Monday, June 12, 2017


I am really happy to announce that the books in the green room are gone to their new home!


200 boxes....OMG

All gone!

 A big weight is off my chest!
I feel I can move forward, enjoy life and have fun!

 Speaking of fun....
we went to an amazing church basement sale....
and of course we are not even out of the car that we spot these beauties...
I need to add Charities to our list of vintage addictions....
the wood will be refinished and we will enjoy those in our 2 living rooms.

 This sweet thing I spotted in a container in a flea market in eastern Ontario....
I just saw the color and knew I had to check it out! 
The seller wanted $7 and I offered $5.....
I kept it close to my heart until we came to the car...
Good thing I always pack bubble wrap and newspaper in the car!

 This past weekend was actually the first weekend in a long time without rain
and really cooler temperatures.....So we went to garden centers for supplies!
I bought a new papyrus plant for the water garden as well some water lettuces and originating plants.
It doesn't look like much now but as they grow it should look good.

One fountain more to go!
this one is the easy one.the size is manageable and not
too heavy...the other one another matter!

The rhododendrons are in full bloom.
My Dad loved them so much.
And he was always pushing me to buy some...
To tell you the truth they scared the bejesus out of me!
But now that I have 15 in the is okay.
we do our best and that's it!

What more can we do?