Tuesday, February 27, 2018


a couple of months ago my fur baby Yoda was diagnosed with arthritis in her hips and the vet asked us to think  about starting treatment....

Then we had the broken ankle and heart attack to worry about.....

Last Thursday we went to the vet, started the treatment and the vet suggested some blood work because with a diabetic cat...it is good to check once a year

 Friday night we get the vet's call and it is not good news...her platelets are very very low. The vet wants to double check with another test. If it comes back super low again then she needs to be hospitalized in an emergency animal hospital because it is the weekend and our vet is closed on Sunday.
She will need round the clock care because she is at risk of spontaneous hemorrhages.

Can you imagine the shock I had? As much as we love her we both agreed that if this was the case, it was time to cross the rainbow bridge....

She's diabetic, has chronic diarrhea and arthritis we did not want her to suffer.

We cried a lot on Friday night. Saturday we bring the cat to the vet, they take blood and go back home. And we wait and we cry, we watch tv, we cry, we wait....

I needed comfort food bad! Here one of them is Kraft Diner or Kraft Mac'n'Cheese as it is call in the US. With ground beef, parsley and green onions....delicious

but that doesn't heal that big hole in my heart....

at 3:00 pm the phone rings, neither of us wants to answer it....yes it is the vet. Yoda's platelets are  450 not 20, they are perfectly normal! The lab messed up!!!

WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? I felt such joy! A huge weight was lifted, I danced!

And then I felt really tired and a good long nap with Yoda!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I can feel Spring in the air!

Can you feel it?

I can!

Even if the soil is full of snow, even if the temp is low....I can feel it

The sun is setting later and rising earlier....

And it feels GOOOOOOD!

My steps are lighter, my spirit is soaring higher.....I feel so light!

Even If I have concerns about the snow on the roof.....

I am making plans to paint the kitchen, the bathroom, the guest room (my office)....I am also looking at companies that can come and look at my plumber's basement because of the moisture...and last year I was screwed over by a local company...

On a brighter note I found  a frog to hold my scrubber.
We call her the big mouth frog. Of course I could not resist glueing
google eyes on her!

This is PIA (Pyrex in Action). I was making beef and snow peas
with assorted asian veg.

The frog is kinda scared....I might need to call Mulder and Scully.
Today was DH first day back at work.
I am happy to report every thing went FINE.
Gotta love the everything went fine thing...

I love a workday where everything is smooth.....