Saturday, October 17, 2020

What I have been up to

 Well as you know...confinement is what it is...we enjoyed a couple of months of freedom and then the second wave hit. 

I miss the freedom...Going to the office, in the big city all by myself....ordering a bagel for breakfast...

Walking in the underground city..a maze of malls, tunnels, shops and restaurants. I miss the delicious ramen at Marusan with black garlic oil. 

My eyes miss seeing the buildings and colors of downtown Montreal. The office tower is closed. I could go in and work all alone...but my better half doesn’t like it...because I suffer from asthma. 

I used to work 3 days a week at the office, which means 9 meals out (bad girl) . But it kept me sane. 

Covid has forced me to cook a lot more and at the same time gave me the opportunity to make more time
Consuming recipes like perogies from scratch....these are so good! 

And who doesn’t love a good upside down pineapple cake? 
I haven’t made one of these in more than 5 years! 
Very good! 

And of course I am overloading in YouTube videos...lots of great recipe ideas...lots of different lifestyles...and I love learning things! 

Old family recipe stuffed peppers from Jehanne Benoit a Quebec classic.

This is a new one ...Swedish meatball..headed for the freezer
I I bought a spelt cranberry apple bread and it was so full of holes I decide to make french toast...delicious and I froze extras for other breakfasts.
Last but not least...this is zucchini, cheddar beer bread..
Smelled great but way less tasty than I expected!

So in a nutshell..I watch a lot of youtube ...homemaking videos with lots of recipes...which I try when they sound good.

I am definitely very lucky. I can work from home, can pay my bills and feel oh so very blessed. 

Do you feel blessed? If so please share!