Thursday, June 27, 2013

Where was I ?

                                 There was some Pyrex sightings....

More Pyrex? Yes siree bob!
Overpriced scrappy blowmolds
Fabulous glassware and
and amazing barware?
Well I was in Maine for a long weekend.
It was beautiful and restorative as usual.
It is was my soul needed.
I didn't buy anything in the pictures.
Nothing , nada. I did find some cool stuff but I can't seem to find it.
We arrived late on Tuesday night, I worked Wednesday and we are still not unpacked!
Oh well, things to do on the weekend! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

First Coffee

Friday morning we were lucky to be able to do this...

                               Drink our first coffee on our new patio!

The first of many coffees! LOL
Now we need to get set and start landscapping.
If only we culd have a couple of days without the rain....
By the end of the afternoon we had steps.
I can't wait to take a dip and then veg out on the patio
Now if I can just get the water just right!
Oh and a ladder, a ladder would be nice....
Have a great day
See you soon :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Aaaaahhhhh! the thrill of the hunt and the joy of the find!

Thrifting has been to an all time low here...but last Friday I was gifted a trip to Renaissance courtesy of crazy ass traffic....

Here's what I found!

                                             A sweet vintage cookie tin for my collection

                                A sunshiny yellow Melmac cream and sugar set

                                A vintage icing seringe with 6 different tips

                               I saw a Xmas blowmold that I didn't have....a teddy bear. The price was pretty steep and the condition so-so; so I leftt it there!

                              I hope to find a new one soon :)

                              Be Well

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


In May 2011 my step daughter requested
to go to The Bifteck (a Montreal area steakhouse) for her B-Day. We were very disappointed because the food was tasteless and the decor dated and neglected.

The week after the place was closed. I was worried about the big old fiberglass cows that decorated the front lawn. I wished I'd bought one and placed it in my yard! Of course Dan would have none of that  !!!

Now fast forward 2 years...the place was re-bought by the original owners, revamped and the menu tweeked. Guess where my step daughter wanted to go for her B-Day? The Bifteck!!!

The food was great, so was the service and the placed didn't look stuck in the 80's anymore. And it is pretty reasonnable.

But my favorite part was this...

The sun was setting fast but I was able to get a close-up

How's that for colorful?
Of course  I love them.they're giant blowmolds!
Have a great evening!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


So we spent about 9 months with a  mud  backyard and mud all through the house.

You know how it go outside and come back in and even if you take your shoes off; you have mud all over!

Running shoes are the worst! You think they are dry... and they are and they leave mud pellets all over the place!

So we did something about it. A landscaper was called and the grade was corrected and 30 tons of gravel and stone powder was spread...

Then we hired a builder to build a new patio. Bigger and better; less maintenance.

No more mud!
I looooove gravel compared to mud!
The gap was filled with insulating foam
It will be bigger so we have less grass to mow.
with the crazy ass weather we've been having we were lucky to get this far!
I'm hoping for an update soon! 


This morning it is raining and barely 12C or 54F. It is cold!

Last Saturday we got temperatures of 36C or 97F! We were melting and we had lots to do in the yard; still do but more on that later...

We had to have continuous hydration to keep up, so I came up with this

A nice Pyrex carafe with sliced lemons and crushed fresh mint.

Delicious! It totally hit he spot
and was a nice change because plain water is delicious but...
a bit bland!

We are waiting for a big wood delivery....
more on that later!