Sunday, January 3, 2021

Off to a good start

 Continuing on the positive sides of 2020. 

I tried a lot of recipes in 2020.

Some my family did not like at Hawaiian chicken, the breakfast crescent bake all of Youtube is raving about...not here I tell you! Hahahahaha

Yes that is the one! Ew !!!

Others were the breakfast burritos...super easy and you can freeze them. And the cowboy lasagna. Of course I had to tweak it...remove the corn add green and red peppers....and a lot less cheese. 

Today I bought a 13 pound brisket at the grocery store, portioned it wrapped and froze it. I plan to make a cola brisket and a corned brisket....I have no idea what that will end up as...because this is a super rare occurrence in Quebec super markets! I am thinking that since so many restaurants are closed, bulk distributors need to get rid of some specialty items. 

Cowboy Lasagna, 

Hoppin’ John to bring luck to 2021! 

Okay sweet folks, have a great evening, say warm and stay safe! 

Wear your mask!