Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why Not?

I blogged yesterday and felt like blogging today as well....Why not?

Yesterday was a real scorcher for mid-May in the Montreal area, hot, humid and overall yucky.

I don't like to feel all gummy...And the pool is not ready yet!

So what better way to cool down after an intense gardening session?

A cool watermelon snack on the patio!

I find excuses to use my Flamingo dinnerware before I pack it all up!

So that's it short and sweet! Be well and stay thrifty!

Monday, May 18, 2015

So Cool, WOOWZA, and I can't believe this!!!

To tell you the truth, I wasn't after a title this long, I wanted something short and to the point.

The house is sold, 9 days on the market, and we got the full asking price. We had less than 10 visits and 3 offers on the same day, which is really cooky in my book!

We actually had an above asking price offer. but the buyer had never visited the house and we felt it was suspicious.

Since I will be leaving the Outaouais shore there are some things I will be missing and I found that I had made an unofficial bucket list in my mind!

                                           On top of my list was : take advantage of ALL seasonal  blooms!

         Our lilac had a falling out 2 years ago but new branches grew last year just in time to give us new blooms!

       So  now it is lily of the valley time and I decided to enjoy it to the MAX!
                                  I have enough blooms a least to fill out 2 or 3 more Mason jars!
                                          Now on the down side. We had noticed that Yoda was losing weight and we decided to weight her every week just to make sure we weren't cray-cray!!!

There was definitely something wrong with her and after some tests , she was diagnosed as diabetic.

Based on her age and condition, and our experience we decided to start treatment and see where it would leas us. We had a diabetic cat about 14 years ago and he lived to be 21!

So this is truly a one day at a time situation.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Deciding and trying to sell your house is very stressful.

Some days I don't know if I am coming or going....I fall asleep the minute my head touches the pillow!

Last weekend was the worst we had 3 visits on Saturday and 3 offers to buy. I find having strangers i my house very weird....We are now in limbo following the inspection....

But really folks what do people expect when they consider buying a 70 years old renovated cabin???

It seems they are a lot of things that are not up to code.....But on our end everything works fine....

And I am always surprised when people tell me they like my furniture!

I will miss my house but not my town , I am looking forward to walking a lot everyday, here you need your car for most everywhere and no sidewalks....and people drive very fast, way above the limit.

I will miss the night music courtesy of frogs and bugs that dwell nearby and I will try to record it.

I am looking forward to spend more time with my Dad and be there if he needs us. I am also looking forward to shop at mom and pop stores for groceries....Oh and the ethnic grocers! Oh joy!!!

But before all that the house has to be sold...in the meantime we are fixing it so we enjoy the warm season (here Spring lasted about 3 days)  and it is now about 86 F....So we installed the AC today and are getting nearer to start the pool....I am crossing my fingers for tomorrow!

This is something I will definitely miss!

                                I rescued these trilliums when part of the woods was destroyed to build
                                a Maxi & Cie (Canada's Superstore) in my boondock.
                                Sometimes it is illegal to pick them, but I figured I was saving part of the natural
                                heritage of Ile Perrot.
                                 Both sides of the highway are covered with trilliums this time of year. It is one of my
                                   favorite springtime flower and I have great memories of going to Mont Royal (Montreal) with my Dad to pick some when I was a kid (1970's)

So that's it for now, thanks for reading and I can't wait to thrift (next weekend)!

Be well and stay thrifty!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Queen of WHAT???

So we had quite a lot of visits this week...and we had 3 scheduled yesterday!

During the first visit, I go in the kitchen and I hear: Yes Miss V. is a Pyrex Queen! Is there anything sweeter to hear???
This made me feel so good, an acknowledgment that my Pyrex ways were A-Okay and even desirable!

I was really surprised that the agent knew about Pyrex and even more that Dan would broadcast publicly my love of Pyrex!
So this the display I decided upon

                                  I think that grey's perfect match is turquoise as in Butterprint.

I am really happy how this turned out!

Will this help sell the house???


As always be well my thrifty friends and have a great week!

Saturday, May 2, 2015


As much as I like to save money, I just can't seem to be able to coupon!

Couponing in Canada is not the same as in the U.S. We don't get deals like double or triple the coupons.

I don't think that people are able to buy 300 toothbrush for free, here in Quebec.

                                          As  I am cleaning for potential future buyers...last night I was cleaning out the microwave stand which we really use as a tv-storeage place...  I found a little
                                           blue case full of coupons....
                                          I could tell the coupons were quinda old....

                                          Take a peek for yourself!
                                         That is bbbbaaaaadddddd...
                                         This is the kind of thing I want to kick myself over...

                                         Of course I ended up throwing them all in the recycling bag!