Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ready? Set! GO!!!!!

You can bet I was shocked and surprised to see these at my neighborhood supermarket......

                                    Outdoor Xmas decorations!

                                Assorted lights.....

                                              Light up candy canes.....

                                             Do they realise it is still September???

So in a nutshell: I could buy flip flops, Halloween candies and Xmas decorations at the same time!

                                           Imagine my incredulous face when I received this in the mail
                                           the next day.

                                           Way too early for Xmas themed magazines! Man!

                                          For the time being, I'll stick to seasonnal Fall decor!

                                          Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

On Street Food

It seems that the city of Montreal's steet food experiment is a success as they extended the trial season

until November 3rd.

So far everything was delicious, and overall the prices were okay.

Of course I take pictures whenever I indulge...

First what I ate from Le Tuktuk (Thai inspired food truck)

                                                    This Thai style fried chicken was definitely a highlight
                                            and totally additive. The red sauce is a sweet chili sauce, sweet,
                                            sticky and a little spice. I will be back!
This is a green papaya salad. Very refreshing and spicy!
I wasn't crazy about the raw green beans...
                                            Next offering...Breakfast!
                                            Montreal being one of the world's bagel capital,
                                            it seemed fitting to have a bagel truck.
St-Viateur Bagels makes (in my humble opinion) the best bagels in town.
I had the cream cheese bagel and was disappointed.
The bagel is not toasted on the inside (where it counts), but you can buy
a dozen bagel and bring them home and toast them however you want.
                                            This amazing crab cake came from the Landry & Filles
                                             food truck. It was delicious and the corn salad made with fresh corn
                                             ,scrumptious. The down side? It was $8 and  was still hungry after....
                                             Of course I kept dessert for last...
I hadn't plan on stopping.
I was out on my midday walk and was
assaulted by the need for sweets
These certainly hit the spot!
Turnovers filled with cherries, dark chocolate and
cream cheese!
2 for $4!
The gals at the office are jealous and want some;
but Lucky's Truck is pretty elusive!
On my food truck bucket list there is The Super Truck.
Maybe next week, who knows?
Sleep tight faithful readers :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

What is happiness?

That is a loaded question. For me it is pretty simple.

Happiness is being with the ones I love, Dan, Vero, my dad, the cats. I love being home, all snug as a bug.

Warm when it's cold and grey outside. Earlier this week we had another heatwave and now it is right down chilly and I don't think I'll be able to go in the pool again.

Soup makes me happy. Homemade broth ditto.

Made entirely with things I had in the freezer. Chicken carcasses,
and a turkey one. Celery, leeks and carrots.
This will make a great soup
and will make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Looking at the circle of life in my front lawn.
This is one of the completed yard projects.
Thyme, sage and some bright annuals. 
Yes that makes me happy.
Be well dear friends and readers and
have a great Sunday!

Friday, September 6, 2013

So soon?

I apologize for my lack of posts. We've had some emotional happenings and I needed time to recover.

On top of it , my cousin Josee, pointed today that I wasn't writing in the blog....

On August 25th we had the fueral service for Rejeanne my mother in law. It was beautiful, simple, my Dad and all the cousins came( Josee with her sweetie, Nathalie and David).

Our friend Josee (who reads the blog dropped by too). Dan had friends from out of town who drove in.

We were really touched by all the love and support. But it is still pretty tiring.

Last Sunday we got a desperate S.O.S from  my stepdaughter, one of her cats, the adorable Mr. Nibbles was dying.

We found an emergency veteneray hospital, drove down to meet her, and went to the hospital. The poor thing was having convulsions and the diabetes was too far along.

We cried a lot and hugged Mr.Nibbles until he went to cat heaven. I don't have a picture handy but I will get one and show you what a cutie he was. And still is.

As for work...I've learned a lot of new processes in the last few months and surprisingly things seem to be falling into place. That makes for more pleasant work days!

Last week on my way to my Dad's place...I saw this.....

Nice dress and vintage inspired too!

Take a closer look at the skirt...
It is a Christmassy Winter Village!
With snow!
Oh my!
So Soon???