel scared, anxious, panicky...
please reach out to someone.
There should not be any stigma about mental illness .
 Most of us suffer from it one way or another

stay safe, stay thrifty