Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I burned carrots!

I can't believe this happened to me, I surely had a brain fart!

I was making turkey pot pie and they were asking for frozen carrots which i never buy...

so I decided to partially cook some in the microwave as I've done dozens of times.

So I go through the motions and after a while it smells like burned crap and I can't figure out what is going on until the microwave beeps and I open the door...

This picture speaks for itself...
Even after an hour of soaking, the Pyrex is still stained
Oh well!
I foresee some roadtrip in the near future...
I will keep you posted friends!
Sleep tight
P.S: I saw my first blue heron yesterday and heard the first Canada geese...
Good times!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Found at the thrift

Saturday after the periodical hair makeover...

On the way home, there is a thrift and I can never seem to remember the name...It is really called Hope crossroads or crossroads of hope; of course I'm translating loosely.

Of course I'm always full of hope...Well you never know...

                                             A big pile of computer carcasses

                                           A nest of forest fancies

 I couldn't resist Pyrex
The 502 for 2$, the 501 for .25$ and  the
beaker for 1$
I'm starting to see more and more lab glass in my neck of the woods and I like it.
Here's a picture of lab glass in action.
A nice way to make the plant cuttings grow.
See you soon :)
I have a date with my pillow zzzzzzzz

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Left at the thrift shop

As usual when you go to the thrift shop; in this case the Salvation Army; You see cool stuff that you will have to leave there for various reasons.

I love these but we simply don't have room for them.
This dart trophy ashtray was the bomb, but seriously how many ashtrays can 2 non-smokers
have in their house? REALLY?
And it was $8.00.
 Nice but no cigars...
This was a big Quebec singing star in the 50's & 60's.
I wanted one of those mini tvs sooooo bad.
I wonder what kind of shows I could tune in.
Last but not least replacement knitted cuffs.
WOW! Nowadays we usually just throw the garment out not repair it.
They're from East Orange
Well that's it for my trip to the Salavtion Army.
They are renovating and managed to get rid of their trademark smell (bastards)
We all know that the smell makes the shopping experience! That and finding prized treasures!
And as usual I nearly got in a fight. The Salvation Army on Notre-Dame street is head quarters to
loonyville....I don't always relate well to rude, crazed people.
Well it is that it is.
Be well, take care and have a nice week!

Friday, March 22, 2013


I don't know how this will look....I'm trying to post from work (lunch hour)

The company decided to be modern and give us access to 'social media'....The first few days I don'y think anybody worked, but now it is back to noemal.

last night I went to a wonderful vintage store on Notre-Dame street W in Montreal called Mixx Authentik.

I was glad to see all these delicious vintage wares and to realise how happy they make me.

If my Etsy store had a brick and mortar place this would be so it!

And to think I actually saved it the right way!

oh well back to the drawing board....that means I will continue my post at home tonight!
Ok back at it my friends! I gotta finish this post before I fall asleep!
Ahhhh! That is better!
 Glassware, shiny and bright
I have a deviled egg plater just like the green one on the right.
I have a 1976 Olympic Coca-Cola metal tray just like the one on the left.
I have the Pyrex of course.
This sideboard was really much nicer than on the picture.
And it's too bad the picture is fuzzy.
the arborite is pink and black.
this is the matching table. Look at those feet!
This was a super nice experience. The woman was super nice, we chatted and she was impressed when I mentionned my living room and dining room are full 60's.
I will be back!
Be well my vintage loving friends!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2 Faves

                                             Kitties and Pyrex! 2 of my favorite things!

                            Took this at the office this morning...

                            Still shoveling....Yessssss

                             Might go to the Sally Ann on Friday Good Times!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'm glad I kept my Xmas lights and just changed the bulbs to make St Patty's lights!

Too bad you can't see the green hues.
They're predicting another 6 inches overnight.
Oh well! Let's keep the shovel handy! LOL
Good night and sweet dreams

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Almost Here!

Spring is almost here....It is still cold but there are definite signs...

Some of the birds came back and sing loud and proud in the mornings. The ice breaker broke the ice and the water runs free again....

The yard is mudding up and the cats and I have started tracking mud in the kitchen.....hihihi

And I started seeds for the veggie garden.

Basil, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes,
eggplants and kale
Basil and tomatoes are classics here, eggplants are a first as for the kale this is not
my first time but I never got success, it is my first time starting it indoors.
This is exciting!
Oh and I was able to yank the grill cover from the ice...
I smell a burger or 2.
I'm having smoker fantasies too...
And I have a pork butt in the freezer!
But for tonight we will have filet mignon (bought super cheap on sale) Rapini with garlic and a bit of avocado...yum!
Have a great night my friends!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Longing for Spring

I was blessed by this sight a couple of nights ago

Yoda enjoying the cat grass
She misses the outside grass so  much that she takes over this grass and
just sleeps on it.
(Notice the Pyrex Flamingo Utility Dish and the striped one as well)
Be well and enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Losing It

This post has long been overdue.

I struggle with my weight. Yep! I said it, it is out there.

I am an emotionnal eater and looking back so was my grandma and even my Dad.

Did the Weight Watchers thingy 3 or 4 times and even if it gets better with time...I still have nightmares about green pepper cooked with PAM....eww!

I don't like going to meetings and I feel I never got the support I was looking for. The animator was awful; a skinny guy with 70's 3 piece suits whose worst food sin was vegetable soup....Really?

Did the protein shaky shake thing, lost 30 pounds and the weight started pilling back on as soon as I got off...Rats!

I bottomed out last year at Easter in Lake Placid, I had gained most of the weight back on and was freaking out about gaining more.

So Dr. Oz to the rescue! Not one of the un-tested food supplement he peddles everyday...Actually it was one of his guest who talked about this.

It is called Lose It! Available as an App or as a web site  RIGHT HERE  . It is easy to use FREE and believe it or not just inputing all the food I consume daily makes me lose weight!


Here's a pic of today's lunch

Delicious turkey salad with tons of veggies.
My secret ingredient? a touch of dill mustard mised with mayo. YUM!
Off to bet I go.
Be well friends :)

Friday, March 8, 2013


Last night at my usual thrift stop,

I saw a really sad Pyrex with melted pink paint; I wanted to share it with you but my phone was i the car with Dan who had forgotten the Ipod...He needs his Solitaire REAL bad.

Besides the sad casserole, I didn't see anything thriftastic

Util I set my eyes on this!

A Wabasso pillow case from the 60's
Just the thing to match the one I found a couple of years ago!
And I also found the flat sheet!
And for once the creepy factor was at a minimum...
Good times were had by all! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I'm always looking for some new healthy slow cooker recipes...

And I'm sure glad I found this one!

wonderful vegetarian morrocan stew

Now you will get tomatoes, squash, chickpeas, sweet potatoes. abricots...

And cook it slow for 8 hours, 4 if you're in a hurry.

This is a hearthy, tasty main meal or side dish.
It reheats really well.
Now you can do interesting things with leftovers...
I put some of the veggie stew in a skillet and heated up, and cracked some eggs in it.
Served it with whole wheat toast buttered and rubbed with a garlic clove and we were in heaven!
So for now I wish you sweet dreams...
and I hope to see you soon. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We wake up early and bring our breakfast and lunch to work, nearly everyday.

Tonight I'm packing my breakfast and I ask Dan : where is your dish?

The answer I got was...Don't ask me about it! I forgot it at work yesterday and someone stole it!


I'm always besides myself when someone making a confortable living decides to steal a co-worker's old Tupperware...Really??? People what is wrong with you????

Go in a thrift store and get a Tupperware!!!

Here's the brother of the one they stole...

This is mine with granola inside.
I actually remember when I got these...It was in 1990
I didn't care properly for them unil I hosted my own Tupperware parties...and learned about the different kinds of Tupperware.
I agree that the prices are crazy on some lines but I usually get mine at the Boxing day sale or the Mother's Day sale.
Hey there Tupperware thief! I hope you enjoy the dish you stole....
Get my drift???? I know you do!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Seen in Chinatown

I always get a kick of exploring Chinatown...

Saturday I went to a grocery store that took me directly to China!

                                            Dried salted fish hanging on a wall?
                                             Not for me....

I have no idea what that is...
It looks like crescent rolls in brine.
Chinese sausages, yep I like those...a lot
They are great white rice
The meat counter
This is actually from a Dim Sum restaurant.
I can see Peking Duck and BBQ Pork.
Sounds delicious.
We had a great meal with my Dad and my cousins.
It is a yearly tradition
                                                                Be well!