Monday, May 28, 2018

Near the hotel

The thing with Rome is that you just never know what historic landmark
you might stumble on....

 if you head south on Via del Babuino or Via del Corso
you will stumble on Piazza del Populo or Place of the People
it is a huge Piazza were you can take multiple pictures.
On the South end there is the Leonardo da Vinci museum.

This is one of my favorite sight! The Spanish Steps bare of people!
A very rare sight!
The Spanish Steps were about 7 minutes from our hotel!
I am so glad my co-worker recommended this place!

On the top of the stairs there is the Trinita Dei Monti (the Trinity of the Monts).
A lovely church, not as popular as other to visit (a plus)

Be careful when climbing or descending the steps as there is a lot of wear
and you could loose your footing very easily.

The rain just stopped, so it is a matter of minutes before
the tourists descend on the Spanish Steps like a swarm
of locusts!

I probably already mentioned this...but you do not need to book super expensive tours
in Rome. If you have mobility problems I recommend the Hop on Hop off tour and it is
relatively inexpensive for Rome ...about $36 U.S.

until next time......

Have a great night!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Rome! Finally!

This is the trip I has been waiting forever for.

My Dad used to tell me that we had to go together before he was in a wheel chair.....

unfortunately he never made it. I was able to transfer his huge frequent traveler's points to my account and this was the final trip.

I had been to Italy 3 times with my parents and the last time was in 1974 or 1975.

We spent a week in the Historico Centro or the historical center of Rome. Yes it can be full of tourists, but there are plenty of small streets to discover and shop at.

This is the Victor Emmanuel monument.
It was was built in his honor since he was the first king of an
unified Italy.

That is a must see! Do you need to go inside? we did not.

 The thing to remember is that Rome is a museum, so
if you are travelling a don't need to pay for tours.
you can see amazing art in the streets just like this beautiful doorway.
 Or this fantastic fountain.
where do you see this/ in Rome of course!

And you can enjoy lazy delicious meals in these quaint terrasses in the street.

if everything goes as planned (it might not), I will do a series of posts on Rome.

Great restaurants, my hotel, cheap deals...

Thank you and good night!