Sunday, March 10, 2019


The house SOLD, the house SOLD, the house SOLD!!!!!!

What? What? What?

And it sold in less than 2 months...which is freaking amazing considering the price point.

All the stress fell and we caught this freak cold...If a cold and the flu had a love child!

That really kicked our butts...all the while trying to pack boxes, boxes and more boxes and trying to deal with the balance of my dad's stuff.

and working full it was good times all around!

This is also a very emotional time as I am purging, cleaning and finding this I was not aware of.

 My Dad was as shy as he was exuberant...Yes it happens
When he told me he had been nominated for an Emmy award for Cirque du Soleil's Dralion
he also told me he would not go and pick it up in L.A.
This is when he received it at his workshop.

 I took this picture from the TV.
I was watching the documentary that was released 
the year after his death. It was like visiting with him.

 This picture is from Google. He was in his early 20's.
His teachers had him pegged as a fashion designer
but he loved the theater.
So selling his house and moving is a huge thing but
it was a necessary thing.
I do not see our life as scrimping and scraping trying to get by 
, to pay insurance and those crazy municipal taxes....
So of my Dad's friends do not approve...
And to those people I say fiddledee!

And to this fuzzy bellied cat I say hello gorgeous!
Yoda loves to sleep on her back! 

When we move in my Dad's house we only bought
a sofa and a staked washer and dryer for small places.
this move we needed a kitchen table and we wanted a Tulip table
but after seeing the prices we opted for a lookalike not really Tulip table

 and those will be our dining room chairs. we decided to
refurbish our old chairs for the kitchen.
And after trying 50 plus sofas we decided to keep the 60's black vinyl
3 seater and put foam and new vinyl on it.

 Last week on a buy and trade Facebook site, I read
the message of a young woman who had recently separated and had 
2 kids and she was looking for this we could donate.
So I gave her these. She was so grateful and happy and I did not have to list them and deal with
weird classified buyers...

 I had to empty my freezer and look what I found...
pork chops from 2015! and they are not even freezer burned! 
I am my parents daughter and I will thaw them out and cook them.
My mother was a penny pincher and even if Dad loved to splurge he was really cheap on food!

 We also got through our first move.
Yes we will have 2 moves.
All my Dad's nativity is moved, 50 boxes, all the wood working tools
the freezer, the extra fridge and some furniture.
So that clears a lot of extra place for new boxes!

Seeing this makes me so happy, I feel tingly all over!
We have a red room right now and we love it, so this was 
a no brainer!

I just fined baking Dixie's Orange Cake from 
Pyrex prize recipe. This was a challenge from the Facebook group Pyrex and everything vintage!


That's it for tonight...Suddenly I am very, very tired

Take care faithful readers!