Thursday, March 15, 2018

Seen around

Life is pretty good right now.
I try my very best to do everything right at work, 
to cook light, healthy and low salt....
But I must is not always a success...
last night I cooked a supper that tasted of nothing even if I put effort in it!

 Look closely ....the 2 whippets have onesies...

 This bowl is so sad....
I did not bring it home

 Found a new friend for my pink friend....
The pink one is vintage. The green one came originally from 
the dollarsatore was priced at $1.50...the sticker was on the bottom
but I got her at Goodwill (Renaissance) for 75 cents
so a win for me!

So this picture I did not bother turning because sometimes a girl
is just tired....
This is a mold/casserole that I found in one of my Dad's crate
Someone identified it on Facebook but I forgot the name...

I am in a weird place mentally...I don't know why or how

Have a great night peeps
hugs to all!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

New finds

So February in Canada means a visit to the financial adviser or contributing to your RRSP
if you have one.

I don't really like parting from my hard earned cash but in the long haul but
I will get a tax reduction...

Near the financial adviser's office there is a Value Village!

Of course I had to stop!

Scored these vintage new Horizons Blue Pyrex Fridgies for
a big ol' $3.97 canadian! woot

Now I am on the hunt for the Horizons Blue 503....