Sunday, August 31, 2008

Later alligator....

So this is it!

The luggage is nearly done, the Pyrex reference books are in a re-usable bag along with some munchies...The Ipod has been recharged and synchronized, the maps were looked at again and again....The instruction letter for the kittiesitter is finished....I say it is time for a roadtrip!!!!

So tomorrow at this time we should be in northern Mass....I can't wait!!!

Other subjects....This is a picture of some of my antique canning jars. The big blue one in the back is filled with lavander (from the garden...of course) and the small one is filled with beach treasures....

Speaking of which, one of my all time favorite store is in Old Orchard Beach (OOB). It is called Cottage Decor, here is the site Go and check it out! They have lovely things, amazing treasures.....I'll be sure to drop by!

In the series of Pyrex and food...Here are 2 pictures I took last week. Cherry tomatoes in red 501 and Tomato and basil in yellow 441 and Yellow and green beans in Butterprint 442, all homegrown in my own backyard...Yes I am proud of myself!

And also after three days painting the bathroom, we are free and the bathroom is gorgeous. Of course I didn't bother to take before pictures...We still have some details to take care of...but later I need to finish packing!
As linda Richmond would say :So talk amongst yourself...I'll give you a topic: The chickpea is neither a chick or a pea...Discuss and I'll see you later in September!
Take care!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lentil curry in Pyrex

This is a picture of last night supper, delicious lentil curry served in an avocado Pixie casserole with Nan bread fresh from the oven. And you know what? My love insisted that I take a picture to put in my blog! I say!
Besides that, we're painting the bathroom... This morning we struggled with stinky oil primer...It is nearly dried, so the first coat is minutes away....
In 5 days the Brimfield bound minivan will be departing...I can't wait...Oh the possibilities....Pictures of Pyrex dancing in my head!!! In case you are wondering about Brimfield....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hum Delphite....

I just love the color of Delphite. I find it so calming and vintage and country (in a non tacky way).
I got my very first piece in 1988 or 89 in a church basement for .25 cents. It was the cup.In 1992 I found in another church basement a very nice 502 with the lid for 2$. Only the lid survives to this day....In 2002 I found saucers and I thought : Better to buy 2 just in case....I never found a secound cup....But still I had no idea of what it was...I was just fascinated with the color....
In early 2008 I was talking to a friend about the Pyrex frenzy...And he told me he had the creamer and sugar dish and lo and behold he gave them to little ol'me....

Beautiful little 501s....

The one with the lid on I got at the Lachute flea market in 2007 for one dollar! The lady had no idea what so ever what it was...she was glad to get rid of it! The lidless one at left belonged to my grandma. I use it in the kitchen for salt when I cook.
The one with the lif off, I got as a gift and if you look closely you can see molded dents in the lid-to drain things??? I have never seen that...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oranges & lemons

Since after a month of daily rain, Mother nature decided to plunge us in a heat wave....I stayed mostly inside today and took pictures guessed it! Pyrex! Big, bold beautiful Pyrex....
I try to use my Pyrex as much as possible. When I plan meals I also ask myself: Which Pyrex would enhance the look of the food? I which bowl or casserole should I serve this salad?
The bowl sizes all have different purposes (for me at least). The 401 is the soup bowl, the cereal bowl...The 402 is wonderful for individual popcorn serving or a small salad. The 403 is the all purpose mixing and salad serving. The 404 is for big tasks, like holding fruit or mixing up big batches of stuff especially around Xmas.
But everytime I look at that citrusy carafe, I cannot use it, it looks soooo fragile! So I just display it for the time being....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bagel schmagel

This birthday girl was lucky enough to get some nice Montreal bagels. Montreal is known for the best bagels in Canada. I like mine with cream cheese and bacon for breakfast. Delicious!!! I also enjoy smoked salmon on a bagel....
And yes, this is a Pyrex plate! The design used to be burgundy but was a victim of dishwasher attack....The marks underneath : Pyrex tableware by corning 719-18.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

3.97 !!! WOW

On my Wednesday edition of the Salvation Army hunt I found (drumroll.....)

A very nice minty stainless steel cocktail shaker (my love had been looking for one) missing the lid (1.99$). A red Pyrex small square bowl from the hostess set (.99 cents )and last but not least a flamingo pie plate, really crudy and dirty but only .99 cents!!! Oh joy oh bliss!!! That really made my day!

I won't be going downtown for a couple of weeks but I might visit other Salvation Army locations...After all I just found out about the 10 locations in the greater Montreal area!!!

After I had a nice lunch with two of my good friends: Annick and Annie, who happen to be ex-coworkers as well (but not ex-friends!!!). We had a ball. I really miss the social aspect of work! I did say tons of stupid and inappropriate things! Annie was wiping her eyes and Annick was hiiting the table with her fist! Good times....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


HUUUUMMMM!!! Red pepper jelly with chipotle tabasco....Just spicy enough...That was one of my Monday projects!
The magazine said that this recipe was real fast (30min). It took me longer because the lids wouldn't snap, so I boiled a big ol' pot of water to sterilize them. 2 out of 3 snaped so I have a jar in the fridge...Oh well what can you do? I can't wait to try it on pork roast or pork chops or on tourtiere...(a quebec culinary specialty...basically a meat pie served in the winter or for Xmas, pork, veal and beef with spices...cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and grated potaoes...sticks to your ribs!) definitly not a warm weather specialty! LOL

Monday, August 18, 2008


I am really excited about the butternut squash this year. Last year I got 2 really small ones and the squirrels ate all the acorns :(....They ate all the ground cherries as well, they were taunting me right in my face....I am not too crazy about squirrels. Yeah yeah I know that they are God's creatures, but leave my vegetables alone!!!

I should harvest about 5 in a couple of months. I planted watermelons and cantalopes as well but since it is a jungle out there, I can't see if I have some success. We had a solid month of rain, and it retarded a lot of crops....I will taste my first cherry tomato from the garden tomorrow....I can't wait!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Early B-Day!!!

Even if my birthday is next friday (the 22nd), I got to see my dad today and after lunch (at the Deer Garden in the Chinatown) I received some early B-Day presents!!!

HUUUUMMM Pyrex! Delicious! I believe these bowls are from the 80's, but I couldn't find any information to coroborate my findings.

Of course you recognize a nice set of Woodlands. I find them much more attractive in person, they are all shiny and I love the design, I just feel the colors lack PUNCH!

And last but not least a nice 475 Crazy Daisy casserole....I can already smell the Shepherd's Pie...
I also got the latest mario Batali cook book "Italian Grill" and two kitty themed books "Les Chats vu par Bruno Masure" and "La grace et l'independance du chat". I am a happy camper!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Last Tuesday I put up a big batch of blacberry jam from my garden. It was on my to do list from my down time. If you look closely you will notice a space at the bottom of the jars, it is an old europeen method to get the jars to seal. You turn them upside down!!!
Next week I plan to put up some red pepper jelly and pesto.
This year I have been having a lot of difficulty with the basil, and I have only enough for a batch :(
What can you do? You have to live with what mother nature throws at you!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I WANT a Frost Garland casserole!!!!

Ok I have no picture of it but it seems that all my fave bloggers (most of them anyways) have found recently a Frost garland Promotional casserole!

Now I want one...NOW...RIGHT NOW! I haven't been able of finding one yet...bouhou, bouhou

Jade at Thriftaholic:A Tale of two addicts found one, so did Madge of Solid Cherry and so did the folks over at Pyrex love....I want one...LOL

I must admit I am suffering from casserole envy! I sure hope I find one in the States....Magical land of Pyrex, Charleston Chew, Raspberry marshmallow Fluff, Wheat Nuts, Cheese in a can and many more...Sigh

Thursday, August 14, 2008


From the Salvation Army of course! 1.99 for the Butterfly Gold bowl and .69 cents each for the Corelle Woodlands saucers. I use those saucers as food dishes for the kitties and to tell you the truth I love them. They are durable, don't complain in the dishwasher and pretty too! To tell you the truth my mom was kinf of snob and Corelle was...not for us, so I was brought up thinking Corelle were some kind of crappy dishes. Now I know better!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fall is upon us....

I know fall is just around the corner, when I WANT to cook. Not just to eat, but for comfort. I NEED to cook and freeze and preserve. It must be some residual survival instinct! I admit it I suffer from the sqirrel syndrome! Am I preparing for a war? a hard winter? I don't know!
I can see the light changing and the crickets are there 24/7 chirpping away....
Well yesterday I baked a Pao de Milho (a portuguese corn bread). Unfortunatly I had no white corn flour on hand so I used yellow cornmeal, which can explain why it turned out like a big yellow brick!!! As you can see I used the Lime round utility dish (Pyrex of course...). I also made red lentil soup with lemon (DELICIOUS!) so that was last night supper.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I was kind of sceptical when I first saw these on the Internet. But now I couldn't imagine my kitchen without them. I use the teapot all the time and I even tried it to cook hard boiled eggs as seen in the book: Pyrex prize recipes. The eggs were cooked too much with that grey ring around the yolk (eurk). I might try the coffee pot to cook corn on the cob...I will keep you posted!

When you read old Pyrex advertisements, it is always stated that Flameware cleans easier. I don't think so! It tends to make a whitish film at the bottom, that is real hard to clean. I haven't tried Barkeeper's friend on it yet, we'll see.

But one thing is for sure, it is that I love the shape of these. Their look is so retro cool... And as long as you use the little metal grids, they are perfectly safe to use.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New treasures

Here is what I found at the Salvation Army yesterday for .99 cents. I enjoy embroidery and have done a couple of pieces, but some stitches I don't get...So this book has tons of information on all the different stitches plus really funky, weird ,organic patterns. It was after all, published in 1974!!!

TV tray! I got this retro beauty for
1$ in a garage sale held by a retiring caterer. I also got 500 cupcake liners (new) and 12 aluminum plates (new) for a dollar each. That was a sweet day!

Monday, August 4, 2008