Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Going on

I am sorry for the lack of posts. Things have been emotional here in the house made of Pyrex.....

Besides the move, Bob's passing, we lost a friend who fought a long and hard battle against cancer. She was , no is a light and always will be. I rarely saw someone who lived life with so much passion.

Bandito has been throwing up more than usual and there was some blood. Thank God that was just a scare for the time being. It was fixed with some hair ball remedy.

On the positive side we are on vacation and are taking the opportunity to show this move who is boss and get organized.

So far so good. Of course we are squeezing in so R&R...We saw Jurrasic World in 3D, I loved it! Being transported to a different place, with lots of action to boot....SWEET!

We made a lot of headway in the basement and will be ready for the next big garbage.

Today we roadtripped to the west....We ended up in Lachute, QC where Tuesday means Flea Market...

                                          I am not sure but I think this is an alternate Pyrex Primary
                                          bowl set. I didn't ask the price....

                                             This seller had the most beautiful dahlias and tomatoes

                                             Back in Cornwall, I spied some Forest Fancies at the local VV
                                                    Pyrex sisters hanging out.....

This trivet made me nostalgic for Italy
Last time I was there was 1975. It was amazing and
I can't wait to go back.

Keep on smiling!
(I really need that!)


Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Even through the tears, life is funny and quirky...

My neighbors ( I am a millionaire and female semi-pro clown) sold their house and moved out...And they threw a lot of stuff out.

                                I can't believe she threw out one of her costumes. I called this one the Pikachu.
                                I could stop from laughing. Dan wasn't too happy when I whipped out my phone
                                to take a picture....Be discreet, I hope they don't see you...Well I hope I never see
                                them again, they were very self centered and would blab on and on about their                                             possessions....

                               My other picture is about something very serious....
                               What happened to the PRICE of beef???

                                          Nearly $19 for a puny blade roast....OUCH!
                                          And that is at the cheap super market (Maxi & Cie in Qu├ębec or Canada's                                                   Superstore in the rest of the country)

                                          Instead I bought a discounted nearly expired piece of brisket that I marinated
                                          with red wine, onions, Worcestershire, soya sauce and spices....
                                          From now on I will only buy red sticker discounted meat....

                                          Take care and sleep well!


Thursday, June 11, 2015

I have a hole in my heart

That is the only way I can explain it. I have a hole in my heart and an emptiness in my soul.

As soon as you adopt a living being you are responsible for its life. Food,water,care, love ....that is on your shoulders.

You don't decide that you un-adopt a pet just because it doesn't live to your expectations....

14 years ago, I got a request to adopt a kitten and I turned it down. I felt I had good reasons, we already had 4 cats...That was on a Saturday, 2 days later, the woman who adopted him called and said I don't want him, he's too needy, he wants too much attention.

So after work  on that same Monday we drove all the way to St-Eustache and got that unwanted kitty.

We named him Billy Bob (Bob for short) and the rest is history....

Bob loved to be outside, even in the snow.

                                          Bob with his special lady friend Peanut (Pinotte)

                                          He didn't find this hat too amusing.....

He loved to explore new places, like new furniture

                                          He too, loved glassware....

So after 14 glorious years, we had to send Bob back to his maker....He was feeling poorly and wasn't enjoying life as much. I am sure that mice and chipmunks in the neighborhood are celebrating because he was quite the hunter!

                               You will be dearly missed, my dear Bob. Who will bite my nose at night and snuggle real tight? You are an excellent cat, fly free and say hi to Pinotte (Peanut)

RIP Bob 2001-2015

Sunday, June 7, 2015

More awesome goodies!

So everything is progressing along for the move.

In the meantime here are the other things (TREASURES) I found in the church basement....

                                          A Frontier Town metal tray . I wish I had known about this place or any vintage
                                          amusement park when I was a kid...We didn't have a car and amusement parks                                           were basically verboten....
                                          And it is from the Adirondacks....I love going there!
                                                    I also have a deep love for paint by numbers art.
                                                    So when I saw this matching pair of egrets beauty's
                                                     I was hooked!
                                                    I think they will look smashing in my new bedroom!

            On move related news...Dan believes we have 300 boxes...SAY WHAT????? Even with the Pyrex
             I don't think we have over 200...

             I  'll keep you posted!

Monday, June 1, 2015


Last Saturday was the big annual church bazaar in St-Zotique.

We decided to wake up extra early, to leave extra early not to miss anything. We arrived at 7:10 am and the sale starts at 8! So back to the car for some coffee!

So at 7:45 am we joined the line and waited....At 8:00 the doors opened and the stampede started! CHARGE!!!

I made a b-line to the Xmas decorations wishing  for some blowmolds...

Instead I found these...

                                          Putz beauties!
                                             The funny thing is that there are 3 churches in the box....
                                          I love the loofa schrubs....

                                         They look barely used! And so white!
                                          I am thrilled that they came from a non-smoking house!
                                        Oops, this one is out of focus....but you still see the
                                         Woolworth sticker! 19cents...big spender

I got some more things but there still in the car trunk.....Sorry