Friday, November 28, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like....

Yes, yes, yes you got it right... XMAS!!!
Since it was snowing I decided to install the wreath on the door...and technically I'm not cheating 'coz Monday is the 1st of December....WOW time sure flies! Also I'm in a big cleaning mode....cleaned out the fridge (I definitly don't do that enough....I saw some SCARY STUFF!), cleaned out the big freezer in the basement, cleaned out the can pantry...I had expired soup cans....I never looked at the date until recently, and I read an article on the dos and don'ts of giving to the food banks...They said don't give expired food(some people do that???) so that's why I was going through the canned goods. I had a can of cream of chicken soup expired since 2003..OMG!!!
Anyways all the expired stuff is gone and I made a big bag (of NON expired non-perishable food) to give at the drive.
And I have been baking...not the actual cooking of the cookies, but making the dough to freeze so I can bake it at my leisure....First baking picture using my turquoise Pyrex bowls are Pfeffernusse ( a big fave at my house) those are german spice cookies with pepper...Yum! And yes Dad if you're reading this I will bring some when I visit on Sunday...:)

Next baking picture...using the NewDots Pyrex bowls...Xmas shortbreads...Not a big hit at my house...LOL...Actually I'm the only one who eats them...It was my maternal grandmother's recipe...It's the only thing I have left from her and I hadn't baked them in a couple of on I went my the shortbread. I like the green and red candied cherries and the chopped almonds.
Next Tuesday I'm going to the city..I will visit the chiropractor and the Salvation Army (heehaw) and after that a lunch with some friends I used to work with...TTFN!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Potato, potato

I say tomato, you say tomahto, I say potato, you say potahto, tomato, tomahto,potato, potahto let's call the whole thing off....

I tried today the most DELICIOUS potatoes...Fingerlings! I would see them on tv and in magazines...but fingerling potatoes hadn't reach my neck of the woods....(It seems that we get the new products I live in Boondocks, Quebec!!!) Anyways, I saw them today at my neighborhood Maxi & cie and I couldn't resist...I rinsed them, patted them dry and sprayed some olive oil on them...put them in a roasting pan with thyme sprigs and garlic cloves...a sprinkle of salt and pepper....30 min at 400F....To die for....hum,hum potato goodness!

I didn't take a picture I was too busy eating

Kinda slow on ebay and don't let me get started on Etsy.....I guess these things can take time!

later readers...:)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Naughty, naughty girl!!!

I have been a naughty girl! No thrifting Salvation Army.....And I didn't take a lot of pictures...

Basically I have been busy with getting rid of precious selling things in Ebay and Etsy and listing things is long; mesuring the box and weighing everything....

And like forever ago (nice phrase structure there!) I decided to make a quilt, I saved fabric and cut some squares, but that's it...So I started working on it ( It was on my "to do" list while unemployed...) Since I will go back to work eventually (euuuuurk) I need to put my pedal to the metal and get a move on!
And it is soooo cold here! 15 degrees for my american friends and minus 8 or 10 for my canadian readers....No snow! If it's cold I need the snow!!!
I had to pour hot tap water on one of my borders (yes i'm talking about gardening here) to thaw the soil so I could plant my fall bulbs....Brutal
The picture in my post is my mother's xmas they still work...brought back a lot of memories...I wonder if somebody will buy them. Ebay is like russian never know what will be a hit! But cleaning the house has been a life changing experience...No joke, I feel so liberated!
Later my friends!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tuesday's finds

It was very cold ,humid and grey last Tuesday in Montreal...Brrrrr!

I saw the same characters as I usually do...Don't ask me why, but the bulk of Salvation army shoppers I see are the same old

Anyways I found a 4 cup Pyrex Flameware coffee pot (without the insides), 2 Corelle saucer for the kitties and a Better homes and Garden book "Favorite ways with chicken" Those pictures are really funny today back in 1967 they were probably very chic and elegant! Ooohlala!!!
My Etsy boutique keeps me busy and non-vintage items I list on Ebay...Must clean the house!!! I made my first etsy sale Saturday and I was very excited! I hope I sell more things soon...:) This afternoon I will install my printer and try to scan things and print. I need to post some of those beautiful chicken
Have a nice day!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Idid it, I did it

I opened my own etsy shop!

It took me quite a while, but finally it's opened. I do need a place to send my overstock...If you know what I mean?

My shop will feature vintage linens, glass, pottery as well as vintage and handmade jewelry!

I will add many other items as time goes by, especially jewelry!

So stop by and say hi and start browsing coz' Xmas is just around the corner!

Thanks everyone and I hope to hear from you soon!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Belated Salvation army post

Better late than never!!!

First of all this is the Pittsburg souvenir tray. I got it after a flickr member expressed an interest in it..It is already on it's way to the Pittsburg area. How cool is that?

Next I got this swatch of beautiful psychadelic shocking pink and orange fabric for 1.50$. I also found parts of Pyrex...A handle for Flameware (the set came with 3 pots and just one handle..can you see something wrong with this picture???) I mean when your pot is on the stove with a handle the heat makes it swell and you can't remove the handle....So multiple handles are a MUST if you have flameware! And lo and behold a double boiler lid for my Dad, he had the bottom, I gave him the insert and finally the set will be complete....fantastic

I need to talk about the Salvation Army personnel...They're a bunch of characters allright!!! But I must say Hi to a special cashier, I don't know her name yet, but everytime a price is missing on your items she just yells 25 cents!!! How cool is that!!! That is what I paid for the double boiler lid and the Flameware Handle! WOW! Thank you anonymous Salvation Army Cashier! Thank you!!!

Well this is my two cents...until another day

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


On this very strange American election day, I feel very nostalgic and sad...I don't really know why
Maybe it is because everyday I close the garden more, maybe because i know that whatever the results of today's election my country will be affected by them....
Of course my blog is not supposed to be a forum for my political opinions, but I feel that sometimes the american goverment is bullying my goverment.... That for sure won't bring anymore positive comments on my blog...LOL
I was too lazy to take pictures of last week's loot at the salvation army.
I mailed a souvenir tray to the pittsburg region before I could photograph it and 2 items I found will be a small gift for Dad so I can't post a picture( he actually reads my blog...). Suddenly I started being more and more interested in vintage dad says I have very powerful and strange genes!!!
I will try to post a picture 2 morrow after I come back from the church basement. And tonite, I cannot bear to watch the election, it stresses me too much...I will remove caulk from around my tub and my kitchen sink!
Later my friends