Friday, August 9, 2019

A nice month

I know that August has just begun...but I am feeling good.

feeling good in my new space, feeling good in my head...I finally feel like I belong.

I don't need a huge space, I don't need a trendy neighborhood....Turns out I needed a smallish duplex, in a quiet neighborhood and a wooden fence.

When we bought the house, there was no fence in the back and I felt uncomfortable sitting outside like an over easy egg...

but it all changed with this...

 How can part of a fence make so much difference?
I don't know and it is between my 2 ears for sure!
But it makes a world of difference!
We have been hanging out in the yard nearly every day!

 I can hear my babbling mini Niagara (really loud)

 And tend to my mostly herb garden.

 Today I felt so good and inspired by all the local produce that I am making a lasagna with lotsa vegs
inside....for the freezer and probably a Mexican lasagna for the freezer as well.
I have strong squirrel genes and I like to make reserves....

in case you are wondering...we are still not totally unpacked and that is quite
alright alright alright...

I will explain in the next post!

Be well and stay thrifty