Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ready, set? GO,GO,GO!!!

Is this one clean enough???
This is my great hunter Bob inspecting that Bride's casserole...
We brought 7 boxes, a laptop bag and a small shelf to the Salvation Army, and it was greatly liberating!
After I went hunting. The coolest thing was seeing things I had brought a couple of weeks ago, sitting on the shelves...It made me feel good!
But what made me feel better was to find a spun aluminum canister, with the top for 99 cents! It is my new sickness...the spun aluminium, I just love it! I still have Pyrexia...Do not worry! LOL
I'm very excited today 'coz it's the eve of the first 2009 beach roadtrip! I'm washing and packing and running around. MUST NOT FORGET ANYTHING!!! LOL
Crazy Pyrex,Cat,Plant lady going to the beach! I'll be back sometime next week! See ya!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just so you know....

Just so you know...the garage sale ain't happening today ! It's raining little cats and little dogs!
And the thunder! Well the garden is sure happy!
So we're having some coffee and we'll start loading the car....That means I can go hunting at the Salvation Army....Oh the possibilities!
The little sugar dish in the picture came from an internet thrift shop...I got it 'coz it's the same shape as the Pyrex Delphite sugar dish. It is unmarked. It could possibly be Cremax...
In it mock orange of course! We have to enjoy it while it lasts!
Have a great weekend! :)

Friday, June 26, 2009


Can the casseroles come out and play? Well of course!

I had misplaced my bid laddle (how can someone loose a big laddle in their own house????)

Well it certainly was time for a big cleaning. All the pots and pans are in this awkward corner cupboard. When I look for something I have to kneel and use a flashlight!

I might as well, take all the Pyrex casseroles out as well and rearrange and take pictures!

And I found the laddle! But no sign of the waffler iron's cord (that vanished as well....Did I throw it out???)
I have been cleaning the house for nearly a year now....It's a slow process, I just couldn't start throwing things out, well most of them at least...I sold a lot through Ebay but by Xmas my stuff wasn't selling as well and what was I had trouble getting paid. I started an Etsy boutique as well, it's doing ok but you have to be patient. I gave clothes and books to the church basement and we had a garage sale. What we haven't sold will be offered at another garage sale 2morrow but as per the Weather Channel it will rain.....So instead we will go to the Salvation Army and donate the boxes and that will be the end of that circle.
Everything has a lifespan and it doesn't mean that if I don't want something it's not good anymore.It needs to find another home and it probably will through the Salvation Army!
Knowing me...I will probably start accumulating stuff for another garage sale (2014-2015), maybe you'll read about this in a blog, LOL!
Pool update: I took my first swim last night, 80 degrees, the bottom is 90% clean, the water was chemically perfect. I will vaccum again today (if it's not raining)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I was lucky enough to get to use a computer yesterday (In between soakings...)
I was able to upload pics and save them.
Then I spent some quality time with flickr! That felt soooo good!
So this is the first cupboard. It's still missing the glass door.
I think it's too bad the pic doesn't show the real color of the beadboard (What can you do?)
I plan to rotate the pieces, but this will have to wait... Next week maybe!

I'm still missing the fourth party pan (the smallests casserolles), I think it's grey ?!? I have never seen it in person...Only in the Pyrex bible!
I tried with the Pixies and the small refrigeretor dish but I didn't like it as much. I love going in the kitchen and seeing the Pyrex!!!
Pool update: There is NO pool update this morning...LOL! I'm so sore all over and my breath smells of chlorine!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pool girl reporting for duty!

Phew! I think I just got dry!

What a day! I decided this morning to vacuum the pool. I never had any success doing that. Even if I kept asking questions, to the (pool) service dept, my friends husbands, basically anyone who has a pool, but I still couldn't properly vacuum it!

I've had the pool for 5 years and even if I never did the bottom drain handled the job, but not this year.

The liquid diarrhea has gone and has been replaced by turquoise (yet milky) water ( I take this as a good sign...). I keep testing the water and adding chemicals....but I'm not swimming yet!

Actually I'm dripping! I sweated soooo much today that I sprouted heat zits (how precious). And since I vacuumed I had to empty that little %$#!!%(*&%$ basket in the pump! And a geiser would soak me head to toe each time ( It never happened before), I had to empty that !@#%^&*^$#@$ basket 6 times today=6 chemical showers!

What am I doing wrong??? Don't know! Tomorrow I will call the sexist pool store and get treated like a lobotomized retard because there's something I didn't remember or understand.

Do men get born with the pool gene? I will NEVER give up! The pool will not win! I WILL!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Aaaaahhhh! The seabreeze, the sand, the waves crashing....
I'm getting excited...I can't wait to take a dip!
Soon, soon!
Now for some Pyrex talk! When I first got the signs of Pyrexia (a very incidious desease....with strong urges to get as many Pyrex as you can, arythmia combined with hot flashes and bouts of tourette (omg,OMGOMGOMGOMG I DON'T HAVE THIS ONE!!!!!) I would wash them in a heavenly scented dishwashing liquid. Biolife dish soap ultra concentrated mango tangerine, it is in fact a generic product from Shoppers drug mart (Pharmaprix). But ever since, I associate this smell to new Pyrex. It's like a welcome wagon for the new dishes!
Everytime I wash a sinkfull of dishes memories of Pyrex comeback to me, the fun, the hunt, the surprises....Good times!
Pool update: It is more green now than liquid poop.
Raccoon update: You remember the one that came on my patio to eat bugs? Well I can tell you it is a mommy and I saw her with her baby the other day. Also I went to dump veggie peels in my compost bin and she was there in the bin snacking! We both scared to bejesus out of each other!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bestest day!

I swear it was the bestest day! We had lunch with my Dad at L'Express bistro ( a reference for french food in Montreal)
And we went and got my very early B-Day gift ( a computer!), OMG I'm so excited!!! It needs to be programmed, but I'll have it soon enough....I can't wait to post the gazillion pictures I took!!!
That is definitely the part I miss the most. Uploading pictures in Flickr, it is one of my artistic outlets.
We then took a nice leisurely card ride back to my Dad's and I gave him his gifts ( An italian cook book that he had been looking for 4ever, a clear 502 pyrex refrigerator dish and a 1927 Fry juicer). I also got a boatload of new Pyrex (new to me that is!!!) all that I didn't have! Goody,goody I'm like a kid in a candy store! I'm soooo spoiled! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
To go home we took the old roads near the river and stopped at a DQ for a little cone and came home at 6 PM. I had to fiddle with the pool ( no pool boy around here, just a pool girl!) Got soaked...eeeewwwww and I'm happy to report that the water is a pale khaki tonite...LOL
And the stench disappeared ! Now it's the chlorine channel...all chlorine, all the time!!!
I got the carafe in the pic last year at the Salvation Army, It's now in a box somewhere and I need to find it coz' I'm itching for some iced tea...

Saturday, June 20, 2009


No pic today.
I have a big bowl of pure stench in my backyard....I'm sure it smells that way in hell!

I started the pool today that's why....OMG! Oh the humanity! I swear it's the first year it smells that much! Probably because I'm a month late, because the tree guy was rather tardy.

Usually it's seafoody,shrimpy even but this time it's dead people,backed up sewer, middle age garbage in the street , New York garbage strike stinky!

I was gagging while I was rincing the pool cover on the clothes line! I can't believe I'll be swimming in this muck in about a week.....EEEeeeewwwww!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dog the bounty hunter

Oooooh! 2 posts in the same day! I just want to know: Who is their stylist? I need to know.
I just saw a commercial and I needed to know! Does she do his hair? They're so bleached, do their hair fall?
Have they always dressed that way? Where does she find those funky looking plus size fashion? I have problems finding a shirt in my size....
She actually has gloves with fingers cut off so her nails are safe....
To be serious: i think they have a lot of courage (poor vision) to appear on TV looking that way...I'm sure they're laughing all the way to the bank too!

Mock orange, mock orange how I love you so

Richard bloom took the picture, I found it at

Here I was in my garden gathering some mock orange blooms for some bouquets (That sounds soooo like Martha!) and I said to myself : I'll post those pics in flickr....HELLO! HELLO! the lights are one but there's nobody home! I still can't do that, I still have the old rickety computer....LOL

I'm supposed to go get one over the weekend...Stay tuned for further developpements!

Back to the mock orange! I remember being 7 and running down my street, there was this big house with the biggest bush I'd ever seen and in June it would cover itself with the loveliest and purest white blooms, it's scent invading everything nook and cranny of the street. It also meant the end of school! I would stand on the sidewalk just smelling the sweet scent of mock orange and freedom!

When I got my house (The beige one lol!). I wanted to plant a mock orange but couldn't find one in the garden centers. By accident on an Ontario roadtrip I stopped at a hill side garden center and found a whole lot of them! Of course I brought one home!

We would run around the yard trying to find a good place for it. Of course we picked an awful place! LOL! The bush is doing fine but it's blocking (in part) the way to the side door of the fence....And I feel it's too big to try and move it ( I wouldn't want to kill it).

Veggie garden update: The tomato plants are in the soil, as are the ground cheeries, the peppers (pepperoncini,ancho and sweet pickles),the basil, the pumpins, the acorns, the butternuts and the cantalopes, the cucumbers have been sowed (lemon,white,summer breeze). Oh man that's a lot of veggies! I can't wait to see what happens since the big ol' branch is gone and the garden is now more than half the day in full sun!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pivotal moments

I'm giving total credit to my fellow blogger and hysterically funny Crazy Suburban Mom for this post.

She did a pivotal moments post last Monday and it really got me thinking....

1) The what do you mean it's not yellow??? moment (this is a pic of my house)

When we bought the house 14 years ago, I was soooo sure it was yellow (really,really sure, cross my heart hope to die kinda sure....).

A couple of months go by and Dan mentions the beige siding...Beige? BEIGE???? What do you mean beige siding???? What do you mean it's not yellow??? I bought a beige house! I BOUGHT A BEIGE HOUSE!!!! And then snap crackle pop I start bawling my eyes out ( I couldn't believe it, I bought a beige house??? I hate beige!)

With a green roof and a green balcony it now looks yellower!

2) The I'm just as good moment

That one happened in 2008, after being laid off. 2007 and early 2008 were really hard at work. I had awful coworkers who treated me like crap and let's face it I felt like crap (ok what is happening with the font???).I was feeling not as good as everybody and very self conscious. Always wondering what people would think of me....

I was feeling shy and not up to par. Then it hit me! I'm just as good as anyone!!! I'M JUST AS GOOD AS ANYONE!!!! HEEHAW!!! WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF ME! I love myself! I'm nice and fun to be with and I love Pyrex, and cats and bold colors and hawaian shirts!!!

Needless to say I have been feeling great ever since! LOL

3) The dogs love to work moment

This one hit me last week. I'm more of a cat person especially since the only dog I had (Pogo) got run over by a car in front of me when I was 5 (to deal with the pain I had a 3 color popsicle). Barking dogs bugged me, I found them a pain in the butt.

Until last week when I physically felt the quarter fall (like a pinball machine) and I saw a little light...Dogs are just doing their job!

DOGS LOVE TO WORK!!! I see it in their eyes, they want to do a good job for their masters. And I also hear it in their barks : Go away stranger or hello there friend or I'm watching my territory, don't worry I'll tell you if there's something going on.

Since then I'm friends with all the dogs in my neighborhood!

So for me ,they could be trivial or important, pivotal moments will (there goes the font again???) make you see life in a different way!

Have a great one!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Here one minute gone the next I was sitting in my living room in pijamas....Enjoying a nice pb toast with a cuppa joe...Watching a rerun of The Cleaner...And I hear noise, big truck noise and I see this guy on my neighbor's lawn and then it hit me!

THE TREE GUY IS HERE!!!! I'm so excited and I cannot hide it,I'm about to loose control and I think I like it....

Right this minute, there's a guy in my tree with a chainsaw and ropes and he's slicing and dicing...

I should start planting my vegetable garden this afternoon, don't look for me that's where I'll be!

Yes I know some of you might think I'm very late for my veggie garden....Well the peas and the beans have been in the ground for quite a while and doing nicely so is the arugula.

If I look back way back in time, the specialists used to tell us that in Quebec it was safe to plant tomatoes ONLY after St-Jean Baptiste day which is June 24th, so I'm one week early!

I had my first Pyrex breakage yesterday and it was just like a sci-fi movie....I was washing one of those restaurant ware bowls, you know the white ones with a turquoise band with leaves (turquoise fern, I think)(It's the small one in the pic!) and I banged it on the side of the sink and it exploded in midair and in slomo !!! Glass all over the place, and the noise! Like a gun went off! Of course I cut myself :(
I wasn't really sad...I'm so much less materialistic now, you break well that's life! What can you do!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chew on this

Yesterday, out of the blue, I picked up this book out of my bookshelf and started reading. My Dad lend it to me quite a while ago...I guess I wasn't ready for it!
I read between my chores and during lunch and I even turned the TV off last night so I could read some more.
This book contains great trivia ( I love trivia). Like when the hamburger was first invented, how Colonel Saunders got his start, how the McDonald brothers first began.
But it's also full of disturbing facts! OMG! How they have focus groups made of children, how they're running ranchers out of business,how slaughter houses are run.....Now I know for sure how a lot of food borne illness happen!
And all that for MONEY! When you buy a soda at McDonald's they spend 9 cents on syrup....I'm freaking out!
The food preparation industry should be a place where everything is spotless, not where employees don't have time to take a pee break and do it while cutting meat!!!
Even with that I don't think I'll become a vegeterian, but I'll make more meatless meals and I want to know my meat! I'll definitely look for prevenance....
Now for happier subjects...The tech guy wrote me, I gave him my wish list and he should come back soon with a list of models.
The tree guy is supposed to be in my yard today....I'm so excited!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Showcase Cupboard...OMG

Of course no pics! And the guy that's supposed to help me shop for a computer has not been returning my calls.....

And the tree guy hasn't showed up yet! I so feel like swearing now!

The cupboard is GORGEOUS! You'll eventually see a pic (eventually is a big word). It was a plain white melamine box before, but now it has a beautiful beadboard back painted the same tender green as the rest of the kitchen. The casing remained white. The edges of the shelves were also painted Corn Husk Green.

On the first shelf I place a Butterprint refrigerator set and a Turquoise one. Second shelf has a primary color refrigerator and some Pyrex party pans (lime,blue, and flamingo) and last but not least on the last one I put a 3 piece Turquoise bowl set (Pyrex of course). Now the only thing missing is a glass door....

It was the first thing I looked at when I came into the kitchen this morning! I love it! And I can hear the Pyrex singing!

Dan did a really good job!

Gotta go if I want to work a bit outside before the forcasted rain.....

Saturday, June 13, 2009


So Dan decided to start to finish the 2 showcase cupboards for the Pyrex. OMG!!!
So I started cleaning and streamlining our glasses and cups putting some away in boxes- Who needs 40 coffee cups anyway?
And those cupboards needed a good scrubing- i'm not Suzie Homemaker for sure lol!
Reading blogs is so much more fun!
So I made 2 boxes to go in the basement and one box for the FQ (Quebec federation of metal illness) They come a couple of times a year and pick up the stuff we want to give. I like the fact that they come to my door!
And I started to clean out my closet as well....Byebye corduroy and fleece! I'll see you in fall....And I started a bag for the mental illness federation (we never know when I'll need their help!!!).
Especially with all that's going on in the world....Enough said I'm sure you get the picture!
Still working on filling the holes in the molding....The Blend-Fil Pencil by Minwax is not up to par!
In fact it is caca! I have to detach little bits and roll them in my fingers and stuff them in the nail holes....Fun in the sun (thank god I'm almost done!)
Tomnight we'll be dining on Cevapcici (serb sausage...homemade of course), tzazitki, oven baked asparagus and corn on the cob! My mouth is watering just writing about it....

Friday, June 12, 2009


I was surfing the web looking for a baked red snapper recipe with bacon when I discovered this blog.....For all you bacon fanatics...

The bacon show, a bacon recipe everyday FOREVER! What's not to like???

Hum bacon, just the thought of bacon turns my brain to mush just like Homer Simpson. And the saliva gets going....and I crave bacon,like a crack addict!!!

Luckily I happened to read The Crazy Suburban Mom's latest post and the breathing vagina bit from the Doctors just made my bacon craving vanish....

If we ladies all went commando, oh man I just don't want to think about it! There's a reason people invented underwear!

And speaking of The Doctors what is going on with Dr. Lisa's face???? I think a tv show that is supposed to promote good health should'nt allow people to shoot up Botox like there was no tomorrow.
And I saw Oprah too with that forehead all smooth,wrinkle free (we know your age girl!). Leave the Botox alone! It's not attractive!!! I can always spot that fake look.....And when the stars from DWTS all have some work done before going on the show? I'm on to you Little Kim!!!

I worked with this guy obsessed by his looks, but really! Too much tanning salon, teeth too white with braces (at 46),streaks,facials, hair removal (all over) and the Botox! He always looked like a deer caught in headlights. And to me that looks oh! so fake! Like people will think this is natural???

pasty white one day and super tanned the next? So tanned in fact that customs stops you and do a double take on your passport picture?

Now what is wrong with aging gracefully?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thrifty Finds!

I had a super day yesterday! I came down to downtown Montreal in the afternoon and then the marathon began!

I had to stop at the Salvation Army! I just couldn't help

I made a quick prayer to the thrifting gods and went inside. I found some nice unused mustard and orange napkins (vintage of course) and a melmac cream and sugar set (minty fresh...) and a really cute JAJ casserole with roses on the side. Those items I'll put in the Etsy shop because I can't keep them, but there was NO way I could leave them there, they were just too nice !!!

For myself I found a Pyrex Sunflower 043 lid and 2 delicious milkglass tumblers, and a special cook book for my dad (I can't tell you which one 'coz my Dad is a regular reader and it would mess up the surprise). In case you weren't aware Father's day is just around the corner....The book was a bonus, the bigger gift is supernice if you're into that kind of stuf....

After I made a quick stop at a fancy grocery store to get fancy ingredients I can't find in the boondocks....then a sprint to the Chinatown for some Hoisin sauce and Oyster sauce (and Wasabi peas...come to little green nuggets of JOY!!!) and last but not least a power walk to Old Montreal where the restaurant was.

I was quite surprised by Steak Frites, the steak was tender served with a nice cream and cognac sauce and green ALL YOU CAN EAT HOMEMADE FRIES!!!! How can you beat that??? And a salad was included in the price also! It was bring your own wine....good deal

I had a lot of fun with my girlfriends, I hope we all meet again over the summer and that we never loose touch!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ooooh flowers!

I still don't have fresh pictures.... I'm usually a compulsive shutterbug but since the computer incident I only take 30% of my usual quantity.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. I finished working on the front border: defining,weeding adding new soil and planting the annuals I bought the day before. The temperature has been really cold and wet lately and yesterday was supposed to be the only nice day, so I was outside most of the day.

Except that I sneeked in inside long enough to bake some water crackers and make a nice pasta fazul (pasta e fagioli) for supper. What's not to like? Vegeterian,low fat,full of fibre and oh so filling!!! You can even enjoy it at room temperature!

Well that was a success! Dan said I could make that everyday for ever (I don't think so!).

The crackers weren't dry or thin enough. But delicious as well, I'll just have to roll them thinner and leave them longer in the oven. I'm itching to try that recipe with different kinds of flour....

Today I'm heading to downtown Montreal to have supper with girlfriends and a visit to the Salvation Amy (YAY!) maybe I'll even have time to grocery shop in Chinatown.....

Have a nice day! :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend wrap up

We had plans to go to the Vanleek Hill's Trash or Treasure garage sale on Saturday but thursday we changed our minds.
We felt we would be better off dropping stuff off at the Salvation Army. Stuff that was getting on my nerves (from the garage sale) and that people didn't bother with. Plain glasses and a lot of BBQ utensils (why we had so much I don't know why).
Of course I had to go inside! And I found 2 beautiful Kromex canisters (tea and coffee) with yellow lids. They will go in my shop, when I'm able to download pictures.
The rest of the day was cold and overcast. I gardened but not as much-when it's too cold I just want to curl up with a kitty and TV!!!
I made mega delicious burgers with fried mushrooms,red onions,dijon and cream cheese on rye bread (OMG!) served with homefries...And I even found some cupcakes in the freezer and a Tupperware full of icing. That was definitely the perfect end to a perfect day!
Sunday, I started working on the front border and had a vision that annuals would really put a splash of color, so we went to my neighborhood garden center (you can't get more local than that) and I bought a cool assortment of blooms.
Supper was Quinoa pilaf, with bbq pork chops and peas-YUM!
Today I plan to take a walk,finish the front border, work on the veggie garden and make homemade water crackers....
As for the picture, it was taken about 2 weeks ago when the forget me nots were in full force. I placed them in one of my favorite vases bought last summer at the Salvation Army. I don't know the maker and it doesn't have any marks...Only that it's milkglass and I love it!

Friday, June 5, 2009


I was able to use a computer today so I was able to download pictures then send them to me....
For the past half hour I've been trying to edit my Lachute post to include pictures....not working out at all!
First pic: Lachute is a wide range Flea Market. You can get antiques,vintage, new socks, meat,bread,veggies, livestock and flowers.
OMG look! It's Mr T! On that lunch box....

The Homestead set with the box.

The box of sad Delphite. You can't see it now but it's lost it's shine and it's all scratched!

Some of the Sunflower casseroles....One of the most plentiful pattern of that day!
I hope you enjoyed the pics!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I just got the news that my ex-employer is cutting 24 jobs out of 36 in my old work group.
2/3 of coach/trainers will loose their jobs in the days to come.
Was I meant to be cut or what? In today's scenario I would loose my job in 2 or 3 weeks. OMG!
I'm so glad I lost my job when I did! I didn't pay extra income tax and got to see spring TWICE!
I feel bad for my ex-coworkers ( a lot of booze will be consumed tonight...) I'm sure some will have sleepless nights and the atmosphere at work will be crap! And now for a happier subject!!!
Let's talk about Delphite! It's my favorite shade of blue....I'm so glad that these cups and saucers were made in Canada (I have easier access to it!). They're sitting on the table that all the people from my garage sale were inquiring about...I will not sell this table anytime soon (They'll have to pry it out of my stiff dead hands!!! LOL hahahahaha!)
I had a really good day, was really productive outside. Removed tons of creeping jenny,moved a daisy, a fern, planted a lavender and an anonymous plant from the front, destroyed 2 honeysuckles that were in really bad shape, spray painted a metal caddy white and mailed the first book I sold through! I made more money from this book than if I had sold all the books in the garage sale! OMG!
Did I mention that the scooter is sold as well? YES! Money to buy wood to fix the fence and the patio!
Right this minute, I have beef marinating for some chinese beef and pepper stir fry and Dan is staining the patio....Goodtimes!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Road trip! Again???

Lachute Flea market! yes my friends!
A whole day of frolicking in the fields of vendors and unique items!

I still don't have a new computer,but it will be soon. I took the picture from a website

Thanks guys!

Since yesterday was overcast and we had rain like crazy the day before there was less people than in the pic. But we did have a lot of fun!!!

After only ten minutes I had bought 4 Pyrex delphite (made in Canada) cereal bowls, in mint condition I tell you! And I got a super good price on them-4 bowls for less than the price of one on ebay.

And later during the day I found a Pyrex delphite cream and sugar set never used (How do I know it was never used? The sugar still has a Pyrex sticker on it!). That seller really wanted to get rid of it 'coz the price was rock bottom....

There was a lot of Pyrex to be seen...A homestead bowl set in the original box, a verde bowl set, lots of Sunflower casseroles, turquoise bowls, primary sets and the prices were very reasonnable! Lots of Delphite too! Besides what I wrote earlier, I saw a big round serving plate, multiple cream and sugar set and a really sad (but really) complete dish set in a box under a table, thoses dishes had been in the dishwasher so many times they made me cringe!

After you have walked all around and seen the Shamwows (no Vince wasn't there) and you heard the tacky country music (recorded in somebody's kitchen while drunk-there is no other explanation for it ), you can go see the vendors inside. And there in a pile of rubble I recognized it and my heart made a small jump and I reached and grabbed a Pyrex lime lasagna dish (I didn't have one like that!!!) mint but real dirty and the price was right too (Still cheaper than ebay and no crazy shipping charges!)

I was spent! too much excitement! Time for sustenance at TopShot, where the baby back ribs are delicious and the beer is cold (the ribs were delicious but I don't know about the beer...too early in the day). We were so stuffed we had to take a walk before going back in the car!!!

I was soooo tired! It reminded me of Brimfield, Mass...

I am glad to stay home today and garden and hassle the tree service guy (he should come late next week, sigh!)