Sunday, June 29, 2008

Going, going, gone !!!

I decided to start my post by showing you a picture of part of my garden. At the back right you can see the Ottawa river, which is just across the street. If find that picture rather delightful. Now for another subject...
I am quite surprised at the Ebay activity for my Barbie stuff! I didn't know there would be so much interest.

And it is a wonderful learning experience, I learned about shipping(again), revising a listing and much more.

I am already starting to take pictures of new things and to write new descriptions. I like that part very much.
I won't be posting for a few days, coz I'll be going to the seaside: Hampton Beach NH!!! I can't wait to nibble on some steamers, fried clams, and boiled lobstah! I haven't been to Hampton in 4 years (that's long), I have been going to OOB (old orchard beach), which I love, but I have a soft spot for Hampton (go figure ! It is quite the tacky place). I'll bring back loads of pictures and some Pyrex (I hope).
So see you around!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tropical Heat WAVE

Man it is hot in here! I feel like I am sitting inside a volcano! On the exterior thermometer it is 42 celsius which is 1000 degrees farenheit!!!
At left is a picture of the Wing's sign (noodle factory) in Montreal's Chinatown. It is a very old sign, and I had to take a picture! I just love old signs.

Yesterday at the Salvation Army they had a 50% off sale. When I arrived at 10 to 10 in the AM, the end of the line was in the street! OMG. And when the doors opened, people were running all over the place, and I found myself running with my little green basket, pushing and shoving people thinking " Get out of my way, keep your hands off my pyrex, you don't know nothing you fools! the Pyrex is mine, all mine, MINE damn it!" you know what ? I might need therapy....
Did I ever mention that my father is a Pyrex freak also? No? well he is and in a big way! Oh he is a character all right! My father decided that he was going to build me my Pyrex collection! And he enlisted Pyrex soldiers! Yes soldiers that roam the Montreal thrift stores and gather Pyrex for me! But soldiers need tutorials...some get sooo excited to find what they think is Pyrex that they buy anything! I get a lot of Corelle, and Fire King and Hazel atlas, you know the drill...After they report to my father, he puts the Pyrex in big plastic crates for me to collect when I visit.
Sometimes it takes the fun out of collecting but it gave a new bounce in my father's step (he's 72) so it is for a good cause.
So anyways yesterday I found a small butterprint refrigerator dish with cover (1.49), a square fruit salad transparent dish (.30) and a small cup (tom and jerry Xmas punch bowl set hazel atlas) for a measly 19 cents. All in all a very good morning.I included a picture of my finds!

I will keep you posted on the Barbie on Ebay situation in a later post...It did occupy me most of the week...
Have a nice weekend Thrifters....

Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh well!

This is a picture of the cactii garden (at right) I made yesterday using the cactus pot I got at salvation army last week and the tall spiky cactus my boss gave me on my last day at work.
So on with the post!!!
Ok days never develop like you plan, NEVER!

I'm not mad or anything, but it rained and I didn't take any pictures! I fixed the hose, filled the pool, sowed more cucumbers and some flowers. Did most of the work for the melon/squash patch. Prepared supper. Worked on the Barbie/Ebay thing and of course took a nap!

Tonite is the eve of my national holiday (the provincial one) and to celebrate in style I should go to a public place (park would be good) and drunk (on canadian beer, of course) and watch a bonfire/fireworks depending on the municipality.

We were supposed to make a fire outside, but I'm not sure. Not sure about the drinking part either...So I might watch West side story on Bravo!

I think I'm gonna be tired after listing those barbie clothes all evening....

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Up your nose with a rubber hose

It seems I have a real bad Karma with garden hoses...The one I bought 2 years ago has already 2 repairs and last week I turned it on and I was soaked from top to bottom. So this morning we went to Home Depot to get some parts(funny it is the only chain that carries those parts...)

I bought 2 sets just in case ans a small round kinda fuzzy cactus to go in the cactus pot I bought las week at Salvation army.

Besides that I took pictures of Barbie and Skipper clothes and wrote some descriptions (21 to be exact) . I managed to throw stuff in the crock pot for supper and I even took a nap with Peanut.

If it doesn't rain tomorrow I have a big gardening day, if it rains I'll be taking pictures so I can post some interesting eye candy for you, faithful readers....

Here is a delightful picture of Peanut (the tuxedo cat).

Have a nice evening!


Friday, June 20, 2008

I love orange

I was getting discouraged yesterday at the Salvation Army, when I spotted a flash of bright orange, in between ordinary stuff..There it was...Just like I wanted, bright, shiny, and so, so orange. I flew to it (I would've pitied the fool who came between me and my Pyrex!). I held it in my hands, not believing it.
Isn't gorgeous? Of course you have to love orange! I found the lid on another rack, and I couldn't believe my luck.
However I'm not sure it is the right lid, because as per my research, that is a pre-1950 lid, and I don't think that color existed in the 50's. If I'm correct that dish would be part of Citrus, and I just looked it up and it seems that was introduced in the 70's.
Besides that i found some Hazel Atlas cups, but I haven't cleaned them yet, so no pictures! I'm keeping that for a later post.
That's all folks!
Have a nice weekend

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Zohan loves hummus

I went to see Don't mess with the Zohan, and I loved it. It won't be making my Best movies of all times list, but it was entertaining. I LMAO. Of course it is childish. It insulted every minority under the sun and more! I did appreciate the fact that he had a thing for older, rounder wowen. And Adam Sandler worked real hard at the gym, that is for sure...

I spent my morning washing Barbie's clothes, dolls and accessories. I will try to sell them. I saw i had valuable stuff and i still need to take pictures. I will keep you informed.

Tomorrow is Salvation Army day, so I can't wait to see the treasure I might find. I will use the law of attraction to summun some Pyrex! So far I'm not have lunch with anybody, so I might go to the Golden Arches (it has been ages...)



Tuesday, June 17, 2008

From the Pyrex archives!

Ok so now I'm just starting to photograph the are a couple of pieces.

This one I got at Value Village in the West Island, it was 7.99. I remember quite vividly running around the store with it in my arms, so excited!
This one actually has a name! It is called the 10 cent casserole. It comes from Ontario (A great spot for Old Orchard pattern...). I got it from Ebay and nobody bidded on it , except yours truly. The shipping wasn't that outrageous (8 $ or something). So I don't feel guilty. I have mixed feelings for Old Orchard, because i find that pattern kinda ugly, but I love Old Orchard Beach (oob) so it brings back memories. Memories of fun, sand, water, lobster and PYREX!
When i started collecting Pyrex (last summer) it was innocent enough! I was looking for a red 402, a blue 401 and a yellow 404. I only had the green 403 given to me by my mother.

I bought my first piece in Paris, NH (I think). In a charming little antique shop right on the road. It was a blue 402 and i couldn't recall for the love of god that i was looking for a red one!

It was 7$ and turns out (I just recently found out...) That it is a Horizon Blue 402 bowl! Thank God for this wounderful site "The Pyrex Files".Well live and learn.
That's it for today. In a later post, I'll write about the rest of the Pyrex Beginning!

Monday, June 16, 2008

New day, new begining

Good Monday folks!

One of my downtime project was to become an Ebay seller to get rid of some stuff, and i did just that las month.

Friday I sold my first item, an pre-1970's Tayo Blink-a-gear robot. I was real excited, but down at the same time, I was sure I was going to get more money. But I sure got i lot of experience!! All that shipping stuff, BRUTAL!

So today, i packed my robot and i was kind of sad....I had that robot for as long as I remember! So it like 40 years! I included a picture of the robot(it will be traveling to the UK shortly...) and myself. NASTY picture i tell you!!!

Here are some pictures of what i scored last week at salvation army...
3.99 for the cake pan, 2.99 for the snowflake dish
3.99 for the Woodland 441, 1.99 for the cactus pot.
The fols at Salvation army are catching on about the Pyrex (!@#$%^&*())%$#@^%^). It seem every week it is more expensive!!! I know it is for a good cause, but you know....not my wallet!
Last Friday, i did a bit of putting away in the Pyrex department, because my better half told me the the big wood armoire containing most of the Pyrex, was sooooo heavy that a floor joist cracked(urban legend? I haven't seen the joist in question yet....)
In my next posts i will try to include pictures of my Pyrex collection,and other...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

That what friends are for....

Like I mentionned earlier, I was laid off . I could have replaced myself in another job for the same company but after 18 years of bullshit...Enough was enough....

I looooooovvvvvvveeeee not working it is the most amazing feeling EVER! When I start working again (It will surely happen sooner or later) I want to work doing something I love (But I haven't figured it out yet...).

So anyways the real hard part was leaving my friends, I had soooo much fun with them. Somedays we laughed so hard we nearly peed in our pants! I still go downtown (Montreal) every Thursday for my Yoga class, so i drop by my old gang, and we laugh and go out for lunch. Last week during my visit, Chantal (the recycler) told me i should have a blog, so i could write my adventure and show videos and stuff like that...So here we are...Thank you Chantal ( for recycling) (and for suggesting the blog thing). I will get to the videos eventually..I promise!

So folks TTFN (tata for now)

And I leave you with a picture of Boubou (the quirkiest cat i ever saw!)

Monday, June 9, 2008

National treasure

Good morning!

Last night i watched National treasure 2. So what's up with Nicolas Cage's hair and his face? I'm sure he had some work done but I can't put my finger on it. He looks kind of mummyfied!!!
It was exagerrated but entertaining at the same time.

I found a product that takes care of those pesky utensil marks on Pyrex. It is called Cameo anti-tarnish cleaner and is manufactured by Lavo (a Montreal company). As per the name, it is used for tarnish. It does an amazing job on pots and pans. If you use it on pyrex, you must scrub very carefully as not to remove the paint.

Also i received an Ebay purchase: An individual Pyrex flamingo casserole with lid. It is so pretty!

Have a nice one,


Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Pyrex kind of day

Saturday is garage sale day...But on top of it I had an appointment to the hairdresser, so I had to check out as many as I could without being late for my cut.

After 3 garage sales i was still empty handed, but i still had a chance with a big church flea market in Vaudreuil-Dorion after the salon.

But that meant going there aroung noon, and we all know the good stuff goes real fast!

I think Pyrex is still kinda unknow around these parts, because i was able to score a 444 Butterprint cinderella bowl (3 $) SWEET.

Ok there is some utensil marks on the exterior, but the interior is shiny. I'm still looking how to clean those marks...If somebody can give me a shout out, I'll appreciate it greatly.

Also two little white Glasbake custard cups (.25 each) were bought.

So all in all a fruitfull day. I had a light lunch of asian Soba noodle salad with veggies and cold chicken. Delicious!
I must confess that picture is not mine, it's from Ebay. As soon as i have time to photograph my collection, I will post the pictures in my blog.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Good evening and welcome future readers!

In this blog I will write about my life, my thoughts, the people I like, the stuff I like. And of course what I don't like, but i'm getting ahead of myself!

I recently lost my job at a big telecom company in Canada, and I finally have time to explore the Web's possibilities....

I hope you will fine my posts entertaining. Enjoy!