Sunday, April 28, 2013

New beginnings

We did a lot of cleaning ,window washing, curtain cleaning, purging,shining,polishing over the weekend.

So I got to change one of the kitchen display

                                             Doesn't it look so fresh?

Thankfully these hardworking people were able to join friends and have dinner and deliver some Pyrex

                                           We were invited by Dan's sister in law for supper and what do you know she adopted a nest of bowl!


Old Orchard set in its new home
To tell you the truth I'm soooo tired, I need to turn in to be fresh for tomorrow :)
Sleep tight!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just what the doctor ordered!

Well the doctor didn't order anything, but I knew that I needed some R & R! And thrifting of course!

Didn't get much thrifting done, but I rested and relaxed an recreated.

We packed a small bag and went to Saranac Lake, NY in the North Country. It is just my kind of place...Forests, lakes, crispy air, no responsabilities.....

We had snow,rain and hail; it was so beautiful!

So definitely we are northern people, I don't think we'll be moving to Texas or Georgia anytime soon.

It was so nice. We ate great food too!

                Actually I was so relaxed I forgot to take pictures of Saturday's lunch and dinner.
                This is corned beef hash with homemade bread from the Blue Moon Cafe.

                                   OMG it was one of the best breakfast I'd ever had! And my first corned beef hash experience.

                                 It is a really hippie homie place.

Super cute mini terrace!
We will definitely go back
The food was fresh, homemade and reasonneably priced
This is the view from he hotel.
I hope we will be able to rent a cottage for a week soon! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Santa Off Season

Well I finally cracked a timeless mystery....

What does Santa do in the off season?

Get plastered of course!

I caught a glimpse (or 2) in my backyard last week...

You got caught with your pants down! 

                                            No wonder you're smiling! What will Mrs. Claus think!

                             Have a great weekend friends, I hope to bring back great tales, fantastic pictures and amazing deals as I am going on a mini roadtrip :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

At the thrift

I don't have access to a lot of thrift shops... some are easily acccessible, some OMG, it takes a lot of planning to go!

Last Thursday I went to Renaissance in Verdun. This place is truly a haven for weirdos, yours truly included , except I don't sniff dishes and I try to not thrift'n'fart!

So this is what I found

From what I could gather from ebay this is a zulu lulu glass (right) with friend.
Made in the 50's by Federal Glass.
These are not politically correct at all but great fun. The irony? the cashier at the thrift was from Haiti and didn't even bat an eye, LOL.
Dan was thrilled to add to the barware collection!
Now I got this for me and the living room as I think it goes perfectly with the 60's theme!
 I think this was a pudding dish. My parents had wine glasses from this set in Amber.
I think you could buy them from the Eaton's catalog.
It looks beautiful with a Patchouli from Yankee Candle.
(It seems I got my blogging mojo back, fingers crossed!)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Letting go

Well this is spring cleaning time and we're going full throttle!

We changed home insurance and they are sending an inspector for a risk assessment (oh joy oh bliss)

so we'd better clean up the basement FAST!

It was a hard decision but I decided to let go of some Pyrex...Yep, culling the Pyrex.

Here's what i'm letting go so far

An Old Orchard bowl set. I'm happy to say that my SIL Johanne adopted them right away!

                                A Woodlands bowl set

A Promo Hearts casserole with warmer
A Golden Acorn divided dish
I've texted my cousins but I'm doubtful they will adopt
I won't be putting them in the shop because people will be reluctant to pay the hight shipping for those heavy pieces.
There are no flea markets renting booths in my area and I don't feel like keeping them for a garage sale....
So in case you want them, I'm giving them away but you'll need to pay the shipping.
Otherwise they will be headed to my friendly neighborhood church basement.
Deciding to let go feels amazing! 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday 1:23 pm

Yes that is snow amongst the tulips.
Another spring snow fall
I'm happy I had the presence of mind to wear:
a) my winter coat
b) my big ass pale blue water proof boots
from the boot contraband at work
I dropped by the thrift store
today's weirdo was a late middle aged woman with pony tails (grey) that farted as she pushed
her cart. Good times!
I believe I preferred the guy who was sniffing the dishes last week...
Here's some stuff I left for other lucky people
I thought it was a Barbie lamp (rats) it Beauty from Beaty and the Beast
That is a weird wood watering can
YIKES! I don't know which is worse!
I did find some thrifty joy but it was crusty,so....I'll blog about them later
Be well and sleep tight :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

All ready

We got an Eater lunch invitation from my cousin Josee.

She lives up north, in the mountains. She summounned what is left of the Montreal clan for an ham/ mashed potatoes/ green stuff and much fun lunch.

She asked me to do an appetizer but there was a bit of how shall I say it? That is when my dad decided he was going to make fennel salad and I was to bring chocolates....

Oh well, this got me pretty confused and finally I decides to stand my ground and actually bring some salads (which are not technically apps, I grant you).

We are baguette/ olives/ pickles/ pate app people. We like to graze.

So I made fennel and orange salad and asian slaw.

                                Dan made sure the lids were secured. What is not to love?
                                The Pimk Daisy was Gran-Mimi's so it was just like bringing her to Easter lunch; well the next best thing. 

                               I tought that the Pink Daisy and the green jug went so well together
                               I just had to snap the moment up.

                               We had a great lunch with great laughs and best of all the young ones were eager to take leftovers with them for lunches! COOL!

                                    Today we just hung out, read the newspaper and watched the final three episodes of The Walking Dead. I can't believe I will have to go without for 6 months!