Wednesday, August 26, 2015

20 years

Today, while bringing boxes to the storage locker I was thinking about our 20 year stay in suburbia....

and this is what 20 years look like

                                          Dan (always the accountant)  thinks that in total we will hit
                                          250 boxes.

 This beautiful Santa will find a temporary house in the bedroom closet

 Yesterday was also a special day for me
After 20 years ,give or take a couple of months, it
was my last time taking the commuter train home.

 I hope to never, ever, take it ever again

I did my time!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

No Way!

The finish line is almost there....We are 85% packed.

Most address changes are done and we started moving the pantry! All the cans are in their new homes.

The pool will be closed this weekend by a pro as requested by the buyer. This pool will be missed!!!

Today I wanted to share something I saw in the grocery store freezer....

  Poutine bites!!!

 Crispy potato ,cheese and Poutine sauce
all conviniently frozen in case you get a craving.
 3 bites for 110 calories
I can't believe some yahoo invented that!
I won't be spending my hard earned money on that.

On the thrifting front....Last night we brought 6 bags at Value Village
and I was rewarded with a 30 % off card.

                                I brought home these cuties....LOVE!
                                Fireking cereal bowls love!

                                Got to get ready for tomorrow, sleep tight my friends

Saturday, August 8, 2015

It was hard

I do come from a family with hoarding tendencies....

I have a distant cousin who bought a barn to stash his finds and treasures....

Another complains that her boyfriend brings trash home but is will to take all kind of unwanted artifacts...

My Dad has various collections....Books, copper pots, yellow vases to name a few....

Me ? Well you know about the Pyrexia , the Lampalia, I love vintage ashtrays (we don't smoke), vintage linens, cotton sheets...

And Mason jars....My faves are the antique ones, I have great blue ones but basically I love them all!

They are so practical!

I was informed last week that I had a unknown stash of Mason jars in the basement ....They were all dusty,cruddy with dead bugs in some....

So I shaked the bugs out and put them all in the dishwasher.

I a quite a few

                               and a new box..... with a big zipper bag of rings
21 in all
I knew they had to go
but it was hard!
I didn't want to give them
I wanted to bask in the glory of the Mason jar!!!

In case you're wondering I have a box or 2 in the storage locker
ready to move!!!
And nearly all my dry goods are store in Mason jars....

Have a great day!

I'm cleaning the oven today!!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Fall is upon us

OK I know that it is still summer....

The temperature is still way up there....

But I smelled it.......

There is a smell of end of summer in the air.....

Downtown is swarming with teenagers and students shopping for back to school.....

And at Indigo (my fave bookstore) they pulled out ALL the stops!

                                                   Pumpkin and Ginger candles!

                                            I have NO idea what this one was but it smelled great!

                                I know the Moscow Mule has been a really trendy cocktail in the U.S
                                and I have a feeling it will be really big here in the fall and winter

                                I am not the let's buy a plate because of the saying type but these
                                made me feel like cooking a batch of chili! Or soup!

                               I would love soup!

                               Sleep tight!  

Sunday, August 2, 2015

New Display

It might seems strange to make a new Pyrex display since my moving day is coming up at the end of the month....

But to tell you the truth, I packed up ALL the Pyrex in my cupboards and now I am running just on the Primary bowl set, the Primary refrigerator set and a couple of casseroles.

Yikes! I am used, like the Pyrex Princess that I am, to pick different dishes depending on what I serve....

Definitely a first world problem! LOL

Pyrex YUM!

I am glad Pyrex still makes me happy.
Otherwise I would've packed it up and
sent it to assorted thrift shops....

We haven't moved in 20 years and things can be stressful at times.
We had a couple of manic panic episodes and we had 
to talk each other out of them....

Every time I visit my Dad I feel that I am finally coming home....
Strange no?

Sleep tight and have a great week!