Monday, August 30, 2010

Delicious Saturday

The original plan was to get up early, go pick up my dad, hit Finnegan's, eat at Smoke Meat Pete (You can't beat Pete's Meat) and drive my dad back. Unfortunately dad had to work on saturday....

So instead we got up early, packed some sammies and hit Finnegan's all by ourselves. The day was perfect, sunny not too hot(until afternoon) and flea market lovers were out in full force!

Those 2 lovelies were begging for a good home!

I always like a boxfull of bakelite handled cutlery.

Is that the Primary set I see? Too kaching and too worn out!

Lovely glass, Pyrex and Fireking Primrose

I want!

I am curious by that small wasn't the same primary blue and it had a newer stamp underneath from the late 70's early 80's...Microwaveable

I nearly had a heart attack at this table....There's not much I like better than seeing a big group of bowls!LOL

I found some totally fab things for the shop....

A Fred Press liquor caddy! How cool is that? Don Draper has one on his desk for sure!

And the ladies who have lunch are bound to serve it on some lovely FireKing Luncheon plates!

How was your weekend?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Look What I Found !

It was slim pickin's at the church thrift this week...sad face
How ever I found 2 gems! I bought myself a flannel pijama; the same pattern I had for years and loved it soooo much I  wore it until it was full of holes! So I could'nt resist especially since it was a medium instead of an XL!

Sorry about the fuzzy pic!

I also found this...

The Parker Bros game of Finance! Manufactured in Canada in 1958 and in really good condition!

A cool addition for the store :)

Last but not least; a pic for my pal Mick...See I bake in my fridgies and they didn't break!

Have a great weekend! I'm off on a secret expedition!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

YUM! Cream of Cucumbers!!!

As promised here's the recipe from my cream of cucumbers; it's especially good this time of year when we have more cukes than we know what to do with...At my local farmstand you could get 5 big cukes for a buck (talk about thrifty!)

This recipe comes from my good friend Josée and I don't know where she got it. I miss you Josée and I can't wait to see you!

Cream of Cucumbers

6 TBSP butter (I always use less)
1 small onion
3 cucumbers seeded and peeled (I always use more and if the seeds are small they stay in and the peel too!)
5 TBSP flour (I used whole wheat and nobody noticed)
6 C chicken stock
1 TBSP chives or parsley
Salt and pepper
1/4 tsp thyme and basil
1/2 tsp chervil (I use lovage)
1 laurel leaf
A smidgeon of ground clove

Melt butter in large pot, add oinion then cukes cook at low heat about 15 min. Add flour and cook 3 min.
Remove pot from heat and add 1 C of stock, stir and put back on the stove and add the rest of the stock.Season. Cook at low heat about 40 min, then remove laurel leaf blitz with your wand mixer.
I usually decorate the soup with chopped chives or chopped green onion. It is great hot or room temperature.

Enjoy!  And remember that everything tastes better in Pyrex!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Retro Tuesday: Cool Cooler

A beautiful Retro Tuesday to you! Needless to say I slept like a baby!

I was so tired I didn't watch all of SYTYCD Canada, let's face it there is just so much I can take of Jean-Marc Genereux's tirades...Give it up Canada! You are a VID (very insane dancer) I swear he says that 10-15 times a show!

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for.....The giveaway results....Henry the Xmas Elf was tied up so I turned to the firm of Pinotte,Boubou,Yoda and Bob to monitor the draw...


Congratulations Linda! WOOHOO! I'll be sending some sweet stuff your way!

Ok now for Retro Tuesday! Like I mentionned in the previous post, I got myself  a B-Day gift, I always do.This year it's this cutie:


When I saw it on Etsy my knees got weak! It was so sweet and vintage and remeinded me of a suitcase I had when I was 5 years old. So I bought the bag, I figured I could use it on my upcoming trip to Maine.
I received it yesterday and it's not really a bag...It's a cooler!

Funny how the Etsy store owner never mentionned it!
It was manufactured by Nappe-Smith and the tag says a Thermo-Keep product by Nappy, Farmingdale N.J, insulated with fiberglass. I'm gueesing by the pattern, it's from the 60's.

It looks barely used, the vinyl is not cracked and there are no stains on it; it even came with the key! It will hold beverages beautifully!

Check out that beautiful pattern! In the tones of blue and green I love so much!

Now no post is completed without some SWEET Pyrex love!


This is yesterday's cuke harvest. And I had a big bag in the fridge! So I made some cream of cucumbers. It doesn't really tastes of cucmbers and it's a great way to use them instead of pickles.

I might post the recipe tomorrow (I have to translate it....:( )

Ok bye for now folks! I'm gobbling up breakfast then hopping to the farm stand and later to the you know what....

Be sure to visit my pal who I hope is on the mend and not coughing up a lung, the very funny and crazy Tracy over at Crazy Suburban Mom for more Retro Tuesday fun!

Monday, August 23, 2010

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It!!!

So for my B-day I got myself two gifts....One I will blog about tomorrow on Retro Tuesday right after I announce the winner of my giveaway.

The other is very amazing, It makes me feel SSSSOOOOO GOOD! are you ready? Do you want to know what I got that totally rocked my world???

Today I gave my letter of resignation to EPM! Yes I did! And I feel like a million bucks, all light and tall and skinny! As if I was a being made of light! And I also gave a copy to the store manager to make it more official, 'coz let's face it I never know what is up her sleeve....

She didn't even read it! It sat on her desk litlle a dead fish....Oh well! I'm sure I will hear from it 2 morrow!

 This is what I felt like! Tons of beautiful Pink Pyrex! Pink and delicious looking :)

I'm sure I will sleep like a log! LOL

See you tomorrow faithful readers and friends!

Lovely Surprise!

First of all good morning and a gorgeous week to you! Yesterday I had 79 followers and I just found out I lost one :(

Friday morning was in the top 10 bad mornings of recent history. I couldn't open the safe for dear life. I tried 15 times at least....and no opened safe means no cash register, no debit machine, I.E I couldn't open the postal counter of UNjoy...I had help from the head cashier and she couldn't open it either....I had to call and wake up my super nice (no joke) colleague  who works nights and saturdays and she finally guided me and helped me open the !"/$%?&* safe! So I was able to open the postal counter at 9:20. I'm sure I'm going to hear about it this afternoon because EPM is back from vacation. Just thinking about it, my stomach clenches!

However in the afternoon a lady was at the counter asking for me...My first thoughts were 'what did I do wrong now?' Well I didn't do anything wrong it was France from the cool blog I follow Passion of Milk Glass Collecting ! She came over to say hi! I was so glad and surprised to see her! She brought a nice ray of sunshine in a crazy day!

Saturday I was stuck working 9 to 5. This was sooooo boring! Boring really tires me out! Once again at 8 pm I was conked out on the sofa on a saturday night!

Yesterday was my B-day and to tell you the truth I was sooo glad to be home, I didn't want to go out! Dan stayed in pjs all day, I cooked, I vegged out, ate B-Day cupcakes, took a nap...I tell you I was in cocooning heaven!

I also listed a bunch of things in the store, I had a lot of backlog...I found this great tray in the church basement, barely used, with the knife and the original box, it came from Consumer's (Distribution aux Consommateurs). That chain of stores was all accross Canada and closed in the late 90's. I used to love that store! You would go in, fill out an order form with those little dinky pencils, give it to a clerk and they would fetch the merchandise for you. I'm sure France and Erin you remember those guys.

A true gem for the store!

So that was my weekend! I haven't forgotten about the giveaway dear readers, I will have the results tomorrow morning at the latest!

Have a great day! 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Big Garbage Friday: What my Neighbor Threw Out!

I just want to welcome my new followers; I hope you'll enjoy your visits! I haven't had time to check out your blogs because of my crazy schedule you know where....

Last night I was surprised to see a woman running with a wheelbarrow full of bags and stuff...She looked kinda familiar; i think it was my neighbor's sister. Between 2 trips; I checked out the pile 'o' crap....  

Are those legs I see???

Hello dolly!

Magazine rack still with the eeewww magazines in.

This was one for hoarders for sure! there were bags and bags of old stuffed animals and uninteresting stuff in garbage bags.

Just then I remembered that a couple of years ago when I had mice, she had some too and she told me she didn't call the exterminator...She just picked up he mouse poo with a broom and stuffed the holes they came from with kleenex. KLEENEX??? In which parallel universe does she live?

So I kept my garbage poking to a minimum....Until I saw...and dragged them home...

Who can say no to a free plastic snowman who lights up and a funky weird but with potential coffee table?


I gave the table a good cleaning and left it outside for the night. I'll clean Mr. Snowman later. I already found him a place for this winter!

Last few days to participate in my giveaway....Right HERE ! Please comment on that post for a chance to win some fun vintage and new stuff!

Have a great Friday! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

VTT: Vintage Shoe Shine Box

A very good VTT to everyone! I'm linking to the original VTT party over @ Colorado Lady . So come over for a visit and join the fun!

Today's post will be a short one as I have the early shift at the postal counter of UNjoy.

Today's item is something I have seen all my life, all of my 44 years. The shoe shine box.

I remember my mom telling me she bought this in the 50's. I don't know where. It was in the kitchen when I was growing up and I used it a lot as seating and a step stool. I feel a tiny bit guilty because it needs some TLC....I need to put a couple of nails in the bottom to make it hold!

Sorry about the flash! I was in a real hurry yesterday as I took the pics and had to use the flash because the light in the hall is minimal at best. I love the handmade painting on it.

It still holds shoe polish, brushes and rags; all the fixins to keep your shoes and boots beautiful. I use it regularly because I'm a firm believer that shined shoes look more polished and professional!

Have a great VTT!
Keeo on thrifting :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just Plain Ol' Tuesday!

Yesterday was one of the shitiest day EVER at the postal counter...It started by reading a note that EPM (evil post mistress) left me because OF COURSE I had made a mistake and a customer brought back a letter that wasn't his on Friday, it came from an eastern country and the postal code was oh so wrong! So I looked it up the phone book and didn't find the name. It made me feel sad that this letter came from so far away and wouldn't be I took it upon myself to look up the address at home on the internet, so I left the letter in a safe place and EPM came in on Saturday and threw a hissy fit because of that mysterious letter!
 Needless to say that my internet search didn't lead to anything so yesterday I returned the letter and I'm glad I went the extra mile for that customer even if they never find out about it.

I can handle criticism, I make mistakes, heck I'm only human! It's the tone of the note that got to me and the negative energy. Crazy, but I can so feel it!

One lady yelled at me twice because I wouldn't give her a registered letter without seeing some ID. That one actually threatened me! EASY LADY! I'm only doing my job and protecting you against fraud!

I also got attitude from another woman because the man who wired her money sent her 79.99$ and not
80$   !

It must have been in the stars because a lot of people I know had a crappy one yesterday...

Now on to other subjects!

Last month after seeing Tracy's pantry , you can witness it for yourself right HERE ; I decided to clean mine.

Here's what I found...6 kinds of vanilla! They say 3 makes a collection...uh oh!
 I see crappy ones...the Ciba and Caridom don't taste too good...a leftover from Costco-I think that one is at least 10 years old! Eeeeewwww! LOL
Some homemade one (not strong enough) and the creme de la creme the big bottle on the right brought back from Mexico by a friend who knows I bake a lot . It is so good ,it's sinful! 
Ok so I kept the really good one, the homemade one and the white Caridom (which is great for white frosting).

I've declared that I will make my own B-Day cake because I'm always disappointed about store bought cakes....Here you have crappy supermarket stuff or Premiere Moisson which is like the mafia of Quebec bakeries; they're everywhere and they force you to buy their stuff because they're putting little Mom & Pop bakeries out of business. So you buy their stuff because you don't have the choice. Granted they make killer breads but I say Nay Nay to a 30$ average cake! I'm so over Premiere Moisson, it's ridiculous!
I don't have a lot of free time to bake because I work eveyday this week (even saturday), so I decided to bake some cupcakes and frost them with coffee icing...HEAVEN! 

Ok no post is complete without a Pyrex pic.
 This pattern is unofficially called 'Eyes'. Nothing is known about it; and it doesn't even have the Pyrex stamp on the bottom. It is thought to have been made only in 2 sizes 403 (pictured here) and 401 (the smallest). I got this one from Ebay 2 years ago, quite reasonnable too, but right now I'm really looking for the smallest one. If you see one or you have one you don't want write me and we'll do business!

Have a great day!

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Week

OMG time flies sooo fast! Another week is starting!

I had a lot of fun this weekend! On saturday I went with my BFF DeeBee to a Sew Basics sewing course. Yes I can sew a bit but I get intimidated a lot by the whole process!

We arrived early to choose our fabrics...


My selection is on the left and DeeBee's on the right.

Here's the finished products

The pic doesn't do the fabric justice. It is much brighter.

Here's DeeBee's


We had a lot of fun and it was the perfect girl's afternoon out! Next time we just might learn how to change a zipper!

 On Sunday we were supposed to hang out with good friends of ours and go for a drive in the country and grab a bit to eat. Well that didn't happen instead we did yard work. The yard always looks so much better when everything is tidy!

Do you remember this?

Now it looks like this...

And it's official it is a pumpkin. It's starting to turn orange...
I believe this one is Son of  Last Year's Pumpkin. I had a lot of squashes and  2 pumpkins last year; we ate one and the other started to rot before I could get to it....So I threw it out in a border....and nature took its course!

One of our cats has constipation problems lately and I decided to grow some cat grass to help him.

It looks so much better in Pyrex! Heck, everything does!

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Comfort Food Deliciousness

I'd been dreaming of Mexican lasagna for quite a while now...I couldn't find my recipe...rats

I checked the internet and here's what I found...


I believe it comes from A  Taste of Home. It was a Mexican lasagna (recipe below), with layers of yummy goodness!

1 1/2 pounds ground chicken (I used lean ground beef)

1 cup each diced onions and diced green bell pepper

2 teaspoons minced garlic

1 cup canned black beans, drained and rinsed (I used more)

1 cup diced tomatoes

1/2 cup fresh or frozen corn

1 1/2 teaspoon chili powder

1 teaspoon ground cumin

2 cups pasta sauce  (I used plain ol' tomato sauce)
1 cup medium salsa

1/4 teaspoon ground pepper

2 tablespoons minced fresh cilantro (more,more,more)

4 large or 8 small whole wheat flour tortillas

1 1/2 cups shredded light sharp cheddar cheese (I used a blend of light mozzarella and cheddar)

1/4 cup green onions (more)

sour cream, optional

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a 13 x 9-inch casserole dish with cooking spray and set aside. In a large nonstick skillet, cook the ground chicken (or ground beef), onions, green pepper and garlic over medium-high heat until the chicken is no longer pink. Break up any large pieces of chicken as it is cooking.

Add black beans, tomatoes, corn, chili powder and cumin. Cook and stir for 2 more minutes. Add pasta sauce, salsa and black pepper. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low. Cover and simmer for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in cilantro and remove from heat.

To assemble casserole, spread a third of the sauce mixture over bottom of casserole dish. Top with half of the tortillas, overlapping and cutting them as necessary to fit. Top with a third of the sauce mixture, followed by half of the cheese. Cover cheese with remaining tortillas, followed by remaining sauce. Sprinkle remaining cheese over sauce and top with green onions. Cover with foil and bake for 35 minutes.

As part of my mexican lasagna fantasy, I was assembling it in this particular Pyrex casserole. It the 475 size 2 1/2 quarts and it fits small tortillas perfectly!

I took it out of the oven and it looked pretty I removed the foil and stuck it back in the oven for about 15 mins.

Layers of yumminess!

Last layer....I was worried that the green onions would taste blah after cooking but they were heavenly!

All bubbly and hot from the oven!

I served it with a green salad. It was better than my old recipe!
Since I looooovvvveeee leftovers; I had enough of eveything for a smaller second one that is now waiting in the freezer! In Pyrex of course!

Have a great day!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

VTT: Lampalia!

Yes Lampalia is a thrifting disease along with Pyrexia, Canosis, Victoriasis, and Oldcraposia. And I bet there are many more yet undiagnosed!

I bet all of you suffer from at least one! Here we suffer from Pyrexia,Lampalia, Barwareosis and a mild case of Oldcraposia.

Today I'm sharing about Lampalia. 15 years ago, when we moved to the suburbs...I was already hooked to yard sales and garage sales. I was really happy to find some in my neighborhood.

On a  bright and sunny saturday morning we stopped at a house where they had a lot of tables with restaurant equipment. Dan wouldn't even get out of the car....Ijust heard: Ask them how much for the tacky lamp, yes that one! The lady at the sale didn't speak french and barely english...she just yelled stuff in greek!

I finally understood 2 dolllllaaarrsss. SOLD!

Ok it's a bit crooked but it's been part of our decor since then! I can't wait to repaint the living room, LOL!

Last summer we went to Morrisburg ,Ont to hang out and thrift and we saw this old man sitting in front of his garage with the door opened and a big Garage Sale sign. We were in awe of all his lamps. That garage had at least 30 lamps in it!  

We grabbed this cutie...

How's that for atomic?

It spreads a really nice light. And I'm so glad we got it because I would've regretted it of course!

Well that's it for today! A quick reminder that my GIVEAWAY is still on and that you have until August 22nd midnight to articipate. Follow the link to comment and have a change to win!

For more vintage joy visit Suzanne @ Colorado Lady and visit every body who linked up!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Retro Tuesday: Miracle!

No it's not what you think....My lovely and trusty bike did not miraculously come back.

The heat was brutal yesterday and I had to walk back home from the bus stop. I don't really like to take the bus because it only runs a couple of hours a day and it's expensive. I'd rather spend that 3.25$ on Pyrex or some cool thrifty stuff!

So I came home hot,sweaty and still sad about the bike. I was taking a dip in the pool when I saw my neighbor who said to me: I heard you had your bike stolen, that's too bad but I have a bike for you. I was going to donate it...It runs great!

And while he's talking I'm thinking OMGOMGOMG is he giving me a bike?. And he says, hold one I'll bring it right away! OMGOMGOMG he's actually bringing a bike over!!!

And here it was...

How cool is it? Look at that blue!

So I ask my neighbor how much he wants for it and he says no it's a gift I was going to donate it anyways!

OMGOMGOMG Thank you so much! You ARE the best neighbor in the whole world!

I'm guessing it's from the 60's.And it was originally sold in a shop near where I live.

Look at those shiny mud flaps! And the springs under the seat!

 I'm so in love with my new bike! And I will not leave it unattended EVER!

It will be locked at all times. We have a brand new bicycle rack downstairs (old but never used) and will install it soon if we can figure out how to install it! Today during my lunch hour I will be visiting Canadian Tire and Zellers to shop for a basket..Oh I almost forgot I need a bell too!

I feel so blessed. I did pray a lot for God to take care of this and he did. I have to figure out a thank you fittting for my neighbor's generosity (He's the one who always fixed the old bike).

Have a happy Retro Tuesday!

Be sure to visit my dear fiend and fellow blogger Tracy (and Ginger and Tazzy) @ Crazy Suburban Mom for more retro fun! 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sad and Blue

I worked on Saturday! HUGH! And it was sooooo boring, I nearly fell asleep! I had an early night too, I conked out on the sofa at 8!

On Sunday morning I was in tip top shape...I was ready for some rearranging in my Etsy merchandise...You know how it is...Someone asks for a quote , they don't buy the item . I rarely put it back where it belongs and next thing you know I have stuff from the store all over the place!

It was while doing that...that Dan asked me where my bycicle was...Well, it's leaning on the fence as usual...why?

Nay nay! No bike here! SOMEONE HAD STOLEN MY BIKE! Some ASSHOLE had stolen a 1989 Raleigh with some rust on it!

When even went around the neighborhood to find it...but nothing! I'm still hoping for a miracle!

Please come home bike, I miss you!

Otherwise I'll get a new one for my B-Day...and let me tell you no more leaving it leaning on my fence!

I'm off to work early because EPM (evil post mistress) is on vacation...Have a great day and a great week!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nearly finished!

I couldn't post on Thrusday because the electrician came to install new outlets and kept opening and closing breakers...

With one new outlet in the hall I was able to plug in the new lamp I bought. Here's a peek!

To tell the truth the pic doesn't do it justice...The lampshade is more lime green than that.
I just noticed the green tape under the cover a hole that we need to fill....

The other side with a stream of sun light. The table was spruced up with some dark stain. It looked pretty 1995 before but now it fits right in!
I'm always glad to come home to this wonderful new hall (with the new hall smell!)

The peaches from Ontario are to die for! Last night I grilled some...

And served 2 halves with a scoop of fat free frozen vanilla yoghurt and a bit of chocalate syrup.

It was so good I didn't have time to take a pic, we gobbled it up like maniacs!

In case you're wondering the white and blue platter is made by Pyrex for Bradford House. It was a department store with a lunch counter. Found 2 in Brimfield Ma 2 years ago.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Pyrex Collective

Delphite and Delphiniums

Good morning! Here the heat and humidity are so high I have problems breathing at 7 am! Yes  I crankep up the AC!
I'd like to welcome my new followers...Pam from House of Hawthornes and  Julie (do you have a blog Julie? if so let me know, I'd love to read it!).

I also wanted to invite all of you to visit our new blog the Pyrex Collective right HERE !.
 This is the brain love child of my friend Erin over @ Toronto Yard Sale SnoopShe invited some well known Pyrex nuts to contribute and Jeni from In Color Order designed it. It's a place to share our pics and our finds and basically all things Pyrex! So drop by for a gander!

Besides that...well nothing much! I need to vaccum and dust and grocery shop before going to the postal counter of unjoy. I'd rather be thrifting and blogging than go there, but you know what they say...A girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do. Everything in due time!

Turquoise Love

If ever you're blue ,think of someone or something you love, a special place and go there in your mind for a while. Go back as much as needed. It will ground you and you will feel so much better!

This is an emotionnal time for me. I hate the postal counter, I'm reading Women,Food and God and everytime I read some more...I have doors and drawers opening up in me and old crap is coming out and I have to deal with it! EEEWWW! Of course I had an idea it would happen but it's a lot to take in. My mom, the hurt, the pain, the food, evil postmistress, the emptiness....AAAARRGGGHHH! These are adult growing pains.

Of course I'd rather not feel anything, it's so much easier! LOL

But as Dan says: This too shall pass (great wisdom)

So in my times of doubt and pain and postal assholes I go the the beach with Dan and the kitties and find great turquoise Pyrex!

Have a great day everyone!


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