Sunday, January 26, 2014

Up for Grab!!!

Good afternoon faithful readers and vintage lovers!

This has been a wonderful weekend of cleaning and purging and caring for Yoda (fur baby)

She had a small mass on her forehead that was growing
really fast and after a trip to the vet we found out that this was a tumour
usually benine in cats but containing scary stuff that could make her sick if it bursts.
                                            Now she is frankenkitty! The cut is nasty. But she is a strong healthy cat
                                           and doing better already. The mass was sent to a lab  to see what kin it is.

                                           My big fear is that she removes the collar and scratches the sutures!

                                           We did a huge spring cleaning of the bedrooms and I found a lot of  missing stuff, life sweaters,earrings and necklaces! 

                                            We also emptied a catchall closet under the stairs, which brings me to the
                                             up for grab....


 It is the 2.5 qt Hearts decorator casserole with warmer.
 It has a stain on one handle, but a little scrub with barkeeper's friend
should take care of it.
A couple of months ago I had a taker but the lady disappeared...
and would not eturn my emails, so now you can have it for free,
you just need to pay for the shipping.
Next for grabs is this cutie pie
                         Sorry for the finger, I will try to upload a better picture later.
                                         It is the Terra 475 casserole with original box.
                                         But without the lid that I dropped and shattered!

 That was not a good day! LOL
Well same thing here, if you're interested, you let
me know and you just pay the shipping.
Got to go, I need to prepare supper.
Red pesto meatballs and ratatouille with
roasted cauliflower. YUM!
Have a great Sunday night!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I am always shocked how HUGE companies are all over the world.....


Look what I found in an ethnic grocery store the other day

                                           This is some kind of arab cheese spread

And about a day late I was purging some magazines and found this atrocious recipe

by KRAFT of course!

                                 Please KRAFT people what the heck is that???

                               This is not salad, this is a dessert!!!
                                What do you mean 'it is a must have side next to the holidday roast'???
                               I am nauseous just looking at this and imagining this pale green mess
                               next to a roast!
                               It might be better as a pudding!

                               Well KRAFT, I think you outdid yourself in the eeeewww department.

                               Who thinks this is a salad????

                               I want to know!     

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Woo Time sure Flies!!!

It seems Xmas was just weeks away.....

But the retail world is always a step ahead to make us spend...

                                                  Cute sugar cookies? YUM!
                                                  Rest assured I didn't buy any....But I know they are tasty!
                                             This is the CUTEST grocery list  pad EVER!
                                  Now I really wanted to ake you along wih me on a journey, a weight loss
                                   journey/experiment...but I forgot to send the document I was working on
                                   during my lunch hour, so it will be for another day!

                                   Be well!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Seen Around

Are you sick of Grumpy Cat?

Well I am not! LOL

As I was on the hunt for bargain Xmas leftovers last week I came across this

                                            Grumpy Cat fuzzies
                                                    I won't be spending my hard earned money on this

                                                    Cat's Pajamas...I wonder how my cats would feel about that!

                                                    And at that price I will NEVER EVER know!
                                                    Last pair of pajamas I bought for myself I got at $9.94!

                                          I really this sofa but didn't check out the price

                                           I would love to get or make a coffee table just
                                           like this with a built in shadow box.

                                           But my favorite thing I saw was this....
No words needed!
Have a great Sunday
Be well :)
        All the pictures were taken at Urban Outfitters
downtown Montreal                 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Xmas Decor and Maple Syrup

Now I didn't share enough Xmas pictures as I wanted to. I was so flustered and tired.

It seems I'm coming to my senses and have more energy.

So here goes....

                                          The Bay department store had a 50's themed Xmas decor
                                           Those mushrooms were adorable!
                                            If I'm not mistaken, the display was done in collaboration with
                                            Lord & Taylor

                                          I loved the color scheme for the kitchen. Would I do
                                          my kitchen like that? I don't think so.
                                                    Ok, last but not least....Le Creuset....
                                                    This is my fantasy piece. The Terinne mold.
                                                     I don't remember the price. All I remember is the whiplash
                                                     I got when I saw the prices of other pieces.
                                                     I own 2 Le Creuset , one Dan gave me in 1992 and the other I got in
                                                      1998. They were a lot cheaper back then!
                                                      Now they retail for $400-$500 each!!!

                                                      THAT IS CRAZY!!!!

                                                     Now for the maple syrup!

I thought this was a total hoot!
A GIANT can of maple syrup (the stuff dreams are made least
 in Quebec!)
It came from an art gallery on St-Lawrence blvd.
If I had a loft I would so get this....
and I would have a entire room dedicated to
(as if that is a surprise!)
Sleep well!
For Mick (my Casablanca friend) I' m about to finish season 2
of American Horror Story.
I think I like season 2 better. Jessica Lange is AMAZING!!!
The acting is sooooo good
I will watch the last episode tomorrow, I hope

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

I am wishing all of you a healthy and prosperous New Year!

I spent the last 2 days just watching TV, streaming American Horror Story, stuffing my face and vegging out in pjs on the sofa.

And I cleaned out the pantry and a pesky catch all drawer....

Purging and cleaning is always so satisfying. I can feel that 2014 will be a great year!

  Full of inspiration, road trips, thrifty finds and riches (of all kinds).

I feel blessed, full of energy and ready to go!

                                            This is a vignette from the backyard, so I actually see this as I
                                                 wash the dishes and it fills me with joy.

Santa and the penguins are keeping company
with Pinotte on top of her final esting place.
I had a feeling she would enjoy them and she reminded me of the penguins;
so it's a win-win for all!
This is it for tonight...Chopped Canada is beckoning!