Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year round up and other tid-bits

Well 2011 was certainly an interesting year.

I had the big falling out with my mother's family in January. I decided I didn't want to waste energy on that battle and that I would never have contact with them, ever again and that suits me just fine.

I learned what I was worth and that is priceless.

We went to Maine in the big snow storm of February 2011. You can see pictures here 

I found a job in February. It had been rocky at times and I realized that when you're a temp you're not worth a lot. You're considered half a person. How crazy is that?

In the midst of all I actually made a friend and we share a lot of values that are not necesseraly those of the company we work for.

I didn't enjoy summer the way I normally did, maybe it was because I was not used to work yet. You do remember that I stayed 3 years at home, don't you?

The thrifting scene was let's say not so great. Dan will say that it's because I have all the Pyrex in the world, but we know it's not true! Once in a while I'll find a piece I was missing and shout with glee!

I still smile when I see this cutie!

We went back to the U.S in September and we got to discover Rye beach. I hope to go again in 2012, but that is another ball park :)

In October to celebrate our 21st anniversary we treated ourselves to a dinner at Joe Beef (one of the best restaurants in Montreal) We still talk about the food; which means this was totally worth it!

in November well my contract was nearing its expiration date....but my contract was renewed for 6 months, which was definitely better than nothing but still.....

We made purchases which are totally at the opposites ends of the technology spectrum, really!

A IPhone. It is loads of fun and now that we both have a telephone we will (I hope) avoid some commuting snaffus.
We did get a greeeeaaaaattt deal, on of the perks of working for the phone company!
Now here's the other end of the spectrum....

 A 1969 yelow Contempra phone for the living/dining room....These babies are scarce and pricey! I've seen some at 80$ plus shipping on Ebay....This baby was waiting for me and I won it for less than 30$ shipping included.
It needs a good cleaning but I should be getting around this tomorrow or Monday.

On December 16th I got a huge surprise! I got offered a permanent full time position with benefits! Merry Xmas to me! I still don't know what possessed my boss but I'm glad she changed her mind. I did work extra hard and upped my numbers and I decided not to be stressed anymore. I'm guessing it helped.

One thing that struck me in 2011 (this is really on the small scale of things) is that some retailers are making loads of money and laughing at us at the same time. I have 2 luxury stores near my office and I go from time to time just to window shop. You can tell that their regular customer base is rich people or wannabees, i'm neither.
Before Xmas I saw an 8oz jar of pickled veggies for 65$. That's sixty five dollars! I could get 1 pair of pants, 2 pairs of socks, 1 t-shirt and a sweater for that price!

After Boxing day I saw an airplane cushion for 125$ instead of 250$, a really cute wool cap I wanted to buy until I saw the price tag....125$ instead of 250$

and last but not least....

These kids mittens are about 3 inches long and were 49$ instead of 65$.

to top it all off the sales clerks are snooty! This is a crazy world!

I don't think I would shop there if I suddenly became rich! I would probably give my 2 weeks notice, thrift until I drop, volunteer at a pet shelter maybe even start a shelter and go spend the summer in Maine with the cats!
On that note have a nice New Year's Eve, don't party too hard and I'll be there sometime tomorrow with my New Year wishes.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Xmas was a blast!

 First of all I want to thank everyone who left a comment on the last post. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday! Hugs to everyone!

I had so much fun at Xmas! And you know the best parts? I had no disasters and I remember every minute of it.

I'm no saint; I've had christmases where I didn't remember a whole lot.....But not this year and we laughed a lot!

I spotted this cute blowmold outside one of my favorite vintage (yet very expensive) shops in Montreal... Kitsh-N-Swell 

I have been spoiled to the gills! I got slippers, pijamas, an Hello Kitty Iphone case, dvds, cook books, Photoshop ( I can't wait to try it!)
Did I mention I got a boat load of licorice?

  Oh so cute!

And even  a big ceramic jar to store it in!

Some No Reservations dvds

And I now live in a WIFI! It has been an incredible Xmas.

Yesterday we went to see the Nutcracker ballet at the Place des Arts. My dad has been designing the costumes for this show since I can remember, It's always good to see my dad's work. I'm so proud!
I've seen it maybe 40 times and its always so magical.

I just know the best is yet to come!

Be well, be safe, sleep tight and crack that window open! :)  

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wreath? Check! Snow ? Check!

Well this is it folks! The pinacle of the season, Xmas! I'm short on sleep, but my spirit is soaring!

I redid the wreath

And I'm happy to report, it is still tackylicious!

I've heard that a lot of Quebecers have been praying for a white Xmas and our prayers have been answered!

The blownolds looks so much better with a bit of snow!

The penguins are a bit crooked...but who cares!

This is the little guy I found in a church basement for a dollar.

All the cookies are baked, the presents wrapped, the kitties asleep....

Oops lack of focus....the tree is finished

Let the feast begin!

May you all have a beautiful Christmas with all your loved ones!

I gotta go the roast is ready and I have a cosmo waiting for me! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More WTF Xmas decor....

I was able to sneak a couple of pictures from the freaky carnival Xmas decor from my job's lobby....

Are you ready?

WTF? You know I don't go around saying WTF all the time, don't you? LOL

Just what were they thinking ? They look like caricatures of old people!

Just plain scary!

Sleep tight and dream of sugar plums...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

WTF? Tuesday! Yikes!

I have'nt done WTF Tuesday for a couple of weeks now. None of the thriftshops I visit have cool disgusting stuff like Vagisil and pikcle butts.....

Actualy today's offering doesn't even come from a thrift store....It come from the lobby of my work place!

I give you....


You know how I hate all manners of clowns, mimes, jesters and the like!

I will try to take pics of the other vignettes, but it's hard with the security guard looming near....

Have a great day!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just around the corner!

Xmas of course! Even if I,m running out of time, I'm having the best December in a llllllloooooonnnnnggg time!

I feel happy, in the moment, full of joy and light! I feel really lucky for the love and riches in my life and I give thanks every chance I get.

I managed to finish the wreath for the front door. Didn't even think of taking a picture! Silly me! It's still a vintage tacky christmassy one, but I had to pull it all apart because the cedar had gone all yellow and I had to try different dollar stores for artificial Xmas tree garland. As you might know not all dollar stores are created equal!

I got some help from Yoda. She's such a sweetie!

No Xmas tree yet. We were supposed to get a real one but we decided to use the one we have in the basement that belongs to Dan's daughter....I hope it doesn't reek too much of smoke....

Can one Febreeze an artificail Xmas tree? Well see about that!

I planted the official flower of the holidays here....That's definitely a tradition I picked up from my dad. Paperwhites! I've been grownig them every Xmas for years and at one point Dan will say (I'm not making this up) It smells like pee in here! Where's that pee smell coming from? I swear it's pee!

Every year, without fail! And I have to say every time, it's the paperwhites dear. Really? I could've sworn it was pee!

Planting paperwhites.

Planted in Pyrex (of course)

Now an update on the paperwhites.....I needed to change them to another pot because the roots were like steel rods!

So we're seeing my dad on Xmas (it's been ages) and he just informed me there will be a Xmas tree! Yipppeeee!

Until next time.....Be good, and full of Xmas joy!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Really? Are you nuts?

Time flies that is a fact ! Let's just say that the Xmas baking is not really under way but I will be rocking and rolling over the weekend! I need to make gingerbread cookies, caramel corn, bake pfeffernusse and shortbread cookies.

I still don’t know what we'll be having on Xmas, it all depends on the flyers! I do smell a ham (bone in of course ) in my future. We will go and buy the tree bright and early on Saturday....I can’t wait to get it in the house and see the cats all a sniffin’ and checkin’.
 Today’s offering is another unbelievable video! This one is courtesy of my pal Tracy from Crazy Suburban Mom. It’s tastelessly priceless!

This is like Febreeze for the body. I don’t believe I’ve made my stance on Febreeze known here....It sure has its uses, no question about it...BUT if your bathroom rug smell WASH IT! If your duvet cover smells WASH IT! If you don’t have a washing machine, do yourself a favour and go to the Laundromat and wash the damn thing! Don’t tell me all of life’s stinky dilemmas are fixed with some Febreeze and air freshener! OPEN THE WINDOW once in a while!

True story: I have a greek boyfriend in the early 80’s and his parents never opened the windows in their apartment, I would suffocate every time I visited! His mother was really a bitch and would always tell hime (in front of me) Zjimmy (the letter Z conveys the accent) why don’t you marry a nice greek girl? Well needless to say I didn’t marry him. That relationship was a real eye opener! I realized that for them married life consisted of being tied to stove, servicing the husband every night at the same time , poping out kids and keeping the windows closed. The plastic covered furniture, lampshade and pillows was a real turn off too! 
Now just how important that the A spray is made in the U.S ? Really!

Sleep tight and don't forget to crack a window open!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

If you liked the Forever Lazy....

You might like this must have for everybody!

At first I thought this was a JOKE! But it's not!

I think I need one for the train ride home , because I nap almost every day....

I'd buy the large one of course!

Well I'm off to put up more Xmas lights! Stay warm and kepp thrifting!

Yes, I'll be wearing my Forever Lazy fleece suit in the yard for all to see....NOT!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Are you kidding?

I saw this commercial for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I just couldn't believe it!

You've probably seen it tons of times but I just can't help myself, I just have to share it!

Ok it looks confortable and warm but just how tacky is it? I kept imagining people I know answering the door wearing that; cooking, cleaning and even hanging out OUTSIDE!

With my cats I would look like a pink fuzzy ball....

Would you be wearing this at a tailgate? A football game?  I can't just hear the neighbors : Who is that big pink blob? Well it's Miss V of course installing her Xmas lights, how charming!

You can even go to the bathroom with the convinient hatch!

Have a great day and stay warm!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WTF? Tuesday! Old Crusty Jam

This is a good one. I took the pictures in the Gannanoque Flea market in Gannanoque Ontario in June 2011. It was still there when I went back for canadian Thanksgiving. I swear it was there in December 2010 or even before....

Yes it is! An old jam, tea and soggy candies basket. Who would sell food at a flea market?

Tell me who!

By the way the wrapping is greasy and dusty.

For more strange and creepy (sometimes hair raising) fun be sure to visit

Night night my thrifty friends!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

More signs that 'this the season!

Sorry about the lack of posts. We had a weird week full of surprises most of them not so good.

I was really glad that we had our first snow which wrecked havock on the roads....I lost my temporary crown and had to go back to the dentist. On the same day the train going home was 1 hour late....AAAAAGGGHHHH! And they never bother telling us anything.

We had to go to the vet, another urinary track infection (it's the food it seems) and had to emergengy gift shop.

But today we just stayed home and fiddled with stuff...Xmas lights...This year it's only old fashionned lights and blowmolds.  No pics yet.

Later this afternoon I made meat pies; one of my big Christmas traditions. I never remembered to buy little aluminum pie plats so of course I ran out!

Pyrex to the rescue!

In Pixie casseroles! How fab is that? I'm letting them cool as I write so I can wrap them in foil and freeze them for later!

Soooooo cute!

We have some for supper and it was delish as usual.

Xmas lights? Check!
Meat pies? Check!

Things are going smoothly!

The Ogilvy xmas window is up and running!

My parents would bring me and I would stare and point for what seems like forever.

This year it's called The Mill in the Forest. All the animals are Steiffel. My dad remembers it from when he was young.

The fogs are my favories. The image is fuzzy because they move.

I also have a soft spot for these baby deers.

I cannot help smile when I see people passing by and stopping to look at this beautiful window which has been part of Montreal's Xmas charm for more than 70 years.

Have a great night.

Gotta go wrap those meat pies.....

Monday, November 21, 2011

Vintage finds and deliciousness!

Well, I finally have something to post on the Pyrex front!

There I was last thursday minding my own business at Renaissance thrift store....Really I was really on the hunt for some trashy tacky stuff for WTF? Tuesday! And I saw this...

Now I know I've said it before...this is not my fave pattern, but this little guy looked lonely and at .59 cents I didn't think twice.

Here it is with my other thrifty find...

 A scorpio mug from Federal Glass.

I ran back to the car like a maniac! Imagine a Pyrex I don't have....the fever is trechterous...I start yearning for patterns I didn't really care for!

Now at Vonlipi's house of Pyrex (lol) we have been checking off things from the to do list (and trust me the list is L-O-N-G!

I finally make the list of parts to buy to install the dining room lamp. We bought said parts and with some help (mainely on the mental side) I was able to install this:

Ok I admit it doesn't look like much in daylight and I had to get used to it...

But at night YAOWZAA!


It looks much better in person and makes a real groovy motif on the ceiling.

It is just the kind of light we were looking for!

Financial breakdown

Rattan lampshade (thrifted) 3$
Lamp hanging kit 15$
Lamp hanging experience priceless

Total 18$ plus the pesky tax

I'll say it's  a great thrifty deal!

Have a great night

Who do you think will be winning DWTS?

Personnaly it's a toss between Rob and J.R (sorry Ricki)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Xmas Joy!

I don't get to go to my super fine church basement every week because of work ans when I can well it's dark. I must admit I'm kinda of afraid of the dark i.e: walking alone at night....mind you it's only 7 pm but I'm still scaredy.

Last weekend I decide I would go on my trusty bike.  That freaked me out too, I'm actually afraid of being struck by a car....I woke up in sweats last night because of this.

This morning I just couldn't believe I was so scared, I decided it was high time I kicked myself in the butt and hop on the bike.

 Well I did and when I got there the good lady (not the pink lady...this one is called Joan and she sells vintage Tupperware; I've had the pleasure to help her out quite a bit at the Postal Counter OF UNJOY!) greeted me with: Oh good you're here we're just setting up our Xmas table!

Well, well that was mighty nice of them!

I couldn't resist and brought this home...

How cute is that? and for a dollar! I love you church basement!

Thank you Joan!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WTF? Tuesday!

How time flies! Between work, chores and life I don't always have time to blog as much as I want to!

Anyways I'm back for a bit of WTF? Tuesday!. As I said before all is a matter of taste but somethings just rub me the wrong way!

Words can't describe how I felt when I saw this.....I actually blocked it out of my mind!

I'm sorry for the quality of the pictures....It's hard to dodge evil-eyed do-gooder employees....

What is this really? It's a big shaker. About 5 inches high.

Full of holes in the top...shaker holes for scary stuff...maybe salt...that's a lot of holes for salt! This is not a low sodium shaker.

Ok the scary part is that this thing has no face!

I spotted this at the Renaissance shop in Verdun.

Is this dawn of the dead shaker?

I was about to write that I'm joining Sir Thrift-a-lot Blog for more WTF? Tuesday action, but I'm not sure he's into it this week.

Anyways be sure to visit his blog, it's so much fun!

See you soon thriftabulous friends!

Monday, November 7, 2011

It's beginning to look at lot.....

Like Christmas!

I'm beginning to see signs that the Holidays are just around the corner!

I spied this beautiful swag on Mountain street last week.

And this secret window....

I can't wait to see what this window is hiding!

On the food front, I'm beginning to see some really kick ass sales on Holiday essentials....Like lean ground pork for .99 cents a pound! I bought about 12 pounds and packaged it all in one pound bags and froze them.

Now I can make meat pie (tourtiere) and meat ball stew (ragout de boulettes) and even meat stuffed salad rolls (petits pains fourrés a la viande).

Now I need to work on some cookie doughs....Ginger bread cookies, pfeffernusse, sandies.....

And I'm happy to say my shopping is well under way!

Have a great evening y'all! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Fun!

I really wanted to post this picture yesterday but I was just tooo tired. The weather is changing and fall colds are running around the office.....

But here it is the Vonlipi's vampire bat in all its glory!

Yes siree bob, this is yours truly in a DIY bat costume standing in our cardboard Transylvanian castle. Any good castle needs at least a bat or two, no?

We had a lot of fun but now Halloween is over; we will be able to channel all our energy towards Christmas! I've already started my shopping and I'm busy listing in the store....

But always I swear I'm on the lookout for Pyrex!

I want to thank my 2 new followers, bringing the total to 201! WOOHOO!

Be good, thrifty and crafty :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Past....taffy

Well I wante dto share a special picture of me and my BFF Stepanie 32 years ago on the last Halloween I dressed up and passed door to door for some treats...

But of course I can't find my old photo album (sad face).

So instead I will tell you about my fave Halloween candy! I loooove Halloween kisses or taffy depending on where you live.

A bit of background...Back in the 70's only really well off people would give chocolate bars on Halloween. My mother had a definite idea on what to give and that is what represents my idea of Halloween.

She would buy a big bag of peanuts with shells on, a big bag of Halloween kisses, a bag of 101 lollypops, a bag of inidividually wrapped bubble gums (the round ones) and a bag of Rockets. F.Y.I Rockets are called Smarties in the U.S.

She would fill a big stainless steel bowl with the mix and put the leftovers in a plastic bucket.

I still smell that mix of candy.

We don't have kid coming over on Halloween because we're near the water and it's too damn dark!

So I don't really buy candy anymore...Maybe a small bag of mini KitKats or Coffee Crisps but that's it.

But lately I've been craving Halloween kisses (or taffy or klandinkes- no I didn't mispell on that one...)

So I was really surprised to find these last week!

Actually these are a double blast from the past!

On the right you have Belanger kisses and on the left Allens kisses. The Allens kisses were originally made in Ontario until the company decided to modernize a couple of years ago, but fortunately the recipe was bought by Original and are now made in Québec (cool).

The Bélanger kisses were originally made in Québec but now are made by Allens in Ontario (go figure), They kept that recipe.

I prefer the Allens and Dan the Bélanger kisses. But what really matters is that we were able to find these classic candies!

Now my Halloween is complete! Well not really....I won't be a ble to watch my classic Haloween movie Hocus Pocus because our DVD crapped out on us....

Remember when a refrigirator lasted 20 or 30 year? and a VCR at least 10? Well not anymore!

Well at lest I'm watching Sleepy Hollow and I hope I can locate my photo album!

Sleep tight and don't let the neighbors bite! Unless you want to that is!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Thrifty Finds!

Isn't thrifting the BEST?

I love the thrill of finding something amazing! Here are my latest finds....

Aren't these cute? Little individual casseroles for french onion soup or individual pot pies....

These are going in the shop.

Oooh yellow egg cups! Another fab find for the store !

Xmas ornements!

These are GORGEOUS!

Both boxes will go in the shop....

Here's what I kept for myself!

A Melita filter in white ceramic; you just insert a paper filter some coffee, place over a cup and pour boiling water....and presto coffee!

A Pyrex canister in the Spice-o-life pattern and a Xmas tree paper napkin holder (I've been wanting one for AGES!)
These pieces were a dollar each....SWEET!

So folks I'm off to list these great finds in the shop because we all know that Xmas is just around the corner!

And Susie QT...I'm keeping my eyes peeled for some objects with 'shrooms! I believe that you are totally right and these are the next owls!

Sleep tight :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

WTF? Tuesday! 'shrooms

I have to admit that the only way I like mushrooms are in my plate and in the woods; okay that's 2 ways....oops!

I never quite got the decorating with mushrooms thing; probably because my mom wasn't into 'shrooms. She was more into european-victorian-end of the century decor....which totally explained the lack of Pyrex!

Oh and I don't really like brown.....

So here goes!

This is some kind of planter/ wall hanging. It is flat in back with a small hole for hanging.

Brown and phallic synbols? I don't need that in my kitchen! NO WAY!

And who needs this by the stove?

Whoa that is a baaaad picture!

This is a giant salt shaker, it is about  5 inches tall!

Who made these things?

Funny thing is that things I couldn't stand 5 years ago, I'm now hunting for my home decor so who knows if in a couple of years...I might me pleading for some 'srooms!

Have a great FTW? Tuesday! and be sure to stop and say hi to Sir Thrift-a-lot  who's the host with the most!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Latest thrifty finds

It's already Sunday night! This was realy a crazy week! I was runing after time left and right. I did thift a bit....but no pictures yet.

Here's the coolest stuff I found in the last couple of weeks.

 I got this ashtray at Value Village for .49 cents.

If you're a regular reader you know we are smoke free (for 6 yeras now!) but I definitely have a crazy thing for vintage ashrays...go figure!
Now what drew me to this one is that it was a promo item from an insurance company in Quebec and I now work for an insurance company. And how ironic is that? An insurance company giving away ashtrays? Now that smoking is considered evil...  

I did get my hands on some Pyrex too! My PRECIOUS.....SO LOVELY, SO COLORFUL!!!

I got the Spring Flower Green casserole at a yard sale for a steal while on our road trip in eastern Ontario. This couple seem to have a yard sale every week. We stop whenever we are in the neighborhood.

The Gooseberry I got by chance on Etsy while Xmas shopping. I got a great gift plus a treat for little old me!

Well have a nice week faithful readers and keep thrifting!